Should We Trust Reason Rather than Perception?

Reason and perception are two main methods which we use in our live very different from each other. Reason is the way we obtain knowledge by means of our justifications and perception is the way we obtain knowledge by our experiences. This two methods are not perfect are in part right ma not always. In my opinion, however I think that reason is a more reliable method for gaining knowledge.

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This is only because when making a decision based on reason you have to deal with at least two different facts with coming up with the final conclusion. While with perception everything you see may seem like this, but in life we learn that isn’t always like this and you can come out with only a little part of the information that you could have with the use of reason. You can’t trust things or people you have not identified. However although this two methods are different they have also some similiarities.

Reason and perception are two vastly different ways of knowing however they both have similarities in their strengths and limitations. Reason is viewed as the ultimate source of knowing by rationalists as it involves logic as in saying that two plus three will always equal five and nothing else. Reason can be misleading as various forms of knowledge including perception conflict with the ideal behind rationalism as a way of knowing.

Perception has a major strength as a way of knowing because we can physically experience the emotion and the occurrence. This way of knowing is known as Empiricism. Empiricists argue that the ultimate source of knowledge is experience. However this to has its own limits because the question “how do you know that that actually happened? ” can be asked. In Conclusion, reason and perception are dependent one on the other.


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