Rhetorical Analysis: “Mother Tongue” Essay Sample

Amy Tan. the Writer of “Mother Tongue” really good makes the point across about cultural racism without demoing any choler or specifically indicating out racism ; Amy makes the reader recognize how truly non being American can impact how good you could manage mundane state of affairss. The fact that this narrative was written by an immigrant. and provides existent life narratives about her ma and herself fighting in America. makes this novel a fantastic oculus opener. The narrative focuses on the biass of Amy and her female parent. All her life. Amy’s female parent has been looked down because of the fact that she did non talk proper English. This narrative describes how she uses rhetorical schemes to do her statement. while besides knocking cultural criterions. The narrative states that the Amy Tan writes of the different Englishes she uses in her life and illustrates the countless ways that people express themselves. depending on who they are with. and their demands.

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The audience Tan is seeking to make are people that are nescient of the fact that people like Amy’s female parent who speak “broken” English most of the clip know they are taken advantage of. and struggle more with societal interactions. This narrative could be intended to immigrant people that have to take attention of their parents or merely other members of their household. This novel is besides designed to people who like Amy have a “language of intimacy” with their household. Amy sometimes had to assist her female parent out with covering with of import people by feigning to be her and talking proper English. Her female parent would be stating her what to state like “why he don’t direct me look into. already two hebdomads tardily. So huffy he lie to me. losing me money. ” Amy states that she would be really abashed when in this state of affairss because she would be talking proper English. unlike her ma.

She would state the same thing but in proper English like “Yes. I am acquiring instead concerned. You had agreed to direct the cheque two hebdomads ago. but it hasn’t arrived. ” This is the lone manner that Amy knew she would acquire the regard her female parent deserved. the regard that she did non acquire by talking “broken” or “fractured” English. Certain plenty. as she states in her novel. what she was kicking about in one of her phone calls got resolved the following hebdomad. and this seldom would hold happened if her ma would hold called. As a reader. I can associate to Amy’s narrative because I come from a Mexican background and we do travel through unsmooth times like she did. and sometimes people like us are non given the regard we should acquire like fluid English talkers get. Amy gives another illustration of the manner her female parent was treated because of the manner she spoke the linguistic communication. was when she was diagnosed with a benign encephalon tumour and the infirmary told her that they had lost her CAT scan consequences.

The female parent knew that she could non make more about it. because she knew that her English was limited so of class she would acquire limited responses. Her female parent stated that she would non go forth until the physician called her girl. Amy tells in her novel that she talked to the physicians and subsequently the CAT scan consequences where found and there were many apologies from them. This illustration was based on the fact that Amy could talk perfect English. where here female parent could non. and no service or apologies were offered to her. This is besides an illustration of how Amy still switches functions with her female parent by assisting her out with the things she needs to take attention of but can non because of her inability to talk fluid English. The intent of this narrative was to inform her readers her beliefs of that new linguistic communication she had discovered. that possibly non merely her. but other immigrant households might hold. This linguistic communication brings her closer to her roots and heritage by sharing it with non merely her female parent but hubby every bit good.

This “broken” English brings her closer to her female parent and gives her that good built and loveable connexion with her. She besides makes the point that people who do non talk proper or “broken” English like her ma. are frequently non treated right in society and seem like they are non smart plenty. This novel is a good oculus opener for all of those who sometimes have had an brush with person that does non talk good English and judge them. This is a common error that even the 1s that have immigrant parents make. We frequently make premises on people’s competence in society. Amy gives many illustrations of how she had to assist out her female parent in order for her to have the right attending. This is something that many immigrant parents have to make in order to travel on with the twenty-four hours. by inquiring their childs to assist them out read letters that come in the mail. or even make fulling out applications for different things.

Peoples who are good educated might believe of this people as ignorant and non willing to larn. but this is non ever their pick and like Amy’s female parent they are ever seeking to make it themselves but at the terminal they have to turn to their households for aid. Amy does a truly good occupation at seeking to explicate her female parent struggles every bit good as her. It is obvious to the readers what a connexion she has with her female parent and how her battles made her be more rebellious and make more with the proper English she knew. and was frequently criticized by instructors. She ne’er did that well on English accomplishment trials. so she was told she should make something non related with English. This fresh hopefully will assist out the people with misconceptions about immigrants who do non talk English. to non judge. but to assist out so our society does non convey them down as it already does.


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