Royal Mail Service


There has been an industrial difference between royal Mail service and its workers. Royal mail has been faced with crisis since 2007 when the first major industrial crisis faces the mail service provides. From since, there has been return of the crisis with the parties involved doing different demands. The industrial crisis has affected service proviso by Royal Mail Service and reduced assurance to their services. Royal Mail Service difference is a good illustration for measuring industrial crisis in modern yearss and coming up with ways to work out such crisis.

Overview Royal Mail industrial Dispute

Royal Mail difference is an on-going difference that involves Royal Mail Service and members of Communication Workers brotherhood. The current crisis started in the summer of this twelvemonth after dissension between the two parties involved. This crisis has started after biennial composure after a similar crisis occurred in 2007 ( BBC News, 2009, par 4-5 ) . The industrial crisis started after members of Communication Workers Union made protest against Royal Mail Service impeaching it of neglecting to affect Communication Workers brotherhood in implementing major alterations in their service (, 2009, par 1-6 ) . Communication Workers Union claimed that modernization program undertaken by Royal Mail would impact occupation security of postal workers and wanted to be involved in the executions. Strikes by postal workers at foremost started at local degree with postal worker in single metropoliss such as Edinburgh and London impeaching their employer of cut downing occupations and services ( BBC News, 2009, par par1 ) . They claimed that this move went against Pay and Modernisation Agreement signed in 2007. However, the crisis went to national degree after Communication Workers Union launched a national ballot for industrial action.

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In the beginning October, Communication Workers Union unveiled the consequences of the ballot which showed that three quarters of postal workers voted in favor of a national work stoppage. Subsequently, it was announced that a national work stoppage by all postal workers would take topographic point on 22nd and 23rd of October. Talk between the two groups involved failed once more taking to proclamation of another work stoppage to take topographic point on 29th and 30th of October. Further national work stoppages planned for sixth and 9th of November nevertheless were called off to let farther dialogues between the groups. The series of work stoppages led thousand of points to be rolled back taking to immense losingss Royal Mail.

The beginning of the crisis revolves around modernization programs by Royal Media. Royal media has undertaken a two billion lbs modernization programs that aim at doing Royal Mail competitory in communicating industrial ( Henry, R. , 2009, p11 ) . Execution of the program started in 2007 and two tierces of the program is already implemented. However, Royal Mail workers are discontent over how the program is being implemented ( BBC News, 2009, par 3-4 ) . Postal workers fear that the program, as implemented by Royal Mail would compromise their occupation security. Plans to make flexible work environment where postal workers would work outside normal on the job hours have received opposition from workers. In add-on, the workers are non happy with how their pension is managed claiming that the pension program compromised on workers public assistance ( BBC News, 2009, par 7-8 ) .

Parties Involved

Royal Mail Service

Royal Mail service is the company involved in the difference. Royal Mail has undertaken a modernization program that has led to the current crisis. Agreement for alteration in mail service was reached in 2007 after another industrial crisis. From understanding, it was agreed that alterations ware necessary for the company to stay competitory in communicating industry (, 2009, par 9-11 ) . A two billion lbs modernization program unveiled in 2007 is three quarters completed. Royal Mails has besides implemented alterations to the working environment. The alterations allow for flexible in workplace where workers are sent to other working topographic points in the company depending with demand ( O’Hagan, R. , 2009, p9 ) . The alterations besides demand that workers work two hr earlier or later than normal on the job hours.

Royal Mail insists that flexibleness in working environment is necessary to the nature of services offered by the company ( I C M, 2009, p4 ) . It besides claims that it is sensible that employees working in one capacity to step in for another functions as required to do up for fluctuation in work load. The company besides insist that mechanization of its services was necessary to reduces cost, addition efficiency ( O’Hagan, R, 2009, p11 ) . Royal Mail accuses Communication Workers Union of defying alterations that would let flexible working. It besides accuses CMU of falseness with its demands.

Communication Workers Union ( CWU )

Communication Workers Union is the other party in the differences. This organic structure represent workers in communicating industry ; in this difference, it represents postal workers in Royal Mail. CWU accuse Royal Mail of neglecting to affect postal workers in the modernization program. CWU claim that execution of the program does non see the positions raised by postal workers and neglect to adhere to Modernisation understanding made between the organic structure and Royal mail ( Judge, G. & A ; Gennard, J, 2008, p32 ) . CMU resist the flexibleness working implemented by Royal Media. It claims that by implementing the alterations, Royal Mail is handling postal workers as slaves. The modernization program is accused of endangering occupation security of postal workers by cutting of occupations and services in the company (, 2009, par 7 ) . CWU besides claims that some Royal Mail functionary were burying and maltreating postal worker for no ground.

Communication Workers Union demands for a new occupation security understanding that will guarantee postal worker of sustainable full-time occupations with no compulsory redundancies ( BBC News, 2009, par 6 ) . CWU want postal worker to profit from modernization program as good, through higher wage, reduced on the job hours and quality clip. It besides wants the work system to be streamlined so that day-to-day work load can be based on nonsubjective and just measurings (, 2009, par 3-4 ) . Postal workers are besides against changeless decrease of gaining in signifier of wage and pension.

Both parties agree on the demand for modernization. Royal Mail Service needs modernization for it to be competitory in communicating industry ( I C M, 2009, p 7 ) . CWU claims that it is non against modernization but want its member to profit from additions from modernization. CWU is concerned with increased work load ensuing from occupation freezing adopted. It besides wants the on the job conditions of workers non to be compromised by local unrealistic budget demands undertaken by Royal Mail.

Options for Deciding the Crisis

The difference in Royal Mail is a consequence of technological alterations. Changes in engineering have come up with new and effectual ways of automatizing mail services. Being of other aggressive rivals in mail service has called for betterment in services in order to stay competitory (, 2009, par 4-6 ) . Therefore, modernization program adopted by Royal Mail is aimed at increasing efficiency in service bringing every bit good as cutting operation cost ( BBC News, 2009, par 5-7 ) . CWU had agreed on the demand for modernization in 2007. With close scrutiny, the chief cause of the difference is hapless engagement of CWU in execution of the program. Flexible working is in understanding with modern tendency in communicating industry. However, hapless engagement of workers and short passage period are the chief cause workers dissatisfaction with the new conditions ( Henry, R. , 2009, p 8 ) . Job security is really of import in this plan. With mechanization of many of the services, some worker might free their occupations.

Since the national work stoppages have been postponed, the solution lies in the two parties being able to make to an understanding. The period of unagitated ensuing from the delay will let CWU and Royal Mail to soften their bases on the affair ( Taiby, S. & A ; Hollinshead, G, 2007, p 56 ) . Negotiations between the parties should come up with an understanding that will guarantee Royal Mail worker of occupation security secure despite of the modernization program.


Royal Mail Service industrial crisis is a good grounds of effects of engineering and modernization to work environments. Modernization program by Royal Mail has raised issues on occupation security, and working flexibleness among postal workers. Failure to affect postal workers in the programs has raised intuitions, which have resulted to the crisis. The first and 2nd stages of the national work stoppages have passed without an understanding. For solution, the parties should be able to make an understanding on occupation security, net incomes and pensions of postal workers.


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