Schools as Organisations Essay Sample

There are four types of mainstream schools that have to adhere to the national course of study and are funded by the LEA ( Local Education Authority ) . These are:

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Community schools.
Are run by the local authorization. which employs the staff and owns the edifice and/or the land and besides make up one’s mind on the admittances standards. They promote strong links with the local community and may utilize the school installations for local groups such as big instruction or child care categories.

Foundation/Trust schools.
Are run by the school regulating organic structure. who decide on the school admittance policy with the local instruction authorization. The school. edifices and the land will be owned by the regulating organic structure or a charitable foundation. A trust school which is sort of like a foundation school. which will organize a charitable trust with an outside concern. although the school will hold to supply any extra support services which the school may necessitate. It is up to the regulating organic structure and parents on whether the school becomes a trust school or non.

Voluntary schools.
There are two types of voluntary schools. voluntary aided and voluntary controlled.

Voluntary aided schools are chiefly spiritual or faith schools. although anyone can use for a topographic point their no affair what their background is. As with a foundation school. the regulating organic structure employs the staff and sets the admittance standards. They are funded partially by the regulating organic structure. partially by a charity and partially by the Local Education Authority. The regulating organic structure helps lend for any wear and rupture on the edifice. whereas the school edifice and land are owned by a charitable administration. which will by and large be of a spiritual background.

Voluntary controlled schools are funded and run by the Local Authority. like voluntary aided schools. The regulating organic structure employs the school’s staff and Sets the admittances standards. The school land and edifice is owned by a charity. this will frequently be a spiritual administration. which besides appoints some of the members of regulating organic structure.

Specialist schools.
The particular educational demands ( SEN ) squad are supported by a really active group who make certain that they provide a scope of activities to run into the demands of our of all time turning community of particular schools. every bit good as co-workers in mainstream primary and secondary schools. Their purpose is to work together to guarantee good pattern to advance effectual attacks to heighten the pupils larning with Special educational demands.

Other schools that are available in the U. K are:

Mugwump schools
Independent schools sets out their ain course of study and admittance policies as the Head Teacher and the governors decide on the admittances policy. These schools are funded by parents and besides from income from investings ; half of them have charitable position. All the independent school must be registered with the Department for Education ( DfE ) . They do non hold to follow the national course of study and the caput instructor and regulating board decide on the admittances standards. Inspections may non be carried out by Ofsted but by ISI ( Independent Schools Inspectorate ) .

Academies schools are set up by patrons from concerns. religion or voluntary groups and are independently managed schools which jointly fund the land and edifices. although the authorities does still cover the running costs. They do still hold really close links with the Local Education Authority. but have more freedom than province schools.

City engineering colleges
These are independently managed. non-fee-paying schools in urban countries for students of all abilities aged 11 to 18. They are geared towards scientific discipline. engineering and the universe of work. offering a scope of vocational makings every bit good as GCSEs and A degrees. The regulating organic structure make up one’s mind on the admittances standards and make its ain admittance policy.

Grammar schools
Grammar schools are province secondary schools which select their students by agencies of an test taken by kids at age 11. ( known as the 11+ ) . Students who pass the test can travel to the local grammar school. The bulk of grammar schools teach students aged between 11 and 18. holding integrated 6th signifiers that teach A Levels and tantamount post-16 classs.

Maintained embarkation schools
Are province schools that take lodgers every bit good as twenty-four hours students. Unlike independent embarkation schools that charge tuition fees maintained get oning schools merely charge for get oning. They provide high quality embarkation at the lowest possible cost. Children that attend these schools abide by the national course of study and sit the same test.


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