Shallow Grave Review

Shallow Grave and The Power of Money Shallow Grave is a gut wrenching, hair-raising, crime infested thriller about three roommates who inherit a suitcase full of money. The suitcase shows up when the three roommates are searching for a fourth roommate to occupy the vacant bedroom that they have in their flat. They found a fourth roommate who seemed as if he would fit in, he moved in, and was found dead the next morning from a drug overdose with a suitcase full of bundledcash underneath his bed. They debate whether or not to call the police, but it is only obvious what is going to happen.

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This leads into a story of greed, murder, faltering friendships, and how money is the root of all evil. Danny Boyle does a great job with this film. It keeps you interested, curious, and surprised all at the same time. Boyle does a fantastic job with incorporating certain themes into the film. The main themes in this movie are greed, the power of money, and how money can be the root of all evil. The suitcase full of money is the driving force behind this film. It is the main factor behind most of the characters’ decisions, and is the cause of all of the conflicts in the film.

It leads three friends down a path of sins, and forces them to be most suspicious of the people they love and trust the most. The suitcase becomes the most powerful prop in the film,and creates a level of greed that none of the characters have ever seen. Boyle gives greed the ending role in this film, in which one of the roommates is murdered and one of the others is left stabbed to the floor, and the other fleeing out the door with a suitcase. Friendships are mutilated, human minds are driven insane, and the lives of many are taken in this mind-twisting thriller. All of this happens because of money, the root of all evil.


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