Report Analysis of Skills and Knowledge learned

One major demand of the Masterss programme is the APM which is an rating of the pupils ‘ know-how on the idea classs during the first and 2nd semester. It gives them the chance to set into practise the accomplishments and cognition acquired which will decidedly be required in the corporate environment.

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The brooding study is a really of import facet of acquisition and its chief intent is to set into composing my personal experiences and brushs in the group dynamic learning procedure during the class of composing the applied direction undertaking ( AMP )


As human beings we reflect on a peculiar issue in order to see it more critically and happen out what comes out of it. Reflection is non a recent survey, philosophers such as Aristotle, Plato and Confucius all wrote about it. Normally when people reflect they expect an result which may hold a positive and sometimes negative consequence on acquisition. Reflection is a really of import constituent of good acquisition in which new experiences have to be compared with bing cognition in order to do sense of a peculiar state of affairs or circumstance and the best manner of accomplishing this is by contemplation.

Contemplation is a manner of treating 1s experience mentally ; it involves a batch of believing which is aimed at accomplishing a peculiar or specific goal.A It is normally non structured and sometime complicated which makes the result unpredictable and unsure.

Contemplation is use to derive a better apprehension of an thought by recycling cognition. Contemplation is one really of import activity by worlds which helps to recapture their past experience, it gives people the chance think about a state of affairs, measure it and pull sensible decision from It. It was defined by Rogers as utilizing one ‘s ain experience to supply acquisition, he said that self-initiated acquisition concerns the whole individual, both feelings and mind, and in this manner the acquisition becomes permanent and permeant. ( Rogers, 1986 )

Reflection normally involves carefully chew overing over an experience that 1 has brush in the yesteryear in order to steer future behavior. The cognition gained from contemplation is use to derive fresh penetrations, understanding and self consciousness.

When one interacts with others it helps the single make sense of what they know by associating feedbacks collected with current understanding on the portion of the person. In other to do sense of a something we have learn we have to reflect over it and acquire to understand why we learnt it and how that cognition will impact our apprehension.

Persons reflect for different grounds but the purpose is normally the same which is to understand a peculiar state of affairs better. Learning usually begins with sing an event. Experience on its ain is non sufficient plenty for good acquisition but what enables us as people to profit from a peculiar state of affairs is what makes larning good to persons. In order to larn from that event one has to reflect on it in such a mode that you will be able to remember when demand be. The primary intent of the brooding study is to demo the experiences gathered as a consequence of the group kineticss and interaction while composing the AMP. The information will be collected utilizing log books, journal of events and diaries. The study will besides touch on other issues such as the importance of contemplation and the challenges faced during the AMP.

In drumhead, contemplation is a manner of looking back at old experiences and pulling utile decisions from them in other to assist better farther public presentation.

Importance of Contemplation

Contemplation is a really critical portion of larning and most pedagogues agree that contemplation is really of import in the acquisition procedure. Taking out clip to believe about how good 1s work is traveling and how much you have learnt from it is a really of import portion of good acquisition. It is by and large agreed that contemplation is cardinal to larning because it helps promote better acquisition procedures by disputing scholars to believe with complicated stuffs which helps them derive the ability to cover with such troubles. For illustration when a new pupil is faced with an assignment he/she may happen it hard in making it because of the deficiency of experience in sourcing for stuffs but when given an assignment a 2nd clip it is traveling to be a batch easier because he/she can reflect on the old work and pull on utile experience from making it. Reflection brings about larning harmonizing to Race the procedure gives the person a opportunity to execute better in the hereafter. In a state of affairs where person was unsuccessful the contemplation procedure will assist the person learn from past error in order to make a better public presentation in the hereafter ( Race, 2002 ) .In kernel it helps construct the accomplishments and techniques necessary for better acquisition. It besides gives people the chance to look at their ain behavior and the behavior of other people within the context off their societal and academic environment. As a Masterss ‘ pupil contemplation is really of import and helpful to me because it will assist me bridge the spread that exist between theory and pattern.

Remembrance of experience

In this subdivision the procedure of composing the AMP will be broken down into phases and analysed. Decisions will besides be made in each of this stages demoing lessons learnt from my experiences.

First Phase: pre-induction hebdomad

It was a really tense period for me and most of my class couples because we did non cognize what to anticipate from the AMP. Information we got from old pupils were non encouraging because most spoke about the troubles they went through in composing the undertaking and in some instances did non graduate as a consequence of the AMP. All this made the AMP expression like an impossibleness to me.

Lesson Learnt: I said to myself if people have done it in the past and passed why will I be any different. From that minute I made up my head to be really attentive during the initiation seminar and take nil for granted.

Second Phase: The initiation hebdomad

The initiation hebdomad was a five twenty-four hours seminar which was compulsory for all Masterss ‘ pupils of IHRM. It was more or less an orientation hebdomad for us but this clip around it was non for new pupils but alternatively it was for pupils who were approximately to compose their last piece of work before graduation. The hall was filled up with my class mate and we all kept on traveling on how far we had come from orientation and bit by bit acquiring near to graduation. I thought about the many challenges I faced as an international pupil coming to analyze in the United Kingdom both culturally and educationally. The talkers talk about how to beginning for information utilizing the universities data base and other dependable beginnings, how to avoid plagiarism and the effects one will confront if he/she is found to plagiarize. He besides talked about the proper referencing and the brooding analysis study.

The seminar thought me a batch on how to beginning better for diaries and other write ups within the university database that I ne’er knew existed. The talker besides touched on the how to research efficaciously and how to acquire the right keywords while transporting out the research. By the terminal of the twenty-four hours we were told to organize groups because we were traveling to work as a group for a few yearss during the initiation hebdomad.

Forming the Group

The procedure of group formation was really ambitious because it involved pupils from different background, orientation and apprehension. It was besides squealing because most people wanted to work with people they were familiar with so as to do it easier but the demands for the group formation made it hard to make that. I ended up organizing a group with a few of my friends and unluckily we had to forbid two from fall ining our group because we had already make the maximal figure required and this did non travel good with them but we did non hold a pick. For any group to be successful the members have to hold a common aim or end and they have to portion the same outlook of the undertaking at manus. We were handed the AMP subject by the talk after corroborating that we met the demand as a group. I was taking aback by the undertaking subject because it looked really squealing non merely to me but all members of the group. We decide to take it place do some research and see what we could come up with so we could hold a clearer image of what was required of us.

By the terminal of the initiation hebdomad it was a small clearer to me but I still did non hold the assurance that I will be able to draw through without some sort of aid from my group members. We agreed to run into a few more times so we could encephalon storm and portion thoughts for a better apprehension of the subject.

Lesson learnt: One really of import lesson I learnt was how to beginning efficaciously for information from within and outside the schools database. Second, I learnt the importance of proper referencing, the deduction of plagiarism and how to avoid it. Third, it made me understand better what was expected of me from the AMP.

Third Phase: Writing the Undertaking

The initiation hebdomad had come and gone and it was clip to confront the chief work which was composing the undertaking. I was confused and disorganised about the whole thing non cognizing where to get down, there was cipher to steer me or even speak to. Other members of the group were traveling through the same thing I was traveling through so we agreed to run into once more and portion thoughts and see how we could assist each other.

The inquiry looked sort of consecutive forward but there was a batch more to it. You had to truly understand what the inquiry was stating for one to even believe of replying it. The extra group treatment we arranged was really helpful to all members of the group because it helped us acquire a better apprehension of the subject and gave me a sense of way. They made me understand the key words better and we discussed ways on how to near the inquiry.

I now had a really good thought about the inquiry so I started my research online by utilizing diaries and other online write up from the university database and other academic beginnings. I besides made usage of a batch of diaries and books from the library and even listen to podcast from the CIPD web site taking notes and jottings of what I felt was of import and relevant to my work.

When I felt I had gathered adequate information for the study I started by pulling out a construction to steer me on how the study should be written so I do non lose path of my way. The enchiridion was really utile because it gave me a usher on how the study should be structured and helped me understand in item what was expected of me in so many other facets of the study.

The subject was rather wide and needed a batch of research and probe from a broad scope of beginnings which I had to carefully analyze so as non to reiterate them or utilize irrelevant and unwanted information. The information was spread across a broad assortment of beginning such that if one is non really careful you will float wholly from the intended mark to a province of entire confusion and a complete loss of focal point. This we all know means entire danger for the pupil which may ensue in failure or a hapless class,

It took me hebdomads to garner the necessary information because I had to acquire it right and it took me an even longer period to set the information into authorship in a good structured mode that was really apprehensible and will go through across the massage in such a manner that even layman will understand it easy and rapidly. I was really concerned about the simpleness of my AMP because I had read a batch of studies and diaries that were really hard to grok because the linguistic communication used was excessively proficient for a layperson to understand.

Group Dynamics and larning experience

As with any group of people we had our ups and downs which were rather a challenge for me. We had one or two group members that were really hard get in touch with for treatment and sharing of thoughts either because they were working or they merely felt they were better of working on their ain. In many instances non all members were present for the meetings and in some instances when they show up its more to reason than contribute to the treatment. But we still had a few who were every bit determined as I was to make a good research and compose a study that we were proud of. We met a figure of times after the initiation hebdomad and it was really utile to me. I besides kept in touch with the few serious members by nomadic phone and electronic mail and we kept on interchanging thoughts and position as we made advancement with the study. Stacey argues that group interaction is a “ critical variable in acquisition and cognitive development ” in peculiar the “ socio-emotional variables of group interaction, including motive, satisfaction and anxiousness decrease that are of import in effectual acquisition ” ( Stacey, 1998 ) .

In my ain sentiment the group kineticss was really utile and helped me a batch in composing my AMP regardless of the challenges we faced as a consequence of absenteeism, linguistic communication barrier and tonss of statement. It was a really good experience for me because it gave us the chance to run into outside academic evidences and socialise over dinner at eating house which was a truly fantastic experience. It gave me the chance to loosen up and wind off in the mist of all the tenseness and force per unit area of composing the AMP.

Challenges faced while composing the study

The first major challenge I faced was clip direction which I will state I am ne’er good with because I know the figure of times I missed the school coach for talks and had to acquire to school with a cab. But this was wholly different because I did non hold an alternate I had to me the clip border given or I was traveling to neglect and that was decidedly non an option.

Second, the information assemblage procedure was feverish and cumbrous. I had to travel through a batch of information both online and offline, filter them so I could acquire those that were relevant and compose them in a constructive and pregnant mode.

Third, the deficiency of a supervisor to steer me during the AMP was truly a reverse for me because after the initiation hebdomad we were left on our ain non certain in which way to travel and non certain if we were making the right thing.

Lesson for future undertakings

The AMP authorship has given me a batch of experience and assurance because before I started it, it looked similar impossibleness to me. I felt I did non hold the knowhow to set about such big undertaking but now I know better. I had tonss of challenges while composing the AMP and I know so many of them could hold been avoided but for my deficiency of cognition and rawness. There are so many things I will make otherwise if I embark on another undertaking of this nature because of the experience and cognition I have gathered from this.

One of such lesson is better usage of my clip through planning. If I had planned decently I would hold had plentifulness of clip to make an even better AMP. I was really rickety and confused when I started and it took me quite a piece to acquire out of it and set myself in order.

Second, from my experience and rating of the AMP procedure I think I still have a batch to larn when it comes to professionalism. We did non act like future directors that will be working in the corporate universe. From groundless statements, deficiency of involvement to go to or coming tardily to being sick prepared for group meets all this do non state good of a possible director.

Third, I had jobs with happening the mentions for some of my write ups and this was because I was blending them up as a consequence of my confusion. This slowed me down because in some instances I had to travel back and happen the right mention and that was no little problem.

Fourthly, I understand better the importance of following guidelines and instructions purely so as non to divert.

Last, I learnt that it is really of import to wholly understand the kernel of the study before get downing it otherwise one will stop up roll uping all sorts of unwanted information.


In reasoning this study I will state the AMP has been a really of import portion of my maestro programme because it has helped me better and understand research better, my ability to pass on and understand people has greatly been better. The Knowledge I gained from working with people from different background and personality will decidedly be of great aid to me in today ‘s corporate universe.

The programme has made me understand the importance of the quality of human resource in any administration no affair how little or big. For any administration to develop the right forces have to be recruited and trained in order to run into the ends and aim of that concern. I look frontward to utilizing the cognition and experience I have acquired from the university of Bedfordshire to add value to the society.


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