Renaissance Causes & Effects Essay

The Renaissance or otherwise known as the Rebirth was the grade of a new epoch of a manner of life. It had taken topographic point from the 14th to 16th centuries ( or from 1350 AD to 1550 AD ) and was a stage of alterations which were more apparent in civilization and non a political event. The Renaissance had many causes from events happening around Medieval Europe and in other parts of the universe such as the Middle East and Asia.

Some of those causes would be the Crusades. the Decline of Feudalism. the Rise of the Mongol Empire. and the Roles of Rulers. Nobles. Popes. and the Middle Class but the two most of import causes are the Crusades and the Decline of Feudalism. During the Crusades. Reformers brought in new ideas and beliefs. which replaced the old ideas and beliefs of other good known groups. They had besides brought in new thoughts and stuffs from other people in the Middle East such as scientific books of Aristotle. the Arabic numbers. seamans compass. and paper.

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These were all brought into Europe and helped the clasp of Christianity which was the starting point of the Renaissance. When it came to the Renaissance flourishing. it was merely able to boom because of the diminution of Feudalism. The diminution of Feudalism was when the in-between category started to demo support to the male monarch. This started the publicity of the Renaissance which had so started the diminution. Although it had many causes the Renaissance had many effects to it every bit good.

There were three types of effects ; societal effects. economic effects and political effects. Some societal effects of the Renaissance were manners and etiquette. the development of literature and all right humanistic disciplines. and scientific innovations and finds. Economic effects were the development of trade and commercialism and Colonialism. Last the political effects were the rise of strong monarchies and a alteration in warfare. All these effects of the Renaissance play their ain portion in their ain class they were placed under.


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