Research on causes and safeguards in economic crisis

The applied methodological analysis of the survey is the usage of secondary information and provides the optimum consequence obtaining the relevant result. This secondary information creates another angle to understand the method of informations aggregation and reading which provides the best consequences for this result.

This method is an advantage for the full survey because of the chance to analyze the different point-of-views of the occupants, analysts and economic experts sing the impact of the fiscal crisis in the state. Besides, the usage of the method invites and allows the current survey to bring forth the in-depth analysis based on demand to run into the aims.

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The study was conducted to guarantee assorted sections of nationalities were included to acquire a just apprehension of the impact of the crisis on their life and economic system.

The cognition can be implemented to roll up the informations and carry on the research to place the assorted countries where these exiles have contributed significantly towards the growing of Dubai. The research worker who has undertaken this place steadfastly believes that informations aggregation is a sensitive issue for any research undertaking and specifically those countries where there is less transparence and information entree is restricted. It is besides to be noted that the research worker ‘s apprehension of ‘reality ‘ is non a straightforward analysis of what is ; instead, it is something that expatriates in societies and groups form from the followers ;

Their account of world, which is influenced by their ain apprehension and their ways of seeing the universe ;

Premise of what other people think

The apprehension and colony that happens due to the conversation between the first two

3.2 Research Questions

The survey recognized the importance of the aims tackled and hence, the aims should be met at the terminal of the survey. Based on this trait, the survey prepared several inquiries that can assist the survey find the appropriate reply on the chief subject of the survey.

1.A A A A A What were the cardinal determiners for the fiscal crisis and effectual ways to avoid future crisis?

2.A A A A A What are the concerns of the occupants during the fiscal crisis?

3. Can Dubai last this crisis?

3.2.1 Research Instruments:

The best manner to roll up informations is a semi structured interview for carry out a primary research. In a semi structured interview, the questionnaire should include a proper sequence of inquiries and should be structured in such a manner that it meets the aim of the survey ( Saunders et al. , 2003 ) . The questionnaire is the best manner to roll up primary informations. Hence, the questionnaire is being used as a research tool by the research worker to roll up the primary informations.

There are following advantages of utilizing questionnaire in this research:

Information is collected easy

Met the aim of the research

The respondents were comfy

Most appropriate in comparing to other attack

The research worker was able to roll up as much information as possible in a summarized format by utilizing this questionnaire as a research tool.

3.3 Data Collection:

As stated in the research methodological analysis, the research worker has collected informations for his research from the primary every bit good as secondary beginnings ( Fisher 2004 ) . The research worker has besides provided below description of each informations collected for the methodological analysis.

3.3.1 Primary Datas:

A structured questionnaire was used to carry on the primary informations for the research survey. The cardinal people in Oil Company ( Dubai Petroleum Est. ) , were targeted in order to roll up the primary informations. Interviews was conducted with forces from different sections by the research worker with the aid of semi structured interview, this helped supply informations for the research and research aim. Harmonizing to ( Saunders et al. , 2003 ) you can exclude or add inquiry in a semi structured interview harmonizing to the organisation or section you are questioning. You can besides alter the order of the inquiry based on the flow of conversation with different sections ( Saunders et al. , 2003 ) . Open ended and near complete inquiries were included in the questionnaire to accomplish the hunt aim.

The theoretical account inquiries were prepared maintaining in head the effects of the current crisis on Dubai ‘s expatriate population. Open ended and near complete inquiries were included to accomplish the research aim. Sampling:

As the name suggest “ Convenience samples ” are at times what we have to utilize because of world. Although, we can non acquire a sample, but we can acquire a group of people who are easy approachable and is a representative of a larger mark audience and easy available to us. In position of seeking to be perfectionist and fliping out the opportunity for roll uping informations for determinations, it is better to utilize what we get with an honorable recognition that there would be restrictions.

The technique “ Sampling ” is applied in the primary research to help the research in make up one’s minding the most suited and appropriate sum of informations for the peculiar geographic expedition ( Saunders et al. , 2003 )

Sampling can be divided into chance and non-probability sampling. A non chance sampling is the primary research method of the present thesis which is besides known as judgmental sampling. An appropriate option in the exploratory context for the present thesis is non-probability.

The dependability and cogency of informations is based on appropriate sample. Furthermore, the appropriate respondents supply a more suited and realistic informations and information sing the survey aim ( Saunders et al. , 2003 ) . As mentioned by the research worker in the informations aggregation subdivision, the interviews had to be conducted with the relevant subdivision of exiles.

Approximate 100 people were included in the concluding sample and they were of different nationalities, age groups and sexes. Target Respondents:

In order to roll up the more in-depth information sing the survey aim, the research worker had conducted the interviews with the undermentioned respondents:

Operation Manager

HR Consultant

Procurement Director



Contract Specialist

Furthermore to spread out the in-depth penetration into the research aim and the quality of analysis, the research worker had tested the undermentioned hypotheses:

Dubai ‘s economic system was turning at a steady rate and immune to the recession.

Economic crisis has adversely impacted exiles ‘ life

3.3.2 Secondary Datas:

The secondary information is besides of equal importance as compared to primary informations. Secondary information was achieved through assorted diaries, intelligence articles and web sites. The research worker besides used some current informations sing the oil monetary values and the diminution in undertakings. The secondary information was analyzed through assorted methods and statistical tools and methods. The research worker has evaluated the secondary informations by analysing qualitative informations into utile information and a thorough analysis has been presented.

3.4 Data Analysis:

This analysis was grouped on the footing of the mark audience ‘s sex, age, appellation, state of beginning and instruction degree achieved. The responses will be analyzed and correlated critically and all facets will be discussed. The replies received will be flatly arranged, studied, reviewed, researched and evaluated.

Once the informations had been captured from both the primary every bit good as secondary research, it was analyzed by utilizing the followers:

Bar Graphs: The saloon graphs works best to foreground the differences.

The saloon graphs have besides been used to stress the contrast between statistics, as this works best. Two types of saloon graphs can be used to demo the context of analysis – the perpendicular and horizontal. When comparing measures at different times, the perpendicular saloon is used and horizontal saloon graphs is used to compare different measures when clip is non an of import factor in the analysis.

Datas collected through secondary research has been taken and this information has been used to supply thorough analysis for the research aim. Further, it is of import to understand that right information is a really important factor in order to accomplish the aim and purpose of the research ( Saunders et al. , 2003 ) . Therefore in order to supply the cogency and dependableness, the study questionnaire has been attached which had been used in the research. The research worker has provided the appellation of the respondents in the concerned company as the names and contact information of the respondents can non be disclosed till the consent of the respondent due to the ESOMAR regulations.

3.5 Research Restrictions:

The research worker used a huge scope of believable commercial literature, modern-day faculty member, yet this list of mentions is non an sole one and there are many other beginnings, in relevancy to scientific country and sphere, which could be used. Hence, a peculiar authorship method is used for this thesis which may be different depending on the literature beginnings.

During the research work, the research worker faced several troubles nevertheless, one of the major 1 is limited transparence on articles and secondly it was hard to acquire interview with industry experts, hence the sampling is non error free. Hence the study and interview were limited to an oil company.

Another restriction of this survey is that the size of the sample was little and was limited to the oil company employees working both onshore and offshore services. Besides the fact that the aggregation of the informations took topographic point at a peculiar point in clip and can non be guaranteed that the responses received would be different at any other given clip as certain facets were out of the control of the research worker ( clip, recent struggles, puting and weariness ) which could act upon the responses ( Shell 2001 )

3.6 Drumhead:

The optimum research design is necessary so as to understand the method of informations aggregation and the informations reading which should take the optimum consequence end product for the research survey. The doctrine of interpretative and deductive research attack had been used by the research worker. In this research, the research worker had used both quantitative and qualitative research. The research worker had collected the primary every bit good secondary informations with regard to the survey aim. In quantitative attack, the research worker had conducted the primary research in which the telephonic interviews were conducted with the mark respondents. Under the qualitative research attack, the research worker had collected information through secondary beginnings and elaborate and thorough analyses were conducted for planing the literature reappraisal of the research survey.


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