Reviewing The Mayor Of Casterbridge Novel English Literature Essay

The novel I chose is The Mayor of Casterbridge because the writer Thomas Hardy writes about life determinations and how they affect your life and the people around you. I am interested in the amusing facet of the book and the societal impacts of one individual ‘s determinations so that ‘s why I chose this book. The scene of the book takes topographic point in a little fictional town of Casterbridge based on the town of Dorchester in the eastern portion of England ( website ) . The fresh revolves around the chief character Michael Henchard and his determinations in life. At the beginning of the novel Michael, his married woman Susan and their babe girl, Elizabeth-Jane are walking into a town to happen lodging and Michael gets intoxicated and decides to sell his married woman and girl. After this major event in the book is it about Michael ‘s determinations that impact his life and the people that he loves.

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The character I most closely identify with is Susan ‘s girl, Elizabeth-Jane. She is a adolescent miss who is sort, baronial, accepting and uneducated. Once in Casterbridge she undertakes rational and societal betterments, she starts to dress like a lady and she does her best to larn the linguistic communication. This relates to high school as many childs are turning up and seeking to happen their individualities to suit in and that ‘s what I ‘m seeking to make. Elizabeth-Jane has moved to a new town and has to get down her life over once more to do new friends and run into many new people. Besides that there is a immense instruction difference from simple school to high school, which comes with more duty and more work. Elizabeth-Jane has experienced a batch of wretchedness and hurting from traveling off from her hometown, populating with her new male parent so she moves out as he wants nil to make with her after her female parent ‘s decease. I personally can non associate to this but I can associate to the thought of this through films, books, and telecasting.

There are no chief characters that I intensity dislike, but if I had to pick one I would state Michael Henchard because at the beginning of the novel he drunkenly sold his married woman and girl, and so was excessively ashamed to state the truth about his yesteryear. He has the thought that selling his married woman and girl will acquire him further in life. Although this incident does assist him as he becomes the city manager of Casterbridge it is besides the ultimate factor that begins his ruin. I think that Michael is to fault here as he could hold easy chosen non to imbibe which would non hold led to the merchandising of his married woman and girl. Michael states that he can non “ refund for the past ” ( 34 ) , which shows the guilt he feels from his past errors and declinations. He is unable to bury the event of the auction and punishes himself for it.

The Mayor of Casterbridge reminds me of the 2003 film “ What a Girl Wants ” , starring Amanda Bynes. It a narrative of a miss, Daphne, who decides to travel to England to set up a relationship with her male parent, who turns out to be a well-known political figure involved in many societal imposts. This relates to The Mayor of Casterbridge because it shows that households are eager to make anything to give a better life for the remainder of their household. Besides that Daphne has to do accommodations to her attitude, manner and etiquette to suit in with her new environment. Daphne must try to suit in with the societal demands demanded of her, while besides acquiring to cognize her male parent. This relates to The Mayor or Casterbridge because Elizabeth-Jane has moved in with her male parent, Michael Henchard who is the city manager of the town called Casterbridge, and has many societal imposts. Elizabeth-Jane efforts to suit in by dressing “ much more attractively dressed ” than earlier and seting to the new spoken linguistic communication ( 130 ) .

I predict that the city manager will lose all his popularity as city manager and Donald Farfrae will go city manager as most of the townsfolk adore him. Boding has been used to give a intimation that this incident might go on. Donald Farfrae has become really popular with the people of Casterbridge every bit shortly as he got at that place, and that Michael treats his employees below the belt and moving negatively to the townsfolk as he was so paranoid about his households state of affairs. This state of affairs besides happens in existent life as a long clip employee feels threatened when a new experienced employee come into the image and everybody loves them. Another anticipation is that the Michael ‘s concealed narrative will come out to the people of Casterbridge and he will be fired as city manager, Michael would acquire intoxicated and blowhole about his guilt and declinations. Foreshadowing is used to suggest at this, the city manager is losing his popularity rapidly and is rather saddened by it. Besides that Michael has an curse to non imbibe for 21 old ages, but he besides promised Susan he would n’t look at her note until Elizabeth-Jane ‘s nuptials and he broke that promise. This besides happens in society as a batch of people use intoxicant as a crutch to acquire them through their tough times.

Subjects that have been introduced so far in the novel are destiny and happenstance. The subject of destiny seems to be that for every determination you make, it will make up one’s mind your destiny. Such as if you make a bad determination as Michael did you would hold an unfortunate destiny. Michael Henchard can be compared to a driver in a blizzard who, in a minute of foolhardiness, losingss control on the vehicle ‘s wheel and is ne’er able to return on class. Another subject that has been introduced is happenstance. This subject is shown many times in chapter six as the Scots adult male hears the transition about the maize job and happens to hold a solution. Then Elizabeth-Jane notices the adult male is remaining at the Three Mariners and her female parent and she decide to remain at that place excessively. The n Michael merely happens to lose his household as he is seeking to happen the adult male. It is reasonably early in the novel to set up a chief subject, but these two have been introduced.

Overall in the novel, I am basking the piece subject and secret plan of the book. I like how Hardy uses the chapter to do it organize a different character ‘s point of view so that you feel that characters feelings and emotions. I besides like that fact that there are many turns and surprises to maintain you thinking in each chapter. I like the item and descriptive linguistic communication Hardy uses throughout the novel. I can non wait to complete the book to see what the result of Michael Henchard and the other chief characters will be.

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