Secondary Research On Employability Skills Education Essay

Employability accomplishments are the accomplishments that each individual needs or should endeavor for in order to fit the demands of the current economic system. As economic systems change with clip and engineering, the accomplishments needed in industries besides change. Person who had the right employability skills a decennary ago likely does non hold the employability skills for today. To set it merely, that individual may non hold the accomplishments that would do him employable.

Today ‘s employers are non merely looking for proficient accomplishments, they are looking for employees who can read, compose, make basic arithmetic and other basic accomplishments including job resolution, determination devising and other higher-order believing accomplishments. They are seeking employees who are reliable and concerted and have a positive attitude. Employers consider that employability accomplishments are every bit of import as job-specific or proficient accomplishments. Employers will seek those employability accomplishments that are most of import to their concern and will take workers who are strong in these countries – taking to improved matching of occupations and occupation searchers, better occupation satisfaction and more productive endeavors.

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There are two aspects to employability accomplishments: ‘generic ‘ accomplishments and ‘personal ‘ properties ( for illustration, trueness, enthusiasm. motive and sense of wits ) . The cardinal generic accomplishments identified, and how they contribute to the endeavor, are:

Self-management – preparedness to accept duty, flexibleness, resiliency, self-starting, appropriate assertiveness, clip direction, preparedness to better ain public presentation based on feedback/reflective acquisition.

Team working – esteeming others, co-operating, negotiating/persuading, lending to treatments, and consciousness of mutuality with others.

Business and client consciousness – basic apprehension of the cardinal drivers for concern success – including the importance of invention and taking deliberate hazards – and the demand to supply client satisfaction and construct client trueness

Problem work outing – analysing facts and state of affairss and using originative thought to develop appropriate solutions.

Communication and literacy – application of literacy, ability to bring forth clear, structured written work and unwritten literacy – including hearing and inquiring.

Application of numeracy – use of Numberss, general mathematical consciousness and its application in practical contexts ( e.g. measurement, weighing, gauging and using expression ) .

Application of information engineering – basic IT skills, including acquaintance with word processing, spreadsheets, file direction and usage of cyberspace hunt engines.

Underpining all these properties, the cardinal foundation, must be a positive attitude: a ‘can-do ‘ attack, a preparedness to take portion and contribute, openness to new thoughts and a thrust to do these go on. Employers besides value entrepreneurial alumnuss who demonstrate an advanced attack, originative thought, conveying fresh cognition and challenge premises.


There is a large household in Muar Johor ; they are corner the market which is selling the medical specialty. In that province, no 1 did n’t cognize this household which with the first name ‘ Liow. Liow ‘s has three boies and a beautiful girl ; they are running a really beatific life. 10 old ages earlier, their youngest kid began to go really rebellious because their parents are excessively busy in his regular concern and can non care about their kid. The youngest kid ever troubles everyplace merely in order to acquire the attending of parents. After some yearss, he eventually received the attending of parents, but he has been lying on a infirmary bed. He was regretted really much because he allow his parents burst into cryings. Out of the infirmary from that twenty-four hours onwards, the kid to alter into a adult male ‘s kids, academic public presentation have besides begun by springs and bounds, that there is no longer a kid of bad problem.

The kid ‘s name is Liow Cher Jie and he is 20 old ages old now. He is analyzing grade in one university in Malaysia, the university name is INTI-UC and he took BFIUH ( Finance ) plan. He is a cat who fond of athletics, such as swimming, play hoops, and play badminton, squash and so on. Sometimes, he would wish to hold lucifer with his friends.

When he is sad, he would wish to portion his feeling to his bosom friends, and he is really happy and thanks the God because that he is lucky to run into and go friend with them. Other so, he is non a good hearer for his bosom friends because that, he ever can non understand what they talk to him. By the manner, he is study hard on that, and he is seeking to pay more attending when people portion experiencing with him.

As for his hereafter, he can merely take the lone option, he must obey his parents decided to inherit the household concern. As for his ain dream, it will be moved to after his success in the concern which the household concern entrusted by his parents. By the manner, he besides hoped that after his graduation, he can be a good boy and allow his parents bask the good life in aged.

Skill Audit

I will make a ego appraisal and SWOT analysis of my current survey wont and accomplishments. It was related to my current academic public presentation.

Study wonts on VAK self appraisal

After I finished do the VAK ( Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic ) self assessment, I have fall into the audile class in my survey wonts on this appraisal. When I wanted to larn something I choose to reading and so reiterate them once more and once more, this will assist me easy to memorise the thing in a short clip. Through hearing, I will easy to memorise and this is really utile in my surveies. Following, I will seek to speak to myself to assist me memorise back the of import point and so work out the job. I like to listening intelligence wireless, telecasting or picture cartridge holder instead than reading newspaper or magazine. This is because listening truly can assist me a batch in my survey particularly memorising. I hope that I have the freedom to command my ain clip, as I will be able to easy finish the work which I have to make, and the exercisings will be really good.


Based on SWOT analysis, the chief strength is friendly and helpful. I can pass on good with my friends and my schoolmates. For illustration, my friends ever inquire me to assist them about the assignment and I am besides willing to assist them. By the manner, they will besides assist me when I am in problem. In add-on, think critically and positively is my 2nd strength. When I am involved in something I will work out it carefully and believe it in the positive manner. So that I wo n’t acquire influence by other people whether their determination is right or non right. Last, I am besides good in clip direction. I have create my ain clip tabular array so that I can follow the undertaking which written in my timetable. This will assist me go more subject and besides can pull off my clip carefully particularly in my surveies.


Harmonizing to the SWOT analysis, my failings are losing confident, lazy and easy acquire influenced by the noisy sound and easy to lost self-denial. I am a lazy individual and I do n’t wish to fix earlier for the test. So, I ever get bad consequences in my concluding scrutiny. I will seek to alter myself so that I wo n’t be so lazy in the hereafter. Besides that, lose confident besides is my failing. Because of this failing, I can non execute good in my surveies and besides in any presentation. I ever losing the confident when I am executing the presentation, I will lodge and nervous and can non retrieve and talk English good even a sample would word. Following, I am a individual who easy gets influenced by the noisy environment. When I was making alteration, I can non concentrate really good so I like to make the alteration at dark so I wont acquire influenced by the sound. After that, easy to lose self-denial is my biggest failing. To get the better of this failing, I have to larn how to command my ain. Therefore, I should get the better of the failing in bend to carry through in my surveies.


Harmonizing to the SWOT analysis, my chances are good survey environment in INTI and life is easy. I think that I have choose a correct University which is INTI International University College in Nilai because there have a good survey environment and besides many installations which can be usage for us. So, survey at here I can go more subject and besides wo n’t acquire influenced by any amusement. Following chances are life is easy. Because of this, I can manage all my things really good and I wo n’t experience any emphasis in my life. This will do me more comfy in my life. If I want go on my surveies, INTI is my first pick because of the good survey environment.


In my SWOT analysis, my first menace is easy acquire influenced by friends. When some of my friends inquiring me to travel out and I will assure and travel out with them. This is because I do n’t cognize how to reject them if I do n’t desire to travel. Following menace is difficult to graduate because of my indolence and my English is really hapless. I am a really lazy individual and ever prorogue the survey program to following twenty-four hours so I can travel to do excess money from do the portion clip occupation.

Career ends

I think that every pupil have to put their ain ends because if we have set our ends, we have to seek our best to accomplish it within 1 or 2 old ages. So I would wish to portion my short term end which I need to accomplish it within 1 to 2 old ages.

For my short end, I would wish to seek my best in my English foremost because that, now a twenty-four hours, English has become the official linguistic communication of the universe, so I have to better my English if I want to be success in my concern in the hereafter. To accomplish this short term end, I have few stairss to travel. First, I would borrow more storybook from our school ‘s library. I will read more storybook because survey more can assist me to better my hapless English vocabulary. Then, I will read the intelligence everyday through newspaper and cyberspace. So, I can easy better my English Grammar and besides vocabulary. Besides that, I will seek utilizing English to pass on with my friends so that I can better my Communication Skills and Pronunciation Skills. Ultimately I hope that, I can acquire a good consequence and besides acquire a grade certification after I try my best to analyze hard in better the English.

For my long term end, I have promise myself that I need to accomplish after alumnus my grade in Nilai INTI which is related to my future calling. My long term is unfastened a picture exhibition beside that have a cosy java store, so my invitees can hold a comfy environment to bask the humanistic disciplines of glorification. At the same clip, I have to transport on my household ain concern foremost and do it successful so I merely can accomplish that my long term end.

This is all my long term ends and short term ends which listed in my assignment. So, from now I will work hard to accomplish my short term end foremost so to stare towards my long term end. Therefore, I am traveling to make a clip tabular array to layout my clip so I can accomplish my ends in the hereafter.

Undertaking 2

Resume & A ; Cover subsequently


Block C, level-3-15

Desa Palma Apartments

Jalan Persiaran Perdana

71800 Bandar Baru Nilai, NS.


CJ_Liow @


To lend my capablenesss and cognition to society. I expect to exercise what the accomplishments and cognition I have learned and make the mark which can transport out my dream and acquire the outstanding accomplishment on my plants.

Education Background

2009 INTI University College ( INTI-UC ) BA ( Hons ) in Finance, University

of Hertfordshire, UK Expected Graduation Period: May 2009

2002-2007 Chung Hwa High School MUAR

High school sheepskin and incorporate scrutiny certification ( UEC )

Skill / Attributes

Proficient in Microsoft Office.

Be accomplished in UBS accounting system, SPSS, My Info Safe, and Market Browser.

Strong analytical accomplishment in fiscal.

Much good at direction.

Fluent in English, Mandarin, Chinese-Cantonese, Chinese-Hokkien, Chinese- Hakka idioms, Japanese ( non fluent ) and Bahasa Malaysia.

Working Experiences

2008-2009 Custom agents ( full clip ) in TANASHIN, Malacca

2000-2008 Salesman and gross revenues director ( portion clip ) in ON FOH MARKETING SDN BHD

Extra-Curriculum Activities

2008 Certificate of publicity in ELS linguistic communication Centres.

2007 Captain of ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2006 Certificate of cadet preparation class given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia

2006 Certificate of citizenship given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2006 Certificate of lifesaver given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2006 Certificate of cooking & A ; nutrition given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

2005 Certificate of subsister preparation cantonment given by ST. John Ambulance Malaysia.

Cover Letter

Liow Cher Jie,

Block C, level-3-15

Desa Palma Apartments

Jalan Persiaran Perdana

71800 Bandar Baru Nilai, NS.


Human Resources Manager

OCBC Centre Pte Lrd

65 Chulia Street,

Singapore 049513

Dear Ong,

I am interested in using for the Gross saless Executive. I ‘m a degree holder of INTI international University College in 2010. As requested, I am enveloping a completed occupation application, my enfranchisement, sketch.

The employment offered in this listing is really interesting and singular, and I am challenged to be originative, nurturing and most of all, patient will do me a really competitory campaigner for this place. I have an of import accomplishments and cognition suitable in this place include:

I have communicating accomplishments which easy for me to cover with the client and supervisor.

I ever prosecute to be better and excellence in any type of my occupation.

I have a ability in advertisement and publicity method.

With a B.A. ( HONS ) grade in finance, I know the exact place about direction and besides have experience in acquisition and have accomplishments in Microsoft Office and others IT cognition.

Please perceive my sketch for farther information.

I can be acquiring in touch anytime via my cell phone 012-6057999. Thank you for your clip and consideration. I look frontward to you about this employment chance.

Yours unfeignedly,

Liow Cher Jie

( Liow Cher Jie )

Preferred Advisers

Advertised: 30-6-09 | Shutting Date: 29-7-09

Preferable Advisors is a subordinate of OCBC group with strong, stable and a well-established fiscal background.

We are offering extremely motivated persons to fall in our exciting calling with limitless growing chances.

Fiscal Gross saless Executives

( Singapore )



Campaigners should hold the undermentioned traits: –



Goal Orientated



Team Player

The Right Candidates will be trained to supply the undermentioned Servicess: –

Professional Financial Advise to Clients

Assist Clients in:

Area of Investment

Hazard Management

Cash-Flow Management

Retirement Planing

Estate Planning

Business Sequence Planning

Wills Planning and other related services


Accelerated Management Career Path for campaigners with anterior experience in fiscal services

Training plans will be provided to measure up campaigners taking to professional enfranchisements

Annual overseas incentive trips and conference

Basic wage between $ 1,500 – $ 2,500 ( *Conditions Apply )

Basic Requirements of Campaigners: –

Minimal Education Level: 6 ‘O ‘ Level recognition

Diploma or Professional Degree in related Fieldss

Fresh alumnuss are welcome

Available Job-Offer:

( I ) Gross saless Positions X 3

( two ) Financial Positions X 3

( three ) Management Positions X 1

Interested campaigners, delight direct your applications with full sketch

( sooner with recent I/C exposure ) to

ideal_job @


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