Restaurant Expansion Project

Restaurant Expansion Project Focus groups .All Students .Some teachers and staff .Passer- by This restaurant locates just along the campus, the major customer is students, also some teachers and staff are customers. Questions: 1. How often do you visit the restaurant? 2. How do you feel each time you visit the restaurant? 3. How does the food taste? 4. What kinds of food is your favorite? 5. What do you think of the prices the restaurant offers? 6. What most often disappoints you when you come to the restaurant? 7. What do you think of the business hours at present? 8.

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Do you think the waiters are polite and hospitable? 9. Do you think the restaurant is clean? Complaints: 1. The restaurant is so small that it is suffering to eat a meal. 2. The number of waiters is not enough. 3. They have to wait for a longer time. 4. The present business hours are short, students would take food after the evening study sessions. Suggestions: 1. Offer more Sichuan cuisine. 2. The intervals between tables should be wider, customers will feel comfortable. 3. Background music should be soft and low volume. SWOT analysis Strengths 1. There are a number of potential customers. . There are no other restaurants to compete. 3. Location is near to the campus. 4. The management has much experience in catering. Weaknesses: 1. The space is not enough, customers feel crowded sometimes. 2. The rent is high. 3. The dining hall of school serve cheap food. 4. Labor cost are being higher and higher. Opportunities: 1. The number of students at the University is growing rapidly due to the fact that the Chinese government is encouraging Chinese universities to enlarge their enrollment to satisfy the Chinese people’s demand for higher education. 2.

People are more and more rich, they spend more and more on food, they need high quality food. 3. The restaurant also is a resting place, people can take a break and have a cup of tea. Threats: 1. Foods price are arising rapidly. Cost increases. 2. Business is dull in summer vacation and winter vacation, students go back home normally. Action Plan It will take four weeks to implement the project. Week one Rent new rooms for expansion. At least two rooms are required. Week Two Employ 5 waiters or waitress and train them. Week Three Decorate the new rooms. Week Four …………


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