Samsung Plasma TV In The UK Marketing Essay

To be success of Samsung PS50C6900 Plasma Television in the UK market, the selling strategic planning, developing and implementing are critical to take into history.

To precise and efficient selling scheme, “ Strategic Fit ” ( Figure x ) is a major concern to promote Samsung to market a peculiar merchandise, PS50C6900 theoretical account ( Hooley et al. , 2008 ) .

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Therefore, to carry through strategic tantrum. External, competitory, and internal environments ( Figure x ) these three countries will be used to examined market conditions and demands, rivals and an administration ( Chaffey et al. , 2006 ) . After that, SWOT analysis is employed for summarise all environments that consequence to telecasting market.

4.1 External Environment

External environment in footings of political, economic, social-cultural and technological facets – Plague or PESTLE analysis ( Figure x ) straight affects the attraction of peculiar markets and influence selling schemes ( Walker et al. , 2003 ) .

Please Analyse PEST or PESTLE of Samsung

4.2 Competitive Environmental

To derive competitory advantages over rivals for Samsung in the UK market, competitory environment will be analysed including full competitory industry and rivals.

4.2.1 Industry Analysis

PorteraˆYs Five Forces are used as the tool to assist placing the attraction of the telecasting industry in footings of competitory forces ( Johnson et al. , 2008 ) .

Please usage 5 forces analysis for Samsung

4.2.2 Rivals Analysis

For the UK market, peculiar rivals remaining in the medium to high positioning degree in B2C markets are analysed

UK Television Competitors Positioning Mapping

4.3 Internal Environment

4.3.1 Company Overviews

Samsung trade name construction – Brand Architecture diagram

4.3.2 Resource-Based Positions for Sumsung

Resource-Base position diagram

4.4 Summary of Environmental Analysis – Swot

SWOT model is applied in footings of internal environment – strengths and failings and external environment – chances and menaces severally.

SWOT diagram

5. Understanding Customers and Consumers Behaviour

Peter and Olson ( 2004 ) suggested that analyzing on consumer behavior is an indispensable phase before marketing strategic planning, developing and implementing. Consumer determination devising procedure, hence, should be foremost comprehended by sellers in order to efficaciously happen out what clients need.

Consumer determination devising procedure

The theoretical account of consumer determination doing procedure illustrated on the posting consists of three key elements which are external influence factors, consumer determination doing procedure, and post-decision behavior ( Schiffman and Kanuk, 2007, p.513 ) . Schiffman and Kanuk ( 2007 ) besides mentioned that selling and socio-cultural stimulation is an external influence that persuades consumers to get, devour, or decline the merchandises. ( Figure X )

Furthermore, harmonizing to Kotler and Keller ( 2009 ) , purchasing determination procedure could be divided into five phases which are described as follows.

1 ) Problems acknowledgment

This phase may go on when consumers recognise a difference between existent province and ideal province ( Solomon, 2009 ) . The difference will make their “ Needs ” and they will desire to react and carry through those demands by making or moving something such as purchasing, consuming, watching etc. Finally, mark clients can be evidently seen if sellers discover the degree of hierarchy of their demands — Physiological Needs, Safety Needs, Belongingness Needs, Esteem Needs, and Self-actualisation Needs — ( Maslow, 1970 ) .

2 ) Information Search

Bing satisfied by shuting the spread of the existent and ideal provinces, consumers have to seek information from many beginnings. Four types of beginnings which were stated by Kotler and Keller ( 2009 ) are personal beginning, commercial beginning, public beginning, and experiential beginning. These beginnings will convey about a set of pick in order to be evaluated in the following measure.

3 ) Evaluation of Options

Information gathered will be considered and evaluated through four standards including public presentation of merchandises, fiscal issues, societal factors, and personal attitudes ( Masterson and Pickton, 2004 ) . Consumers, so, will gain the certain benefits of the merchandise or service and will be able to do purchase determination.

4 ) Purchase Decision

After consumers have their penchants, their purpose to purchase will be found and executed by sing six sub-decisions which are merchandise, trade name, trader, measure, timing, and payment method. However, there are some intervene factors which include functional hazard, physical hazard, fiscal hazard, societal hazard, psychological hazard, and clip hazard ( Kotler and Keller, 2009 ) . These hazards could be perceived and could act upon consumer ‘s determination.

5 ) Post – purchase Evaluation – this measure will act upon client to buy once more or decline to buy in the hereafter. Therefore, sellers should supervise clients ‘ satisfaction, actions, merchandise usage and disposal after they buy and use the merchandises ( Kotler and Keller, 2009 )

Consequently, sellers should be able to reply inquiries — Who, What, When, Why, Where, and How — to obtain more understanding about their consumer behavior ( Hooley et al, 2008, and Kotler and Keller, 2009 ) . This could be done by carry oning selling researches or garnering from bing researches related to telecasting market in UK. The of import consumer behavior information, acquired from assorted beginnings such as Mintel and Euromonitor, were presented on the posting.

6. Cleavage, Targeting, and Positioning

In order to establish Samsung PS50C6900 Plasma Television into the right mark market and make demands within the right client groups, clear cleavage procedure is necessary. From the point of position of cleavage, aiming, and placement ( Hooley et al. , 2008 ) we are concerned with understanding clients and consumers.

6.1 Cleavage

Market cleavage can be defined as ‘Dividing a market into distinguishable groups of purchasers with different demands, features, or behaviors who might necessitate separate merchandises or selling mixes ‘ Armstrong and Kotler ( 2010 ) .

Market cleavage is necessary since any markets have consisted of distinguishable client groups with similar demands and features. Therefore, understanding 15

cleavage is a manner to larn more about the group of clients who normally responds to a merchandise and selling programme in the similar manner ( Walker et al. , 2003 ) . Harmonizing to Hooley et al. , ( 2008 ) , four standards including demographic, geographic, social-economic features every bit good as consumer life rhythm are chosen to section the rug market for Zoha.

There are several different ways of making or placing or depicting sections. Baines ( 2008 ) lists

demographic. – This means by age or sex or household size

geographic – This means by topographic point – vicinity, part, state

geo-demographic – A mix of both demographic and topographic point

psychographic – Where people can be divided into groups harmonizing to life style or personality features eg cautious, adventerous

Behavioural – This means by merchandise use eg frequent seldom

Traditionally and normally clients can be broken down in a simple manner by societal category ( as defined by business ) eg the UK ‘s Registrar General ‘s earlier categorization as –

I Professional etc businesss ( Sometimes referred to as A )

II Managerial and Technical businesss ( Sometimes referred to as B )

III Skilled businesss ( Sometimes referred to as C )

– non-manual ( Sometimes referred to as C1 )

– manual ( Sometimes referred to as C2 )

IV Partly-skilled businesss ( Sometimes referred to as D )

V Unskilled businesss ( Sometimes referred to as E )

Besides updated as: –

Standard Occupation Classifications Major groups ( 2000 )

Directors and senior functionaries

Professional businesss

Associate professional and proficient businesss

Administrative and secretarial businesss

Skilled trades businesss

Personal service businesss

Gross saless and client service businesss

Procedure, works and machine secret agents

Elementary business

hypertext transfer protocol: // ( Accessed 21 April 2010 )

The MOSAIC dislocation and the ACORN selling cleavage tools are more complex and sophisticated than the above and we have drawn to a great extent upon both in seeking to section and place the typical Siemens boiler consumer both current and possible.

We besides need to be cognizant of the Lifecycle construct where people will purchase more than one boiler, or different types of boiler, at different phases of their lives.

AB consumers tend to be ‘early adoptive parents ‘ of many new thoughts, and they have been at the head of the environmental motion, every bit good as of ethical consumerism in the yesteryear. Mintel, ( 2006 )

The AB population has grown from 8.3 million in 1991 to 12.7 million in 2006. Consumers in the AB group now represent more than 25 % of the entire grownup population of UK.

Mosaic UKa„? is a socio-cultural categorization of the UK population that has been developed by ExperianA® to depict and group the population on the footing of the proved rule that persons with similar involvements, life styles, profiles and behavior bunch closely together.

ACORN ( A Categorization of Residential Neighbourhoods )

ACORN is a geo-demographic cleavage of the UK ‘s population.

From MOSAIC and ACORN we identify the undermentioned major section forms of our Siemens kettle user / consumer ( current and potency )

Group A ( Wealthy executives )

Type 1: Affluent mature professionals, big houses

Type 2: Affluent Working Families with Mortgages

Type 3: Comfortable Directors, Larger Houses

In the below figure we place our consumers in Group D

Figure 13

Blythe ( 2006 ) page 178

In footings of aiming scheme we can take between the 4 basic cleavage theoretical accounts of: –

Undifferentiated or entire market attack. The premise here is that all clients in the market have similar demands and wants and can hence be satisfied with a individual selling mix.

Differentiated or heterogenous market attack starts from a premiss that the lone manner to fulfill everyone is by offering seamster made or made-to-order merchandises and services.

Niche-marketing scheme focuses on little sub-groups within the larger sections and bring forth really carefully targeted merchandises or services

Customised selling scheme or micromarketing expressions at the pattern of orienting merchandises to accommodate specific persons and fortunes

For the Siemens boiler we would choose differentiated / niche-marketing schemes ie concentrating on comparatively narrow market section ( see above )

6.2 Target Market

i‚· Primary mark: people in the age group of 25-34, upper-middle degree of social-economic group, and newlywed in consumer life rhythm.

Peoples in this age group known as hazard searchers are believed to easy accept new trade names. The figure of 25-34 year-old people is expected to increase by about 1 million in the following five old ages ( Mintel, 2008a ) . The turning population in this age group offers chances for Zoha since more possible clients are emerging. The group is predicted to bring forth high possibility to come in to the lodging market and travel houses more often than the others doing an addition of gross revenues volumes on all types of floorcoverings ( Mintel, 2008a ) . It is besides believed that people in the upper-middle degree of social-economic groups can afford the medium to high monetary value degree goods since the proposed Zoha placement is the medium-top. In add-on, people in freshly wed group besides tend to buy and adorn houses ( Hooley et al.,2008 ) . They are besides predicted to hold babes in the hereafter and will concern about the safety-related issues when adorning their houses. The soft rugs provide gentler surface for babes than difficult floorcovering ( Invista, 2010 ) . Therefore, rugs become their anterior pick for house ornament and safe topographic point for babes. To reason, people in the age group of 25-34, upper-middle degree and freshly wed are suggested as possible clients for Zoha to aim chiefly.

i‚· Secondary mark: anyone who is interested in rugs and favors Zoha merchandises.


It is believed that Zoha is welcome and friendly to everyone, so secondary mark can be anyone who gets attracted by Zoha rugs and advertisement runs.

6.3 Positioning

From all findings above, Zoha is recommended to place in the medium-top degree of the market since Zoha would be able to offer high-quality handmade rugs with competitory monetary values to the group. ( Figure 7 )

7. Marketing Mix and Recommendations

7.1 Merchandise

Product Level / Classify


PPM / BCG Matrix

merchandise acceptance procedure

Product distinction.

7.2 Monetary value

7.3 Topographic point

B2C Chanel degree

7.4 Promotion

7.5 Physical evidence/ People/ Process ( if needed )

8. Future Marketing Actions Recommended


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