S (Standard & Poor’s Market Insight) Is Very Comprehensive

resource. If you are a university student or faculty member, you will be able to access subscription-based resources through your library’s web access. At Columbia Business School, go to: http://www. columbia. edu/cu/lweb/indiv/business/. Select a database (many of which can be accessed anywhere), and log on to the sites using your unix id (the first part of your email address, do not add “@columbia. edu”) and enter your password. Subscription-based services via the Internet (through library web access) •S&P (Standard & Poor’s Market Insight) is very comprehensive.

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You can look up a symbol, type in a company or ticker, and receive a plethora of relevant information: company profile sheet, financial highlights, competitive analysis (comps that you can download into excel), corporate actions, news, etc. A (limited) educational version of Market Insight is available in the Student Edition of the web site for the Penman book. •The Business & Company Recourse Center is good for a basic company overview. Type in your company name, key word or ticker- and you will get SIC & NAICS codes and key officer & company data.

You can also find news, investment reports (from Investext), financials, rankings, and an industry overview- based on SIC codes. You can also get information on private companies (although not much). •OSIRIS is a comprehensive database of listed corporations, banks and insurance companies around the world. In addition to the income statement, balance sheet, cash flow and ratios it contains news, ownership, ratings, earnings estimates and stock data. Web-based, free/public services via the Internet •Yahoo! Finan


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