Shades Of Grey Fanfiction Shades Between English Literature Essay

Disclaimer: I am Not traveling to make over the ENTIRE 50 Shades of Grey Triology, I do non hold the forbearance to permeate Ms. Leonards work with the personality and narrative it horrifically lacks. Nor do I desire to give the timeserving plagarist evidences for saying I am plagarising HER in this “ fan fiction make overing ” of her work. This is why I will ONLY revise her first chapter. The first chapter, or at the really least the part I am rewriting, is available for free all over the cyberspace every bit good as from Amazon – so I believe it falls within the footings of just usage.

I ‘m non traveling to lie to you. I ‘m non a fan of Ms. Leonard. I think she took personality-less characters and weak secret plan by Stephanie Meyer so preceeded to overstate them and take away the lone interesting facets of the secret plan into her “ ain ” work, which she posted as a fan fiction, so manipulatively and venally used the fans of the Twilight series to make her ain small followers, before drawing the fiction to print simply utilizing ctrl+f and rearranging some sentences from her fan fiction. It is 89 % the same harmonizing to “ Turnitin ” , it portions 20 single cases in secret plan, characters and scenes along with overall secret plan with Twilight simply taking the Vampire facet and seting BDSM in alternatively. This is non fan ficition and it is non original work. It is theft. That she capitalized on to the amount of over A?6 million, non a penny of which she deserves.

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Below is a minor retooling that would hold made some of the beginnings of the fan fiction and the thought that its “ original fiction ” be possibly more belivable.

Wifes, submit to your hubbies as to the Lord. – Ephesians 5:22

For a alteration when I look out of the window, on my manner to the bathroom, the twenty-four hours is uncharalisticly sunny for Washington State with its repute for normally being grey and cloud-covered. I remember the favor I ‘ve merely been asked to make and smile somewhat at the sarcasm of it before standing up to the sink. Five proceedingss later I ‘m looking in the mirror to see the mass of awkward hair which refuses to sit in any one of my normal hairdos I find myself scowling with annoyance. Fighting to seek and acquire my hair into some kind of presentable manner is non precisely how I would hold preferred to pass today being that I had planned on a monolithic cramming session in readying for my concluding test, following hebdomad as my worry-centre of the encephalon continued to inform me, and so working in the afternoon. Here I was though, increasing my ain defeat by chastizing myself repeatedly for kiping with my hair moisture, finally giving up and keeping the rich brown strands into a ponytail before giving myself another one time over in the mirror.

I look like a living dead. I think in a quiet minute of terror, seeing how the grating dorsum of hair caused the lividness of my tegument and my big pansy eyes to be emphasised, the coloring material of my blouse and jacket non assisting affairs in the slightest. Black may look smart but when you ‘re pale it can besides do you look a small sickly.

My roomate since my 2nd twelvemonth of college, Katherine Kavanagh who was on the same English class as I was taking to us going friends and leasing an flat together, has been struck down all of a sudden with a terrible instance of the grippe, seting a big spasm in her programs to go up to Seattle to run into with the CEO of Grey Enterprises to interview him for the school newspaper. I ‘m non on the school paper, I work for the yearbook alternatively, and Kate, being editor, had asked around if anyone else could take the occupation but aside from the 1s that were working their ain assignments or had household exigencies it seemed several of them had been struck down by a tummy bug of some kind. She had run out of newsmans she could turn to and so she turned to me. I did my uttermost best to non resent Kate or the others at the school paper for being ill but I could n’t assist experiencing somewhat suspecious at the thought that destiny had been so unkind to them all at one time that it had to disrupt my perusal.

These things, nevertheless, could n’t be helped so I had to seek and catch Kate at her most argus-eyed and limpid points this forenoon to inquire her about this mega-industrialist baron Christian Grey, who Kate mumbled something about before traveling into a sneezing tantrum of heroic proportions bust uping her full organic structure and traveling the sofa back three inchs across the floor. Finally it became clear that he was a major helper of our University, Washington State, slightly savvy and good known in the concern universe, which I blushingly admitted to holding ignored for the past 4 old ages while I concentrated on my English Degree, and of inordinately cherished clip. Time that is by and large more cherished than a pupil ‘s I consider bitterly before snarling myself out of the ungracious ideas.

I go back into the life room where Kate is huddled up on the couch in pyjama with a eiderdown wrapped tightly around her in such a manner as to do her expression a small like a sketch thought of an Inuit traveling ice fishing. She blinks out of a spread she ‘s made in the cloth at me, with her green eyes still bright but ruddy rimmed, and starts in on apologizing to me one time more. How atrocious a roomie am I that she feels rotten for holding to inquire a favor while she ‘s ill?

‘Oh Ana, I ‘m so regretful but it took me nine months to acquire this interview. His journal is backed up for another six months, by so we ‘ll hold both graduated and I ‘d hold missed the deadline by at least three months. I merely ca n’t allow this interview be cancelled. ‘ Kate begins in a grating voice that ‘s merely being made worse for holding to utilize her sore pharynx. I hold up a manus to cut her away there as she pokes her caput further out from the eiderdown proving that she is some kind of screen goddess in that her strawberry blonde hair remained beautiful looking while the one of us who is n’t ill somehow got the hair of people who had n’t left bed for three yearss. I quickly inform myself that that ‘s perfectly nil to make with watching a Twilight film endurance contest on Television and rapidly remind that its wholly to make with the traveling to bed with hair moisture job.

‘Kate, halt apologising, I know this is n’t your mistake and of class I ‘ll travel for you. You should be in bed retrieving anyhow – do you desire me to acquire you some Nyquil or Tylenol? ‘ I reply before she can get down up once more, trying to set aside my ain issues so I can demo some concern for my friend.

‘Nyquil please. ‘ Kate replies, I go to bring the requested medical specialty from the bathroom cabinet and as I return Kate is scuffling about with some documents and a small box, ‘Here are the inquiries I planned to inquire and my Dictaphone. You merely imperativeness record here… ‘ she shows me the appropriate button, passing over the sheet of documents and the device. ‘Please do notes and so I ‘ll get down to transcribe it when you get back. ‘

‘The more you talk, the worse your voice will acquire. ‘ I remind her, so seize with teeth my lip as a sudden idea gimmicks me off guard. “ I know nil about him at all… ” there is a minute of terror and I ‘m seeking my best, while neglecting miserably, non to whine.

‘The inquiries will see you through. ‘ Kate manages to acquire out, and I do n’t desire to press her while her voice is this bad for a small background information. ‘Go. Its a long thrust and you truly should n’t be tardily. ‘ she urges, virtually shoo’ing me out of the door with her custodies. I grab my satchel and her auto keys from the bowl by the door as I move to go forth, turning back at the door to look at her for a 2nd – partly reminding myself as I do precisely why I would make this. Kate has been at that place for me since twenty-four hours one of run intoing her and its merely right that I should hold her dorsum.

‘I ‘m traveling, I ‘m traveling. Travel to bed and acquire some remainder. There are a twosome of those instant soups in cups in the electric refrigerator for you to heat up in the microwave. Take the top off first. ‘ I say, with a moving ridge as I leave, as if Kate would bury basic microwave safety in the infinite of acquiring the grippe. Kate shouts a thanks and good fortune through the shutting door, there is another sentiment after the well wishes but its muffled excessively much as I walk off for me to hear it.

Kate has lent me her 2008 Chevrolet Corvette to drive up to Seattle with, although I doubt my cognition of coverage will better by some kind of osmosis simply from borrowing her auto. She merely truly did n’t desire me to be late and cognizing me good she knew I ‘d hold ne’er hold given adequate clip for me to go up in my Authoritative Mini, by “ authoritative ” I mean from the 1960s, and still be on clip. Although the auto is 3 old ages old it cost Kate ‘s parents more than I paid for my first two semesters combined so I seldom get a opportunity to drive Kate ‘s auto. Feeling a little bang of excitment being surrounded by its luxury I press on the gas pedal difficult with a whoop of enjoyment before detecting I was five stat mis over the velocity bound already and rapidly decelerate down to a safer velocity.

I drive up through Portland on my manner to Seattle and the SatNav, a gift to Kate from one of her former fellows, gives me waies in that condescending mode merely computing machines can do me to reason with “ her ” several times over although I ca n’t turn it off because I do n’t cognize precisely where my finish is which is unhelpful if you ‘re incapacitated with a map like me. Yes, I know, adult female stereotype ca n’t read a map and believe me I ‘ve tried to larn but I merely ca n’t interpret squiggly lines on a piece of paper into streets with trees and edifices either side of them – I ‘m a ocular driver – I need landmarks. Traffic is reasonably light until I hit Seattle and it becomes a batch heavier in the manner that merely metropolis traffic can. I look out the auto Windowss on all sides repeatedly for a nice topographic point to park. I eventually find a topographic point that wo n’t clamp or tow the auto, suspiring in alleviation and so cursing as I discover I ‘m three blocks from where I want to be.

I grab up my satchel from the rider place beside me, exchanging off the wireless that had been blasting popular music for the last three hours for the interest of company, so double look into I have everything I need, before haste like a huffy adult female concious that I ‘m traveling to be late if I ‘m non careful over to the impressive skyscraper of a edifice unhappily disguised by all the other impressive skyscrapers instantly next.

A coppice steel mark, free in that manner so few edifices are from graffitti, informs me I ‘ve reached Grey House, so I hurry indoors into the land floor anteroom. I walk up to the response desk, a semi-circular sandstone and steel matter with polished reflecting glass top, where a adult female is sitting looking pristine. I intently study her face as I approach seeking to visualize her dressed down in an effort to assist me experience somewhat better about my closet picks.

Katherine had informed me some clip ago that you could acquire away with dress down bloomerss provided they were n’t tracksuit and were paired with suited places and upper half of vesture, this was seemingly the vesture pick favoured by people making music direction. Having denims on with smart places and a jacket made you look semi-professional in a smart-casual mode. Harmonizing to some uneven manner regulations I was non secluded to nevertheless have oning smart pants or a skirt with a dowdy top merely made it look like you had n’t done wash in a few yearss. Kate, with her vested involvement in this interview traveling good, had strict control over my closet via pollex up and hitchhike down evaluation systems. She thumbed down my first pick of a bluish pea jacket jacket, bluish jumper and brown skirt, so indicated I should steal from her closet for this. The denims fit, merely although I ‘m cognizant that Kate ‘s polished figure has caused there to be a little muffintop when I wear her bloomerss, the blouse is white with a black armored combat vehicle underneath it, outfit rounding off with black suit jacket and black heeled pumps. Its the heels that ‘s doing me the most problem since I ‘m more used to have oning gym shoes, something Kate would hold killed me if I ‘d attempted to have on today – she near flew at me when I attempted to have on my knee-length boots, and I ‘m cognizant that I ‘m tottering a batch in an unelegant manner.

I eventually halt at the response and conciously coerce myself to non crimson as I see that the smart-casual expression is non considered appropriate garb here. She ‘s in a crisp, light wood coal suit, complete with eye-popping white blouse and each fold holding been ironed out and looking like they had been threatened within an inch of their lives if they dare come back and impair her apparance. She has blonde hair, no roots demoing so either natural or a professional occupation I muse, her eyes are bluish and pleasant – she has a face that looks like it should be all over a toothpaste advertizement run. Its a small intimidating and I feel like I should conceal my dentitions, which had to be straightened out with braces when I was 13 when a little issue taking the braces off cause there to be a small crick in the upper left front tooth, when she smiles at me.

‘I ‘m here to see Mr. Grey, Anastasia Steele for Katherine Kavanagh? I should hold an assignment. ‘ I look at the big clock on one wall of the sandstone anteroom, its a Polish steel matter with the hours of the clip all marked with an oblong about an inch and a half in breadth, Did the clocksmith merely bury what all the other Roman numbers were so replaced them all with one? Is that the right name? Clockmaker? Or do they hold some kind of specialised name in Latin or something? I was on clip with five proceedingss to save, a immense alleviation, so was all of a sudden jerked out of my random contemplation by recognizing I was being spoken to by the receptionist.

‘Miss Kavanagh is expected. Please mark in here. ‘ she said, showing me with a invitee book full of signatures, times, the enrollment Numberss of autos. I spend a good 45 seconds seeking to retrieve Kate ‘s enrollment before giving up and merely seting in the day of the month, clip and my name. ‘You ‘ll desire the last lift on the right, imperativeness for the 20th floor. ‘ She smiles kindly at me and I ca n’t assist smile back despite my nervousnesss presently masticating their manner through my tummy. She hands me a security base on balls that has VISITOR printed on it in black bold capitals and I smile a small while I ‘m looking at. Its a good occupation I have this or I could be fired on the topographic point for have oning denims to work I think to myself. I stick out like a sore pollex but there is n’t clip for me to concentrate on this as I pass through a metal sensor manned by two cleverly dressed security work forces, and to be just all security work forces I ‘ve seen in these types of edifices before have been cleverly dressed, I manus my satchel to one of them as I go through the sensor and roll up it back, traping the visitant ‘s badge to my coat by its metal clasp.

I go into the lift and admiration for a few seconds if I ‘m claustrophobic all of a sudden or if it truly is merely mounting nervousnesss from being about to carry on an interview I feel, and am, in no manner qualified to carry on. This is a adult male who is used to newsmans who graduated as big leagues in news media and are used to constructing up their experience in questioning easy. I press 20 and inquire why Mr. Grey has n’t got an office on the 30th floor as I see the 10 other degrees at that place. Would n’t a CEO want an office on the top floor? It ca n’t be vertgo he ‘s already manner up high.

The lift moves at a velocity that makes it experience like my tummy is trying to go forth my organic structure through my pess. When it stops said tummy, holding failed to go out through my pess, efforts to go forth through my eosphagus weakness at that place miserably every bit good before the doors open and I can go out slightly giddy.

I ‘m in another reception/lobby country and wink, looking about for a 2nd. I thought this set up merely existed in films or in office edifices where more than one company rented infinite. I wonder for a few minutes whether this edifice used to be rented out by multiple companies before Grey bought it out wholly and set up a mark.

Everything is somewhat more white than downstairs and I approach another sandstone desk, this clip white with a more soft curve, the polished glass top is in topographic point and another blonde adult female is sitting behind it. Her face is similiar and if it were n’t for her apparels and eyes I could hold sworn the blonde from downstairs had simply beaten me here so I could travel through the same semi-awkward duologue as I had downstairs.

I pause as I come nearer to the adult female and am immediately aghast in a state of affairs I did n’t believe I ‘d confront at all this forenoon. She was have oning the same outfit I was! Okay – so she was have oning smarter, black, bloomerss that were every bit ironed as the outfit downstairs the first blonde had been have oning. The jacket, blouse ( and yes, there was even a black armored combat vehicle underneath ) were both the same. My cheeks are flushed with embarrasment as I continue my attack, detecting her somewhat raised supercilium although she has the good decency to non notice. With so many suits out at that place that fundamentally look the same I think I might merely be able to wing under the radio detection and ranging on this one but I ca n’t assist but thank my lucky stars repeatedly that this is n’t a party and neither of us are have oning knock offs of “ one of a sort ” frock.

‘Miss Steele? Could you wait here delight? ‘ she asks, evidently the secretary below had phoned up while I was distracted by the clock and she has been anticipating me. The blonde points over to a seating country of whitish leather chairs right by a glass partian that ‘s shuting off what looks to be a conference room of some kind. There is a dark wood tabular array with fiting chairs, about 20 of them, all around it and in one corner there is a big white board the type you see in school or 1980s films set in Wall Street. The conference country is non what is pulling my attending nevertheless but what is merely beyond it on one wall. Several big floor to ceiling Windowss that show a position of the metropolis ‘s skyline.

Vancouver metropolis in Washington province is n’t precisely a jerkwater town, its the 4th largest metropolis in the province so I ‘m used to looking at a skyline full of some high rises every bit good as other lower edifices. I ‘m normally non in skyscrapers on the twentieth floor nevertheless and ca n’t assist experience my breath being stolen off by the position of Seattle. It is brilliant, like a big, to scale, start up book of archetecture elevoing through history has been placed at my pess. Now I understand why Mr. Grey has chosen to put himself up with an office on this floor. Its the perfect tallness to see the admiration of Seattle at its best.

I sit down at on a chair and hastily look through the documents of inquiries. The top sheet has the back terminal of a paragraph on the background of Mr. Grey, simply adverting his success in the concern universe and I desparately look for the existent top sheet with the remainder of the background.

Fuck! I must hold left it behind in my haste to acquire out of the flat this forenoon. It was likely puting in the dust next to the inexpensive ikea bookcase we have pressed to a wall on one side of the front door.

I read through the inquiries desperate to larn some things through illation. Okay so he was adopted, he is immature? The inquiry say he ‘s immature for his success. I pause, how immature is immature in this case? Some people are lauded as being immature for making this degree of success at 32, some even every bit old as 45, where as others are considered immature for success at 25. I feel lost and admit that I ‘m over thought this. I pause, shuting my eyes and take a deep breath. Calm down Ana, stick to the inquiries and you should be merely all right.

Its at that minute yet another blonde enters the room. She is every bit speckless as the other two with an air of edification and elegance as she makes her manner over to me. Equally uneven as the unvarying hair coloring material in this company is I get the feeling that this adult female is n’t yet another mere receptionist or secretary. Something about her merely screams executive personal helper. You know the type – the 1s that get paid to portray Pepper Potts, although normally without the sexual tenseness and foreman that randomly foliages you the company because he thinks he ‘s deceasing of component poisioning. There is a idea in the dorsum of my head that she got promoted from a place of secretary to personal helper and possibly all the other blondes I had seen were blonde in hopes of Mr. Grey reiterating the event. The wage must be much better which would be an inducement to anyone.

‘Miss Steele? ‘ she inquires, her manus already half extended to take mine in a steadfast appreciation and she has that “ I ‘m covering with the imperativeness ” smiling on that I ca n’t quite halt from experiencing a small unnerved by. Its a small eldritch how her assurance is merely fanning the fires of my nervousnesss. If I fall apart at holding to agitate custodies with his personal helper how bad will I be when it comes to covering with Mr. Grey?

‘Yes. ‘ I reply, its chapped and I repeat in a steadfast voice doing her smiling to jerk somewhat at the corner in amusement.

‘I ‘m Andrea, Mr. Grey ‘s Personal Assistant, ‘ Knew it! Why oh why is wagering with myself so pointless? I could utilize the money if I merely had person with me. ‘Mr. Grey will see you in a few minutes, is at that place anything I can make for you? ‘ she is polite plenty at least. ‘May I take your jacket? Offer you a refreshment? ‘

I shake my caput twice. ‘No, no thank you I ‘m all right. Although can I have a presskit on Mr. Grey or his company? ‘ I ask, the adult male runs a planetary imperium – there ‘s no manner he wo n’t hold some kind of presskit available that might assist me with his background or even give Katherine more to work with in the article.

‘Olivia did n’t already give you one? ‘ Andrea expressions concerned and her eyes displacement between me and the receptionist at sandstone desk who seated me. Olivia appears to shrivel a small and I look concerned. Oh beloved, have I gotten her into problem?

‘Uhm, no regretful – I forgot to inquire. ‘ I say, rapidly covering for the adult female at the desk. I would n’t desire her to be punished merely because I did n’t hold the encephalon to inquire before now.

Andrea seems to loosen up a small. ‘I see, yes of class I ‘ll acquire you one. ‘ she turns and goes to a filing cabinet in a small antechamber merely off the seating country where I am. Theres a dark wood desk by it which is evidently where she works although it is as immaculately kept as the adult female herself. By her desk is a door to an inside office with a steel plaque next to it, printed in black block capitals is the name “ Christian Grey ” and under it the letters “ CEO ” . The door is dark wood, like the desk and conference tabular array from earlier, contrasting with all the white, with a frosted glass panel. I dodge back a small from the antechamber, detecting that the door to the antechamber is the same as that one without the plaque. I wonder and scold myself for holding non paid attending to it before, I had been concentrating so hard on the position of the metropolis I had forgotten to look around. I took a speedy glimpse now and see there are at least eight more dark wood doors.

Andrea returns with the presskit and I thank you softly before rapidly open the slick printed card booklet and scan the first piece of paper. It looks to be a mission statement for the company and I switch to the following page, it take scanning three rapidly before I find information on Mr. Grey. He ‘s 28, good there ‘s a start, and has built up the concern about from before his graduation with the aid of a few concern spouses who he so bought out the more success he had.

I was seeking to absorb as much basic information as I could from the paper, holding wholly forgotten Angela who ‘d hovered for a 2nd before returning to her desk. What was it about offices take a firm standing on such loud flooring? There was no manner to walk in heels across these floors without puting off some people ‘s tinnitus. My attending is was merely snapped from my frenetic reading of the page by the gap of the interior door, the outer door still unfastened, and the exiting of a tall adult male. He ‘s talking to person whose still inside the office and out of sight.

The adult male is African American, elegantly dressed and reasonably attractive. His hair is kept in a short manner, he posesses the air of a adult male who is non merely go forthing a meeting with his foreman but a treatment with an equal.

‘Will you be available to play tennis following weekend Grey? ‘ he asks, holding still non full exited the office and looking to wait for an reply. His usage of the family name Grey as if it were the adult male ‘s whole name indicates that he ‘s non an highly close friend. My best friends in the universe would n’t name me “ Steele ” after all and it is normally something said by those that are friendly familiarities or deep enemies but there ‘s no manner this adult male would be inquiring Mr. Grey to play tennis if he were an enemy.

Finally he turns, shuting the door behind him as he goes and smiling at myself and Angela. For some ground the adult male ‘s voice holding carried through the antechamber ‘s unfastened door has caused Olivia to leap up and name the lift. I frown a small, why is she so nervous of this cat? I barely think she ‘d name the lift for me or Kate if and when we ‘d finished the interview without her being bidden to make so. I could be incorrect though.

‘Good forenoon Angela, dame. ‘ the adult male says as he passes us both and moves on to the lift, I notice he did n’t state good forenoon to Olivia and for some ground I ca n’t make up one’s mind if he ‘s being rude or merely allowing her get on with her work.


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