Sahara and Mali Gain Independence

2. In Urban areas was spoken in French, also French is Primary language os schools instruction. Other languages that they spoke was Fulfulde, Dogon, Senatou, and Jula. Most widely spoken tongue is Bambara. The Griot is a Special caste. The Griot reponsibility to recount and sing the great past. 3. In the 20th Century, the Mali was colonized. Mali became one of the French colony until 1960. Konare also began negotiating with Tuareg rebels, who had long struggled to gain independence for their light-skinned ethnic groups.

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In 1968, military groups brought Mousa Traore to power as president. Mali gain independence under a socialist government led by Modib Keita. 4. Mali population of 11. 3 million is growing annually by 3 percent. About 90 percent of the Malians live in the fertile southern third of the country and the other 10 percent Malians live in the north. 75 percent of all the people live in rural areas. The 20 major ethnic groups of the country several comprise less than one percent of the population. 5.

In Mali medical facilities and services are dequate or nonexistent in much of the country. The average is one doctor for every 17,000 people and one sickbed per 2,000 people. Clinics often don’t have any staff or supplies. HIV/AIDS, influenza, dusentery, venereal, disease, guinea worm, and German measles cause frequent sickness. Other type of sickness sre yellow fever cholera, biharzia, and rabies. In Mali blindness is common. Public hygrene is poor in Urban areas, where sewage collects in open gutters. 6. Mali family tradition is different from United States.

Men can have more that one wife. Most of the men have two wives, but a small percent of the men have up to three to four wives. The women do the chores in the house. The woman also do gardening, crafts, or selling home cooked food for money. 7. Mali contains 90 percent of Muslim and one percent of Christian. Muslim: honor Five Pillars of Faith by professing the name of Allah and declaring Muhammad to be his prophet, praying five times daily, fasting during the holy month of Ramadan giving alms to the poor and garabout, boys who attend

Qur’anic schools and must beg for daily food, and making a Pilgrimage to Makkah. Now using masks or totem animals and wearing gri-gri charms, Ritual dances are preformed to encourage rain for good harvest or for other events. 8. Mali was colonized at the 20th century, it achieve independence in 1959, and was colonized from the French. They achieve independence by French Sudan voted to join the French community as the autonomous Sadanese Republic. The government structure is that they are Republic. 9.

Mali is a country in Africa, Mali is two times bigger than Texas. Northern Mali is the Sahara Desert. The Sahara Desert cause Mali to have two major droughts. Sahel cover central of Mali, Sahel in Arabic word mean “shore”, but this shore is shore of the desert. The Sahel Dessert is about 3,000 miles longs. Running across most of Mali is the Niger River. The Niger River is an important way to trade their items, back in the days. But now the Niger River is still the main transportation. The river helps transports goods to more areas.


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