Scholarship Application

APPLICATION FOR SCHOLARSHIP I hereby apply for the NETTPAD EDUCATION SCHOLARSHIP. I would like to state few out of the many reasons why I believe I deserve this scholarship. Firstly, I am the first male in a family of six. My parents fall to the lower middle class salary earner, with a total income of Thirty eight thousand, five hundred naira per annum (N38,500/annum). This salary scheme made feeding and accommodation more difficult to be combined with my education. This condition makes the family poor and indigent.

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If I am awarded this scholarship, it will make it easier for me to function well in my educational goals. Secondly, I think I deserve this scholarship because I had worked hard most of my life academically. I put so much effort in anything I choose to do, or any task accorded to me. My goals in life are often extremely high. I base my goals on the quote “Shoot for the moon: even if you lose, you will land among the stars”. When I set goals for myself, I do everything in my power to achieve them, and if I happen to fall short of my goals in life, I take pride in myself and give glory to God, knowing that I did my best.

I think that the drive I have to succeed, and to impart knowledge into the life of the ones coming behind me is one of many reasons why I deserve this scholarship. Furthermore, I think I deserve this scholarship because I always strife to get myself motivated to learn, despite all odds and learning difficulties. As a student of Mathematics and Education, I need this scholarship to help finance my project-works, my assignments and my researches. The motivation and aspiration to pay back what will be imparted in me academically as a qualified teacher, deserves a reasonable financial aid like the Scholarship.

If I am awarded this scholarship, it will be easier to focus more on my academics. In addition, I involved myself in a project, which had been implemented but I find difficult to accomplish due to financial difficulties. The project is my determination to organise FREE mathematics tutorial for secondary school students, in preparation for one exam or the other, such as the O’levels and UTME exams so that they can perform well and achieve their goals academically. If I am awarded this scholarship, I believe this goal will be strongly implemented and accomplished.

In addition to all these, I think I have made some laudable achievements which I think can make me worthy of this scholarship. Right from my secondary school days, I took part in a lot of extra-curricular activities. I have won different prizes for my school as a member of the school’s debating society. This award brought the only school in my community to limelight. I served as the president of Science and Mathematics club, President of Christian organization, all in my secondary school. I also served as the secretary of the press club, with the success of many publications of magazines and newsletters in my college.

To crown it all, I am also serving as the P. R. O. of the Federation of Ijesa Students’ Union (FISU) in my current institution. These are just few of my achievements. I know I can do better if I am aided with this scholarship. In conclusion, I deserve this scholarship because I meet the requirements of this scholarship, which includes being poor and indigent, registered student of a renowned tertiary institution in Nigeria and perhaps a good academic performance. All evidences are attached with this letter. I will be glad and grateful if I am favourably considered. THANKS.


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