Samsungs strategy on supply chain design


Samsung as one of the taking companies for the electronic merchandises has their concern covered about all over the universe, their success are chiefly based on the advanced merchandises with a comparatively low monetary value. Although they are non in the prima place in the photographic fabrication industry, their merchandises with the advanced design and comparatively low monetary values can still assist them keep a certain scope of clients. This study will give a position of how do Samsung pull off their supply concatenation while find themselves a proper place in the digital camera fabrication industry.

The market qualifiers and order victor

There are some immense challenges that every high tech companies confronting in the current market conditions — — the short merchandise life rhythm, merchandise variableness and steadily worsening monetary values. Alternatively of puting immense per centum of capital into developing new engineerings for the digital cameras, Samsung decided to set their attempt in planing their merchandise with the existed engineerings, and attributes more on the manner mentality of their mean functional merchandises. It turns out that they thrived in low-margin consumer electronics.[ 1 ]

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As a consequence, Samsung do non hold such ambitious to win the engineering leading place as Canon and Nikon have at the current phase, they merely concentrating on low monetary values and the manner design. Therefore, the nucleus competences of Samsung can be defined as low cost, advanced design and flexibleness.

Therefore, the market qualifiers for Samsung cameras are 3 facets as good trade name image, good quality and executable maps. Furthermore, since Samsung has stick to their cost economy scheme, the comparatively low monetary values and the advanced design of their merchandise hold contributed to the order victor facets.

Market section

Based on the standards that Samsung have as their market qualifier and order victor, a group of non-professional clients can be easy attracted. The market section is chiefly towards the middle-class consumers who pursue manner designs with an acceptable monetary value scope. Not adverting the geographic cleavage, within Europe, the market section of certain clients can be classified into the undermentioned paragraph.



Salary degree



20 — 40

Low to middle

Fashion chase, non-professional

Besides, harmonizing to the Roger Moore Curve ( refer to Appendix 1 ) , Samsung have jumped off the pioneer and early adapter groups, who focus more on the engineering and public presentation, and straight set themselves into the market where clients prosecute more on solutions and convenience ( the groups of Early bulk, Late bulk and Laggards ) .

Customer values

It is indispensable for Samsung to value their clients and put different schemes towards them, in order to make a better public presentation and eventually acquire a better net income border. However, Samsung should foremost specify themselves in a proper value place and systematically run harmonizing to that. Treacy and wiresema theoretical account[ 2 ]is the one assisting companies specifying their value place.

The aim of Samsung is to construct a competitory advantage by their advanced designs and some particular maps by utilizing the existed engineering. Therefore, the cost of their merchandise development would be comparatively low comparing to their rivals. Furthermore, Samsung provide more picks for their clients on both maps and the manners, and the planetary allocated merchandise and service support centres besides help fulfilling the consumer needs to a really big extent. As a consequence, Samsung is in the place of a merchandise leading, and these advantages are besides reflecting in their client value facets.

Based on the four chief aims for client value — — quality, cost, service and lead clip, the client value of Samsung can be summarized as follow: Customers who bought the Samsung cameras would usually comprehend that they were delivered for a better merchandise and service than other trade names on the same monetary value.

To sum up, the nature of client value in the digital camera industry is someway to supply the advanced merchandises while cut the cost down. However, since the merchandise life rhythm in this industry is acquiring shorter, companies should make more attempt to equilibrate the cost of developing new engineering and the consistence of turning net income. Samsung ‘s success is a good illustration of value place and the cautiousness of their client value.

Pressure on the supply concatenation

In the hi-tech industry, operational public presentation is tightly connected to the supply concatenation public presentation. Product handiness, lead clip and cost as three major factors that define the profitableness of a merchandise line are besides impacted by supply concatenation public presentation to a big extent.[ 3 ]

In the instance of Samsung, who do non outsource their fabrication portion, alternatively, they have created their ain “ cell-based ” fabrication system that doubles the production for their full merchandise portfolio.[ 4 ]Therefore, they have less force per unit area on the merchandise handiness comparing to their rivals. However, being treated otherwise to the LCD merchandises, the production of Samsung digital cameras is non invested a batch on the portion of engineering development. They merely buy the engineering from other companies and add some maps every bit good as the designs. Therefore, the clip to market has become the major force per unit area within the Samsung supply concatenation.

In add-on, the competition within the photographic industry has brought the sequence of short merchandise life clip issue, Samsung has to lend more on their merchandise development portion, in order to establish their merchandise to the market at a fast velocity, and guarantee a certain net income border.

Furthermore, as Samsung set their production base largely in the far-east states, the cost and the hazards from the conveyance sector have besides become a force per unit area on the supply concatenation, and eventually lend to the force per unit area on the lead clip.


Samsung as the universe ‘s prima electronic production company have successfully managed their selling scheme, by puting themselves into a proper value place and understanding the demands from their mark clients. Therefore, a proper service could be delivered into the certain mark groups which attributes to their immense net income borders even in period of the planetary economic crisis. However, the force per unit area on their supply concatenation, particularly in the lead clip sector has brought them some barriers that needed to be conquered. However, the outstanding public presentation of Samsung is still reflecting their successful selling scheme every bit good as the suited control of their supply concatenation.


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