Romanticism And The Beauty Of Nature English Literature Essay

Romanticism, though when said is thought to co-occur with love affair, is non wholly what romanticism was all about during the sixteenth century when it was booming. Sentimentalists were enveloped in love, yes, but they wanted to convey out the beauty and every facet of every item of the universe in their authorship. They were concerned with emotion, faith, individuality, exoticness, and most of all nature. Nature comes out really strongly in Percy Bysshe Shelley ‘s “ Ode to the West Wind ” and William Wordsworth ‘s “ The World is Too Much with Us. ” Shelley and Wordsworth ‘s grasp for nature was noticeable, powerful, and above all emotional. Both authors were comparative in the manner they wrote about the “ beauties of nature ” but at the same clip each one has their ain manner of showing nature in their plants.

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Shelley ‘s “ Ode to the West Wind ” is an ode raising the emotion of nature ‘s catastrophes. The temper is really grave and slightly dark in portraying the air current and all its many features. In the 5th stanza of the first canto the air current is said to be a “ Destroyer and Preserver. ” The talker negotiations to the “ West Wind ” as if it hears him, and asks it to liberate him like so many of the foliages, which “ Are driven, like shades from an enchanter fleeing, ” and besides like seeds which “ each delay like a cadaver within its grave, until Thine azure sister of the Spring shall blow. ” Nature ‘s air current is seen in those two lines and throughout the work as all powerful to the talker. He would wish to be like the foliages and the seeds but knows he can non, hence in 5th canto the talker says, “ Make me thy Lyre ” and “ Drive my dead ideas over the existence Like shriveled foliages to accelerate a new birth! ” If he ca n’t be freed by the air current so he at least wants his ideas and unhappiness to be carried off. Shelley and nature tantrum together in this ode to organize an baleful venture of how air current can destruct and continue many facets of life. It is seen as an emotionally natural point of position as the talker wants to be taken off from all of life ‘s hurt and sorrow and be brought back to felicity and joy which is thought to be spring in Shelley ‘s “ Ode to the West Wind. ”

Williams Wordsworth ‘s “ The World Is Too Much With Us, ” is wrapped up in the idea of nature as figure one. Wordsworth, for one was a nature fiend who wrote about it the most and identified with it the most and saw all beauty in nature. In this work Wordsworth saw nature versus the material luxuries of life, which he thought was destructing the alluring, appeal of the untasted universe. The first line “ The universe is excessively much with us ” says it all. He thought that we were eliminating every cherished facet of nature through our selfish actions to do the universe a so called better topographic point. Wordsworth expresses his choler along with unhappiness in this verse form. He sympathizes with nature. He says “ It moves us non, ” intending people attention less that nature is dwindling down twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. It sorrows him how the unmindful ignorance shapes the lives of the universe that they do n’t cognize nature is being harmed daily. He says “ I ‘d instead be A Pagan suckled in a credo outworn, ” which means he would hold instead been brought up life in an out-of-date faith that cherishes nature than witness the devastation of it.

Shelley and Wordsworth portion many similarities in the manner they carry the idea of nature as a approval and a slightly as a being, but they besides have their differences. Both of these authors portion the love of nature and picture their idea of nature by utilizing crisp imagination. Shelley uses the foliages and seeds and air current to demo his ideas of how nature can transport us off from the universe as we know it and Wordsworth wants to see nature remain unhurt and untasted by the greedy custodies of those desiring satisfaction from engineering and its many properties. Both poets compare nature with our ain life. These two are such nature partisans that they both believe that nature is a remedy all for our jobs and it should be cherished every bit much as we cherish our ain lives because it, for them, has feelings all the same. They both see nature as inexperienced person.

Although both poets see nature in the same facet of visible radiation, they each have their ain manner of associating to nature. Shelley uses a more alive word picture of nature to maintain the readers reading. With his ocular, kinetic, and audile imagination he can assist the audience associate with his love for nature. The winter air current from “ Ode to the West Wind ” is thought to depict how the talker feels about life in general and wants nature to take him off from all of nature ‘s demolishers. Wordsworth on the other manus sees nature as vulnerable and susceptible to our powers to ignorantly destruct nature. He uses choler to acquire through to his audience on a more empathic degree. He wanted his audience to see where he was coming from and associate to that.

Shelley and Wordsworth ‘s love for nature was strong and they both tried their best to relay their feelings for nature to their audience. Shelley, seeing nature as a savior, even though it is capable of devastation of so much, still saw nature as salvaging him from unhappiness and the universe that was germinating so quickly around him.. Wordsworth fought for nature in all of his Hagiographas but “ The World Is Too Much For Me ” stood out because its strong sense of passion for nature is undeniable. Both of these plants were written by work forces that cherished their coevals and sought out the beauty in all facets of the universe particularly in nature. You can experience the emotion that is embarked in both Shelley ‘s “ Ode To The West Wind ” and Wordsworth ‘s “ The World Is Too Much For Me. ”


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