Reviewing The War On Drugs Problem Criminology Essay

To get down with, I will show some basic information about what precisely it is that we are contending. The first fact to cognize about this war is precisely how many people are utilizing these illicit drugs. Harmonizing to the Survey on Drug Use and Health, in 2007 there were 19.9 million illegal drug users ; which is nil compared to the 66 million baccy users or the 109 million intoxicant users ( NDCS 15 ) . Harmonizing to the National Drug Control Strategy, in 2003 merely seven per centum of people are utilizing drugs ( Talking Out Against Drug Legalization 5 ) . The existent sum of users is reasonably little and the truth is the bulk of Americans are non users of illegal drugs.

Now that we know how little the sum of users of illegal drugs are, we move to the following issue, of what precisely makes drugs so bad. First the physiological issues environing drugs. Drugs are harmful the organic structure and the FDA does n’t acknowledge any of the drugs on the Controlled Substance Act Schedule I, as holding any existent benefit to wellness. The FDA really states that all Schedule I drugs are as follows: “ The drug or other substance has a high potency for maltreatment. The drug or other substance has no presently accepted medical usage in intervention in the United States. There is a deficiency of recognized safety for usage of the drug or other substance under medical supervising ” ( Schedule of Control Substances ) . Harmonizing to the NDCS, there are 7 million job users out at that place, which makes the dependence rate of drugs to be highly high ( NDCS 15 ) . Some people may seek to reason that this fact should n’t number because non all drugs are habit-forming and some would indicate to marijuana as being the illustration of why all drugs are non habit-forming. This statement is non really strong though when you consider the fact that harmonizing the NDCS 61.9 per centum of the people being admitted into intervention for a substance were at that place for marihuana ( Talking Out Against Drug Legalization 13 ) . This is compared to the 7.6 % per centum that enter for intoxicant intervention. Now to travel even farther, what precisely is the cost of this dependence?

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Harmonizing to the Office of National Drug Control Policy, in 1998 drugs cost Americans $ 144 billion dollars ( Executive Office of the President-Office of National Drug Control Policy ) . This seems an even bigger figure when Alcohol cost America $ 184 billion harmonizing to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism ( “ Updating Estimates of the Economic costs of Alcohol Abuse in the United States ” ) . Even though the harm caused by drugs is less you have to besides retrieve that seven times more people use intoxicant so drugs. The harm does n’t stop our pocket book though.

Following comes something that we can non set a dollar sum on, and that is our wellness. Drugs have damaging effects to our wellness. Drugs like cocaine cause side effects like paranoia, epistaxiss, bosom onslaughts, and decease ( NoraA D.A Volkow, A M.D. ) . Even what the public considers a minor drug, like Marijuana for illustration, has major side effects such “ memory loss, increased bosom rate and loss of motor accomplishments ” ( Talking Out Against Drug Legalization 9 ) . Marijuana users are besides five times more likely to hold a bosom onslaught within an hr of smoking harmonizing to Harvard Researchers ( Talking Out Against Drug Legalization 9 ) . Most of all though, in 2000, 15,852 people died due to drug induced deceases harmonizing to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) this is compared to the 18,539 people who died from intoxicant induced deceases ( Talking Out Against Legalization 8 ) . Once once more retrieve that seven times the sum of people use intoxicant so those who use drugs. Drugs do non merely impact ourselves. They besides affect the people around us in many different ways.

Another manner that drugs have an affect on the general populace is through drug related offense. Supporters of stoping the ‘war on drugs ” are ever saying how harmless drugs are and how it merely affects the individual that uses them. This in instance is wholly non true. The FBI states that “ 24 % of force that is committed against jurisprudence enforcement officers is committed by suspects under the influence of drugs and 72 % of force against jurisprudence enforcement is by suspects who have old drug jurisprudence misdemeanors ” ( Talking Out Against Legalization 16 ) . This is significant when you once more retrieve that merely seven per centum of the society uses any illegal substances. Harmonizing to the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring Study, more than fifty-percent of the suspects arrested for violent offenses were under the influence of illegal drugs ( Talking Out Against Legalization 17 ) .

The protagonists of legalisation like to province that all this force is merely because people are seeking to get these drugs or acquire the money to purchase the drugs and that by legalising drugs these Numberss would non be every bit high. The truth is that more than six times the sum of slayings happen by people on drugs instead so people who are seeking to acquire money to pay for drugs ( Talking Out Against legalisation 16 ) . Joseph A. Califona from the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, put it best when he stated, “ Drugs like marihuana, diacetylmorphine and cocaine are non unsafe because they are illegal ; they are illegal because they are unsafe ” ( Talking Out Against Legalization 17 ) .

Advocates of stoping the “ war on drugs ” like to province that even though drugs may be unsafe we are nearing battling drugs in the incorrect manner. Advocates like to province that this war we are contending is non working and we need to take it in a new attack. I would reason that it is working. The first ground why it ‘s working would be in 1979 there was 25.4 million illegal drug users and now there is merely 19.9 million drug users ( Talking Out Against Legalization 17 ) . Besides adolescent drug usage is down 25 % since 2001 demoing that this war is working in a positive way ( NDCS 1 ) . This war may be a tough one but it is one that needs to go on to be fought for, even if it is dearly-won.

Some perceive that this war on drugs is all approximately merely locking up wrongdoers and seeking to set users in prisons. This is wholly non true ; the war is more so merely jurisprudence enforcement. The “ war on drugs ” is a battle that includes many tactics such as bar, rehabilitation and in conclusion enforcement. The war on drugs wants to forestall people from yielding to the unsafe clasps of drugs and attempts to salvage a individual from acquiring into something that seems harmless. This would include types of plans like, and Drug Free in the Community Grants the authorities gives out to the organisations whose cause are to assist educate the general public about drug usage.

Next there is the rehabilitation arm of the war on drugs that is seeking to assist nuts to retrieve and acquire back on their pess. This arm of the war on drugs includes plans such as forced rehabilitation, drug tribunals and suspended sentences. This may sound violative to some that, we are holding to coerce people into intervention, but the truth is that most of these nuts do non believe that they have a job. Harmonizing to the 2007 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, 93.6 % of dependent users or nuts did non experience that they needed any intervention. Merely 1.8 % dependent users felt they needed intervention and did do attempt to prosecute aid ( NDCS 18 ) . Besides the success rates of nuts in private rehabilitation plans are low. Eighty to ninety per centum will drop out within the first twelvemonth, and most will pick up the wont once more within a twelvemonth of intervention ( Talking Out Against Legalization 6 ) . Possession wrongdoers who go through these drug tribunal plans, have a recidivism rate of approximately two to twenty per centum. This is much lower than the ownership wrongdoers who do n’t travel through drug tribunals, and have a recidivism rate of about 50 per centum ( Talking Out Against Legalization 6 ) .

Drug Courts are on the rise because of their proved success rates. Harmonizing to the National Drug Court Institute there are over 2,147 drug tribunals in the United State ( Huddleston, C. , Douglas Marlowe, and Rachel Casebolt 1 ) . These tribunals allow for wrongdoers to complete intervention in exchange for being able to hold the stigma of a strong belief off their record. They are being given a 2nd opportunity at get downing fresh. Over 19,900 drug wrongdoers graduated from these tribunals in 2005 and over 884 babes were born drug free in 2005 because of these tribunals ( Huddleston, C. , Douglas Marlowe, and Rachel Casebolt 8,15 ) . These drug tribunals lead to the last portion of the war on drugs the most critical one, the enforcement portion of the “ war on drugs. ”

Drug enforcement is one of the most critical issues when it comes to the drug enforcement, because it is the portion that is accused of taking away peoples free will and locking up ownership wrongdoers in prison. The truth is that you have to hold some type of enforcement to acquire these plans like drug tribunals to work. There needs to be some type of disincentive in topographic point for people in these drug tribunals to complete off their intervention. There has to be the menace of gaol or prison sentence lingering on them to acquire them to be motivated to alter. Besides jurisprudence enforcement is non seeking to merely jostle users behind bars, they are seeking to acquire the top bananas in this drug market or the Sellerss. The existent sum of ownership wrongdoers in federal prisons, is merely approximately five per centum and in province prisons, about 20 seven per centum ( Talking Out Against Legalization 23 ) . Besides most of the wrongdoers at that place for ownership, are at that place because they plea-bargained down from higher drug charges to ownership. An illustration of this that would be the province of Michigan. There are 47,000 inmates and, out of those inmates merely five 100s of them are at that place for ownership and out of those five hundred, four hundred and 85 of them were inmates that had supplication bargained down from more serious drug discourtesies Talking Out Against Legalization 23 ) .

Overall the “ war on drugs ” interruptions down to this battle between the populace ‘s freedom and the protection that the public expects from the authorities. Advocates of the “ war on drugs ” like to discourse how harmless these drugs truly are, but as shown antecedently, there is a batch more danger to drugs than meets the oculus. Drugs have a major connexion to violent offense. They besides are unsafe to the wellness of the general populace and do more economic amendss per user so intoxicant.

The “ war on drugs ” is non a losing conflict, like oppositions against it like to province that it is. Drug usage is on the diminution and bush leagues are besides utilizing less. There is an addition in these proved drug tribunal plans and drug maltreaters do non really think they need intervention so this addition of rehabilitation type plans are best tantrum in the “ war on drugs ” Therefore it could be said that the war on drugs is a combination of bar, rehabilitation and enforcement, all of which are necessary for the war on drugs, to go on to be successful. If we were to stop this war on drugs we would hold to be prepared for the effects that would follow from allowing these unsafe drugs into our community. We already have intoxicants and baccy freely used in our society do we desire to add any more drugs to the list?


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