Report on Foreign International Students Program

Foreign International Students Program Report

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Friends of International Students ( FIS ) plan is an enterprise formed by American, Chinese and Korean pupils with the purpose of offering international pupils an chance to link, portion thoughts, civilizations and life styles with pupils from diverse backgrounds across the universe. Ideally, FIS is a friendship plan that offers a opportunity for the host states to portion the domestic community with international pupils by ask foring them to fall in the host University for a Meal, a community event or merely to research life outside the university. Every twelvemonth, the pupils encounter their hosts at an informal response arranged by the International Student and Scholar services. Thereafter, the plan is left in the custodies of both the local and international pupils to run. On some occasions, some households and pupils run into on a hebdomadal footing for dinner, whereas others meet on a regular basis throughout the twelvemonth, such as during the long vacations.The organization’s end is to guarantee that international pupils form a friendly relationship that will last far beyond the students’ larning continuance.

Every twelvemonth, FIS matches over 60 pupils with local hosts in this friendly enterprise. Since its formation, the plan has managed to set up over 400 international friendly relationships, most of which are expected to last long after the pupils have completed their studies.The plan lucifers international university and college pupils with a local family.On top of that, it offers the local hosts an chance to larn and interchange different civilizations. While the hosts are non expected to offer pupils with an adjustment, it is their duty to ask for the pupils to research life out of the university. The hosts may be persons, twosomes, or members of an drawn-out household.

Friends International Students plan aspires to guarantee that the pupils set up dealingss and ties that will go on even after university surveies. During the last FIS plan, we went shared and leant thoughts, cultural patterns and life styles of Korean, American and Chinese pupils. Hence, this paper attempts to discourse the experiences of different international pupils in the plan. The paper will besides look into the assorted ways in which the international pupils interacted

Students’ Experiences

Social Activities

Traveling far from their fatherland to a foreign land, without friends and households around, the Chinese and Korean pupils at first had to travel through some challenges related to loneliness and making a new web of friends. When sing the foreign land, the Chinese ab initio began to look for their fellow countrymen for company. In fact, most of the Chinese pupils we interacted with, said that they were looking frontward to hanging out with other pupils, and that they were willing to help one another. Most of them had a inclination of passing a good fraction of their clip with other Chinese and Korean. Therefore, after talks and category hours, they would talk in Chinese and Korean, and act as though they were in China.

Outside their ain cultural circles, some pupils loved go toing societal events organized by FIS.FIS and its attached pupil groups normally made agreements for international pupils and local American pupils. This enabled the international pupils to easy happen a local host household. Some communities said they had, or intended to hold, a host household located in town. The households could help them in understanding and cognizing the American imposts. However, they met their host households on a regular footing. The Chinese pupils began to larn the English linguistic communication, since they would go to English categories and Christianity related events. By taking portion in such events, the Chinese pupils got the chances to run into pupils from other states and sharpen their English speech production accomplishments. However, non all of them actively took portion in such societal activities. Some spent a considerable sum of their clip shoping the cyberspace, playing athleticss, or interacting with their freshly formed friends.

Communication with the Americans

Most of the Chinese pupils spent their clip analyzing. Rarely did they take portion in recreational activities and run intoing with American co-workers. For case, Chen, a Chinese pupil said that he did non wish to restrict his societal zone, but his co-workers are majorly fellow Chinese pupils in his module since they are the lone persons he saw most frequently. He felt that it was more hard to pass on with American pupils than with other Internationals. However, he expressed the willingness to construct a strong friendly relationship web with the Americans. Some Chinese pupils, who had strong dealingss with Americans felt at easiness hanging out with other Chinese than with Americans.However, some Chinese began to experience at easiness to organizing strong friendly relationship with the American pupils. Some had Americans as their best friends.

On some occasions, the uncertainness about each other barred them from set uping strong friendly relationship. Some felt intimidated in some state of affairss, and they could move as comfortably and confidently as they did in China and Korea. Chinese pupils would inquire fellow Chinese pupils without vacillation, and the same was true of the Koreans. However, they felt a small hesitant or reserved towards the thought of inquiring Americans inquiries or doing enquiries on some issues from them.For illustration, Chen, a Chinese pupil confessed that it was easier to cognize a Chinese than an American since they shared common beginnings. He added that when he was with Americans, it looked like they knew each other good, but he truly did non cognize much refering them. In every bit much as they were polite to him, he did non cognize what precisely they were believing of.

It takes clip for persons from different states to set up strong friendly relationships. Intercultural communicating is non every bit simple as people would wish. By detecting the FIS plan activities, I noted that international pupils had the inclination of restricting themselves to their ain racial cocoons. Therefore, it was non uncommon to detect a Korean and American pupil sitting following to each other and crimsoning at each other with no farther conversations. For case, when they debated about which type of java is good, or whose girlfriend was more beautiful, the Korean ne’er knew what to state the America. On some occasions, when they were engaged in treatments, some international pupils would show reserves fall ining their negotiations. Some confessed that they did non the sort of subjects the American pupils liked speaking about. However, this sort of barrier was psychological.

Cultural Practices and Lifestyles of Chinese Students

When interacting with Chinese pupils, I noted that most were leftists, in the sense that they placed extremely valued group cooperation and personal modestness. In add-on, their relationships were someway hierarchal. In this position, they expressed more comfort in the presence of a hierarchy where their places and functions are decently defined. Once they are cognizant of their single places, they play by the regulations or norms regulating such places. The Chinese pupils valued near friendship. They preferred a little figure of close and durable friends who felt extremely obliged to help each other in whatever aid they needed. Relationships founded between the Chinese and other international pupils were based on common regard and reciprocality. To them, continuing a harmonious friendly relationship came before accomplishments of undertakings. Further, the Chinese did non like direct confrontations, public unfavorable judgment and name-calling and other controversial treatments. In fact, Americans who were friends with the Chinese pupils learnt to concentrate on maintaining harmoniousness with the face, because they Chinese had more religions in personal friendly relationships than in written Torahs and processs for interacting.

Korean Culture and Lifestyles

Korean pupils were by and large hard-working, passing most of their clip analyzing and helping their friends to transport out heavy duties.A Korean pupil confessed that an mean individual in their state spends about 40 hours a hebdomad working than an mean American. The Korean schooling system is far much different from the American. In this respect, the Koreans spend around 230 yearss a twelvemonth in school, whereas the Americans allocate merely 180 yearss a twelvemonth analyzing. Apart from that, the Koreans use a different system of mensurating age from other states. When a Korean is born, he or she by default becomes one twelvemonth old when the first twenty-four hours of January Begins. For that ground, I noted that some Korean pupils would observe their birthdays jointly, although some looked older.

During the early yearss of run intoing with new international pupils for the first clip, a Korean asked me where he could acquire condos to kip in. This is an priceless cultural lesson. The Koreans live in condos, which are perpendicular in nature, whereas most Americans live horizontally.Some of these condos and flat constructions have around 16-25 narratives. Most of the suites that Koreans occupied had heated floors. On top of that, Koreans value java. Most of the Korean pupils that I had as friends would attach to me to coffee stores to hold their sips of the drink. They confessed to me that java is a large trade in Korea. For case, they said that in Seoul, approximately two people in every edifice ain java stores.

Like the Chinese pupils, the Koreans are guided by the spiritual and philosophical political orientations of Confucius. These political orientations give a description of the place of an person in relation to the Korean societal system.Confucius’s instructions emphasize on duties, trueness, regard, household piety, award for age and senior status, and sincerity.It puts a batch of attending on the duties of persons towards one another on the footing of position consciousness. Therefore, most Chinese and Korean pupils showed regard and award for people that they perceived as their seniors. Besides demoing regard to the aged, their addresss and behaviours reflected the hierarchal dealingss between the assorted social participants. Among the Korean pupils, rubrics like professor, manager or CEO are accompanied by the postfixnimto turn to a superior person or elite. Besides, I learnt that fellow pupils or employees address each other utilizing rubrics like officer or learned co-worker, even when they are non within the acquisition establishments.


From the above findings on intercultural pupils association, it is clear that interactions brought a fantastic experience and lessons refering the different civilizations. The pupils from America, China and Korea expressed willingness to maintain in touch with their freshly formed international friends, proposing that the FIS plan received a warm welcome by pupils from all the racial backgrounds.


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