Robust Market Position Supported By Strong Brand Value Marketing Essay

Dell has built a strong presence as a market leader in the information market for old ages. In malice of economic downswing and savvy competition from its equals, it managed to keep its place as a major participant in that market. Furthermore, it is one of the well recognised and renowned trade names worldwide. From the annual rankings, it was found that in 2011 Dell organize portion of the 100 best trade names in the universe and refering the universe 500 rankings, it ranked 72. Hence, this strong trade name image gives Dell a film editing border over its equals. Furthermore, this strong trade name image helps to pull more clients in the market and therefore aid to increase market portion. Taking into consideration industry estimates, it was found that in 2011 Dell ranked 3rd among the largest in the Personal computer market in the universe with a market portion of 12.1 % . Furthermore, it was besides ranked as among the 3rd biggest participants in the waiters ‘ market across the universe busying a market portion of 7.3 % . This robust presence in the market can be attributed by the high demand for their merchandises.

The direct theoretical account of Dell is its major strength. It can be considered as the company ‘s greatest plus. By cutting out the retail merchant, Dell can sell straight to its clients. This gives clients the chance to order straight from the which in bend enable them to custom-make their ain merchandises. Furthermore, the direct theoretical account encouraged rapid bringing. Customers are able to have their merchandises in merely a few yearss after their orders have been placed.

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Dell ‘s flight can be seen as a theoretical account particularly to the high place that it occupies in the industry and its allegedly outstanding procedure of variegation. In the beginning, the company focussed chiefly in supplying IT merchandises but later it expanded by doing investing and supplying IT solution services. Furthermore, due to the assortment of merchandise and services that it offers, Dell has been able to spread out its client base. In add-on, by come ining emerging markets like the BRIC ( Brazil, Russia, India, and China ) , Dell is able to provide for the wants of people around the universe and pave its manner as a leader all these factors contribute significantly to its growing.

Dell ‘s high growing corresponds to a great extent by the great moving ridges of acquisitions it made. It had many acquisitions in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, it acquired SecureWorks which is supplier of information security around the universe, Dell Financial services in Canada, in Europe it acquired the CIT Vendor Finance ‘s amongst others. In 2012, it acquired AppAssure, SonicWALL, Wyse Technology, Clerity Solutions amongst others. All these acquisitions help Dell to increase its presence and place in both local and international markets. Furthermore, these acquisitions enable Dell to vie with other participants in the market. Furthermore, the acquisitions contribute efficaciously to the growing of the company and give a high market portion which enables it acquire competitory advantage over its equals.


The direct theoretical account involves some failings. Customers can non physically touch the merchandise before their purchase. Since, computing machines are luxury goods, many people feel wary that they can non analyze the merchandise before doing their purchase. This gives rivals an advantage over Dell where clients can travel to the shops, examine their merchandises before buying them.

Research and development is comparatively low

Compared to its rivals, Dell is non equipped with high research and development potency. It does no put much in its research and development. For case, its outgo on R & A ; D in 2011 was $ 661 million whilst HP and IBM recorded $ 2,959 million and $ 6,258 million severally. Less outgo on R & A ; D resulted in lesser patents than its equals. The weak R & A ; D make Dell more dependent on patents therefore doing it hard to establish new and advanced merchandises, thereby doing it less competitory in the market.

Low profis

Dell net incomes ‘ borders is lesser than its rivals. In the fiscal twelvemonth 2012, Dell obtained an of 7.1 % whilst that of IBM ‘s runing border was 19 % in FY2011. This shows that in footings of profitableness, the rivals of Dell have gone far in front. Profitability has an impact on monetary value. With higher borders, rivals will be able to bear down a lower monetary value doing Dell less competitory in the market and can hold negative consequence on growing in the hereafter.


Large demand for laptops

The demand for personal computing machines has increased a batch during recent old ages. Furthermore, the demand for laptops has experienced an even bigger addition, an chance upon which Dell can take advantage of to do its laptops turn in all sections.

The IT keeps on booming. Even emerging markets like the BRIC have experienced a strong growing in IT outgo. It is found that 30 % of IT passing come from emerging states. Dell has invested to a great extent in these states and 14.2 % of the company ‘s grosss in 2012 were earned from the BRIC states. The company ‘s uninterrupted enlargement in the emerging states will ensue in farther growing and a wider client base.

Improvement in engineering and communicating web creates a large chance for Dell. Many clients presents do online shopping and therefore can travel on the cyberspace to personalise their computing machine and put their order. This in bend will take to a higher demand for Dell merchandises.


The IT market is a volatile one which presents many menaces to companies in the industry. Technology keeps on altering and everyone wants to hold the latest engineering. The Personal computer market has experienced terrible diminution due to a higher demand for tablets. It is expected that the desktop Personal computer market to enter a diminution of 1.2 % in 2012. Since Dell depend to a great extent on the gross revenues of Personal computer and laptops, this diminution can hold negative impact on its growing.

Intensive competition

Competition in these industries is turning a batch. Companies are challenged to bring forth higher quality and radical merchandises and lower monetary value merchandises. Competition besides exists between trade names. In the Personal computer market, Dell faces competition from Apple, Acer, IBM amongst others. Severe competition may in the long tally affect the company ‘s operating public presentation and consequence in lower market portion.

Value propositions specify how merchandise & A ; service characteristics are assembled and offered to run into client demands.

A concern theoretical account is a utile tool comprising of a set of elements and how these elements are connected and besides shows the concern logic underlying a house. Harmonizing to Osterwalder and Pigneur ( 2002 ) , value proposition is an indispensable component of the concern theoretical account. A value proposition refers to statements of benefits which a house provides to its stakeholders ( Bagchi and Tulskie 2000 ) . Harmonizing to Kambil et Al. ( 1997 ) , value proposition refers to how merchandises and services are assembled to provide for client demands.

Dell includes value creative activity by leting clients to custom-make their ain Personal computer. Furthermore, by adding advanced elements to the bing merchandises, Dell has improved their value. This has been achieved by the launch of their ain web sites thereby leting clients to do on-line purchase and besides configurate their Personal computer online.


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