Responsibilities Of Man In The Family English Literature Essay

Family is an assembly of people who have matrimonial relationship and blood related persons, populating under the same roof. A group of many households populating together is considered a society. In other words, household is a cell of a modern society. Each and every person has the duty of constructing up a happy household. In the current universe, the adult male plays a really particular function which affects non merely his current household but besides ulterior coevalss.

There is a stating in Vietnamese: “ Work force are the 1s who build the house, while adult females are the one who create the place ” . We can see that the adult male is ever the strong one, who does the heaviest work for his household. However, it does non intend that the adult male ‘s function is merely to back up the household financially, constructing the house or supplying colony. In contrast, the adult male should besides assist the adult female ‘s responsibilities such as raising kids or making house plants. In my sentiment, being a adult male of the household is non a simple occupation because he has to utilize as much of his strength as possible to construct up his household. Hence, it seems to be a hard work for all work forces in the universe.

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Marriage is a combination of the adult male and the adult female, harmonizing toA Mignon McLaughlin, an American journalist and writer, “ a successful matrimony requires falling in love many times, ever with the same individual ” ( Quotation # 31121 from Laura Moncur ‘s Motivational Quotations ) . To go the adult male of the household, foremost, he has to be a good hubby. A good hubby is the adult male who understands his married woman ‘s demands and wants. Any adult female wants her hubby to be a successful adult male and ever portion with her all jobs in life. Zig Ziglar ( besides known as Hilary Hinton Ziglar ) said: “ Many matrimonies would be better if the hubby and the married woman clearly understood that they are on the same side ” .

For the Christians, when a adult male and a adult female are acquiring married, they ever promise to love each other forever and be side by side through illness, poorness, even the hardest times of life. Therefore, we can easy see that love is the first demand of being a hubby. The hubby needs to give his married woman the love and to see her like his most of import belongings, non a amah for free in the house. Intense love, compassion, selflessness, understanding from the hubby is the thing adult female wants the most. I think a adult male should open his head to listen to his married woman because that ‘s one of the moral criterions. Listening and apprehension is ever the of import thing to make for his married woman. Harmonizing to Swedish Proverb, “ Shared joy is a dual joy, and shared heartache is half the heartache ” . As we may cognize, a adult female loves by eyes and ears, therefore she will be really happy when she gets a good compliment from the hubby. In add-on, when the married woman feels happy, she will make everything to do her household become happier and happier. Therefore, I believe sharing with adult female can assist adult male construct up a happy household much easier. “ Exposing your love and regard to your married woman, the female parent of your kids, is a clear presentation about how to love and esteem of import people in their lives. ” ( Mark Greenfield, “ Becoming a perfect male parent ” )

Dividing the duties in a household depends on civilizations. For illustration, it is common for some family that the hubby is the lone 1 who goes to work and gives fiscal support for the whole household, while the married woman takes attention of all the house works and raises kids. Rarely, the hubby will make some portion of the jobs when he feels like it. In this state of affairs, the adult male of the household becomes the chief fiscal supplier. However, in some other households, many “ difficult plant ” such as repairing or keeping the house ‘s equipments can be done by paying a 3rd party service. Hence, doing money becomes the most of import assignment that the adult male has to concentrate on. Because doing money is a busy and tense work, a adult male sometimes forgets to make other activities with his married woman and kids such as: travel to a base ball game, or passing an hr to assist his married woman rinsing the dishes. As a consequence, it is one of the grounds which make household members frequently separate from each other. Furthermore, it is non a good state of affairs at all and it must be changed. I personally think the adult male in the house must non merely care about the fiscal support but besides take part on other “ household activities ” . Harmonizing to Dr. Phil McGraw, “ if work forces want to be successful in their matrimony and household life, they have to alter and broaden their definition of what it means to be successful as a adult male. Bing a good supplier, defender, leader and instructor is a privilege that comes with duties that many work forces are n’t cognizant of ” . ( The function of the adult male in the household )

Nowadays, there are many adult females choose to be individual female parents. They are confident that even when missing the support of the work forces, they can still be able to populate good, raising the kids to go good people without the demand of their kids ‘s male parent. However, that will non give the kids all the attention they need, as a adage in Vietnamese: “ the kid without his/her male parent is like the house without its roof ” . On the other manus, the female parent can non learn her child all the accomplishments that the kid ‘s male parent can make. No affair how masculine the adult female is, there are ever undertakings that merely work forces can make. How can she raise her boy to go a existent adult male, without the fondness of all the feminine she has? And how can she give her cherished miss a good imagine of the girl ‘s future spouse? They will merely merely take all the trait of their lone parent, therefore indurating all the undertakings on the female parent, will may non relevant at early age, but become more clearly as they grow up.

A life without a adult male in the household will do many troubles to the adult female. As the consequence, she will hold to make all the house works, while taking attention of the childs and maintaining the household ‘s fiscal state of affairs at an acceptable rate. How does she say to make all that occupations at the same clip? If the adult female is in a rich household, or she already has a good paying occupation, so the undertakings can be less coercing. However, those are merely rare exclusions. In contrast, many individual female parents holding problem equilibrating the responsibilities all at one time. Therefore, she will necessitate a adult male to portion all the weight on her shoulder in order to maintain the household happy and flush at all clip. Harmonizing to Census Bureau Reports, “ in 2006, 12.9 million households in the U.S. were headed by a single-parent, 80 % of which were headed by a female. Single parent households are at a higher hazard of poorness than couple households, and on mean individual female parents have poorer wellness than twosome. Single parenting is strongly associated with an increased hazard of a figure of negative societal, behavioural and emotional results for kids. ”

Educating the childs is non an single undertaking. In contrast, must be done by both the parents. Children are highly sensitive, and ever eager to larn new things from the universe. Every small thing from the outer environment will impact their position. In add-on, it will make up one’s mind the kids ‘s behavior when they grow up. They will merely merely mime all what they think that are interesting. However, the actions that the kids try to mime may non be all right. Purportedly there may be bad behaviors such as intimidation or stealing. As clip goes by, they will see that those actions are the righteous, without sing its true significance. Therefore, parents ever have to move as function theoretical account, non merely while learning their child, but in mundane actions. It ‘s similar to turning a tree, if we do n’t take attention adequate since it was a seed, the tree will non give out its expected juicy fruit. For illustration, sing a household of the sporty type, in which there are many athleticss activities are done by both the male parent and the boy. The male child will shortly acquire the wont of making athletics, and maintain practising them when he grows up. Furthermore, that adult male will distribute his avocation to the following coevals when he starts holding household on his ain. In the other manus, in the household of the reasoning type, where parents ever shout at each other, the kids will be affected, and go mentally ill. That rhythm will go on everlastingly, until there are alterations in the new household. However, that does non intend that any successful work forces can besides success in being a male parent. Sometime, the adult male focuses his head wholly to his busy calling, and so bury his responsibility as a male parent. It will do some bad effects on the kid. Therefore, I believe it ‘s of import for the adult male to equilibrate between his household and occupation. “ Closeness to male parents during childhood is positively related to adult girls ‘ and boies ‘ educational and occupational mobility and their psychological accommodation and wellbeing. ” Amato, P.R. ( 1994 ) “ Father-child dealingss, mother-child dealingss, and offspring psychological wellbeing in early maturity ”

In my sentiment, male parent plays an of import function in impacting adolescents ‘ personality. For illustration, the misss ever use their male parents ‘ images as the theoretical account for their male child friend or future hubby. If the relationship between male parent and girl is close and they frequently have preservations together, the miss will be more confident in taking fellow. When the miss has better apprehension of the opposite gender, she can avoid misinterpretations and unneeded concerns. As a female, when the miss gets dressed, she wants to be the Centre of the attendings. Therefore, if the male parent can understand and commend on her frocks, it will impact to her manner of dressing and life. In other manus, a male child ever has his secret which is non easy to state out. In add-on, he is easy to be influent by his friends ‘ bad wonts. Therefore, if he has a good guider who encourages his head and cognition, he will be prevented from the incorrect manner in his life. Furthermore, the male child will be profoundly acquiring his male parent character ‘s consequence.

“ There is significant engagement of male parents in a subset of this bad sample, although more than a one-fourth of the kids lacked a male parent or father figure. The mere presence of a male parent did non significantly act upon the disregard of the kids ; instead, the nature of his engagement did. Fathers who felt more effectual as parents were less likely to hold neglected their kids. A greater sense of efficaciousness may reflect rearing accomplishments and be of import in heightening the part of male parents to their kids ‘s wellbeing. ” – Dubowitz H. , MD, MS ; Black M.M. , PhD ; Kerr M.A. , MS ; 2000 ; “ Father and Child Neglect ”

In decision, the adult male plays a really of import function in the household. He has to carry through the responsibility of non merely the hubby, the male parent but besides the mental leader. As a hubby, he has to understand and sympathy with his married woman, his soul-mate. As a male parent, he has the duty to learn his boy and daughter the accomplishments needed to go good people. As a mental leader, he has to stay unagitated and strong in any state of affairss. However, it is non easy to execute all those undertakings absolutely at the same time, but with a strong bosom and a clear finding, nil is impossible.


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