role of a consultant construction health and safety advisor


  • You have been appointed by a client ( who is non familiar with the building industry, or his/her legal duties.
  • You have been appointed to move in the function of a adviser Construction Health and Safety adviser and will necessitate to fix a study which highlights assorted information: –
  1. Introduction to the study foregrounding wellness and safety jurisprudence, applicable to his proposed strategy and ab initio your early remarks including why you have visited site, ( following what legislative counsel, and what you have discovered ) .
  2. Throughout the study you will necessitate to do relevant assignments ( advisers ) you should look to either describe or bring forth a tabular array of when these assignments should be made, their relevancy, and under what statute law.
  3. Additionally throughout the study you should take to place legislative demands of the client. I.e. Under contractual jurisprudence the client must do payments within a certain timeframe. Under wellness and safety jurisprudence, the client must & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ; & gt ;
  4. The client is to boot inquiring you to work with the contractor under a design and construct contract to build an Olympic size swimming pool. This will make legion challenges for the contractor, and he will necessitate to provide certain certification to the client from the pre-start through to completion of the undertaking. You are requested to place what wellness and safety certification should be created by the contractor, and once more rede the client of his legal duties. Additionally when passing over the undertaking the contractor must once more supply suited certification and preparation to the client. You are once more requested to place and depict the relevancy of this certification and place what should be forth coming.
  5. Finally before the client opens the swimming pool he will once more necessitate to guarantee certain certification under Health set Safety jurisprudence is in topographic point. You are hence asked to place some of the cardinal operational H & A ; S certification the client must set in topographic point.

The study should therefore include

  • Introduction depicting what the study will cover ( its purposes, aims, and intent ) and premises you have made.
  • Pre-contract /site activities – overview of statute law to be considered. And certification to be forwarded under H & A ; S jurisprudence.
  • Throughout the study key assignments
  • Throughout the study the client ‘s function and duties under statute law and what the statute law says.
  • Pre- site activities with the contractor including a reappraisal of what the contractor will provide under H & A ; S counsel.
  • Consideration of the legal certification once more to be provided by advisers and the contractor at hand-over phase
  • Legislation that will impact the client when opening up the swimming pool, or how he may dispatch his responsibilities
  • Decisions associating to your findings, including cardinal considerations, and relevant statute law that the client must follow.
  • Mentions, bibliography and filed out certification that would necessitate to be submitted to relevant parties under Health and Safety jurisprudence.

This may include hazard appraisals, findings from the site visit etc.

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