Request Letter

Republic of the Philippines Region IV – A CALABARZON DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Division of Rizal District of Rodriguez I SAN RAFAEL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 14 September 2011 To:MS. HERNA AGANON Executive Assistant V Head, DETXT Action Center Action taken by the school regarding the report of a parent to the Central Office such as: 1. Dirty comfort rooms 2. Dirty backyard of the school Explanation: I would like to inform your good office that the comfort rooms at the back of the school are not in used anymore.

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All rooms have their own respective comfort room, so, there’s no reason to use the reported comfort rooms. The comfort rooms at the back of the school have been closed so many times. Only one cubicle is open to be used by the workers because we have an on – going 2- storey building construction. And also the outsiders during weekends, not only destroyed the said comfort rooms but also steal the doorknob, faucet and even the toilet bowls.

Because of the report of the concern parent, I humbly seeking for apology and make this as a constructive criticism to beautify and maintain the cleanliness of the school vicinity. Action Taken: 1. Holes of the unused comfort rooms will be cemented. 2. Hollow blocks, cements and steel will be used to close the unused comfort rooms and convert it to a storage room. 3. Dirty backyards were already cleaned by the janitor. 4. Construction workers will use only one cubicle and they will be the one to maintain the cleanliness of the said comfort room. Respectfully yours, MA. TERESA V. QUERIDO Principal


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