Religious Imagery In The Godfather Film Studies Essay

Describe the spiritual imagination Coppola uses during the “ Baptism ” scene at the terminal of the Godfather. How is this ceremonial used to rise the tenseness of the scene? What statement ( if any ) is he doing by cross-cutting between the slayings and the ceremonial?

The “ Baptism ” scene is one of the most exceeding scenes in the Godfather film because Coppola-the director- combined visuals, linguistic communication, music, and redacting in a really powerful manner. To sum up the scene, Michael, the Godfather ‘s boy, sets up himself as the new Godfather and settles the household issues by telling him work forces to slay his enemies. In this scene, Coppola uses collage redacting to cut between those two scenes back and Forth, as if he is seeking to show a point about Michael. Coppola wanted to show Michael ‘s complex character as an immorality and good adult male at the same clip. Besides, Coppola used close ups during the scene to stress it more. In the Catholic Church, the priest was utilizing Latin in the baptism ; he shifted to English when he asked Michael inquiries about religion. This switching between Latin and English was used to underscore Michael ‘s contrast between what he is stating and the homicidal actions that he orders.

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The scenes in a movie can be edited by either uninterrupted action or parallel action. As for redacting the baptism scene, a parallel action was used sagely to show Michael ‘s personality and life. Cuting back and Forth between scenes can be helpful to present events that happen at the same clip. The parallel action highlighted the dishonesty and the darkness of Michael ‘s psyche and personality. Add to that, it presented the dual life that he will populate as the caput of the household. Coppola used the image of the guiltless babe, who is being washed for pureness and wickedness, to contrast it with Michael ‘s life that is filled with wickednesss and darkness.

A lifting action was get downing ; Michael ‘s work forces were fixing for the slayings and the priest was fixing the babe. Then the scene reached the extremum when the priest asked Michael if he renounces Satan. The scene cut to the first slaying of Mafia, so cut back to Michael stating ‘I do ‘ . The switching between Michael ‘s work forces fixing for a Mafia war and the spiritual ceremonial acquiring started high spots the tenseness, the prevarications, the darkness, and the contrast of this ceremonial. At the clip where a baptism should be a spiritual ceremonial to clean the psyche from wickednesss, the scene presented the antonym of that. We can see the hatred and the shadow that ‘s around Michael ‘s life, as if this ceremonial was a prevarication. Coppola was able to clearly show the complexness of Michael ‘s psyche and how each slaying stresses out a new significance. Uniting the two events in one scene emphasizes Michael ‘s rubric as the Godfather.

We can clearly detect how Coppola used the four elements of filmmaking ( Mise en scene, sound, filming, and redacting ) in this one scene to make the perfect ambiance. Coppola ‘s pick of utilizing a spiritual music during the ceremonial did n’t alter during the slayings. However, he manipulated the degree of sound by increasing it during the violent deaths and diminishing it during baptising the babe. As a consequence, the degree of tenseness, fright and force per unit area increased, and the audience was able to see the existent Michael. Michael ‘s true personality was being revealed as the household adult male who deals with offense and slayings.

Using different illuming techniques during the ceremonial was a cagey move by Coppola. He focused the Sun light merely on the communion table where the priest was baptising the babe. However, he darkened most of the communion table and particularly the legislative act of Jesus Christ that was directed toward Michael. Michael being in the visible radiation and Jesus in the dark can connote or propose the differences between them. Peoples may see the usage of illuming as a symbolic method to uncover Michael ‘s fraudulence. Particularly when he rejected Satan in words, while, his work forces were slaying his enemies.

To reason, Coppola tried difficult to present Michael ‘s character and personality through the baptism scene. His manner of utilizing the simplest techniques to make the point where people can truly analyse the character, was powerful. Not all managers can show the different feelings that audiences felt throughout the scene. If this one spiritual scene created this astonishing feeling of fright, dishonesty, and religion, what about the full movie? The Baptism ceremonial was established to compare between Michael ‘s life and what he feign to be. Add to that, the cross-cutting between the slayings and the ceremonial helped demoing the evil side of Michael. Coppola had the pick to divide the slayings from the spiritual ceremonial, but he chose to unite them to make this anxiousness and nervousness feeling. Uniting them was a success because the audience was able to populate the scene and to understand each character aside.

Some historiographers argue that movies reflect the political and societal mores of society at the clip of its creation- is this an accurate statement? Is this capable affair of the films we have watched driven by society or does society drive the amusement industry to make movies within a specific moral, societal, or political context? Discuss.

Coppola, one of the American managers who created powerful movies with strong personal entreaties, may portion some of the cultural, societal, and political mores that most American have. For illustration, after watching the Godfather, we ca n’t assist but state that it expresses some societal or cultural mores that managers normally have with their audience. Godfather clearly reflects the American society in many ways: the Mafia wars, the violent deaths, and the household relationships. Harmonizing to Quart and Auster ( 2002 ) , the film industry tries difficult to perfectly use some societal values to pull audience, who is most likely accepting those values and populating on them. All movies can be considered political as the Batman film ( 1989 ) that point out several positions about the American world.

However, we ca n’t state that all cultural and political positions in movies can associate to audiences societal and political beliefs ; it is hard to associate to them all the clip. Most of the American movies try non to extinguish the societal forms. Manufacturers normally try to stylise the cultural or societal universe to allow people populate in this bubble of bang or to allow them get away the emotional world. Movies are normally built around the audience ‘s dreams, the person ‘s gallantry, or the person ‘s personality. In fact, this is what most Hollywood ‘s films are based on. We can see that from Home of the Brave to Platoon movies, where the political events were included to specify some character ‘s destiny or feeling. For case, the manufacturers in Platoon movie included the Vietnam War to specify and demo the soldier ‘s journey that he goes through. ( Quart and Auster, 2002 ) When the U.S has entered World WarII, the movie industry tried to back up the war attempt by bring forthing some docudramas and short films about the war. Besides, the OWI ( the office of War Information ) joined the movie industry to distribute impression among people about back uping the war, and to keep consciousness about it. For illustration, during the war, Basil Rathbone has played as the superb investigator Sherlock Holmes who defeated Nazi ‘s inhumanly Acts of the Apostless. The movie industry and the OWI were concerned about the lifting tenseness in the society because of the war. Therefore, they wanted to make a national integrity between people, and to show the U.S. as a incorporate state. Hollywood placed an attempt during the war by bring forthing films. For case, Hollywood realized that adult females had been left behind because their work forces joined the ground forces ; hence, Hollywood produced series of movies about how these work forces are scarifying themselves and their households, and how they are lending their psyches for war. This type of play pleased and helped many people during the war particularly adult females, who were presented as the supportive partner. Hollywood ‘s box office hit a new degree because of people look up toing the play of these adult females ‘s lives and their support for their courageous work forces. ( Grainge, Jancovich, and Monteith, 2007 ) After saying all these facts, I would hold to state yes movies reflect the political mores of society but non necessary straight ; it could touch the audience in many simple ways.

Movies can be broad, conservative, or confused when it comes to political events, and analysts are still seeking to calculate out the connexion between them and the society. However, movies are a contemplation of the society because most films now a twenty-four hours present portion of our day-to-day lives. Films present partially what a household, a adolescent, a soldier, a kid, and a adult female go through every twenty-four hours. For case, the film ‘New York ‘ talked about how the 9/11 has changed the life of three pupils who were analyzing at New York State University. This film reflected many facets of society, political relations, war and darkness. Add to that, people are able to see the corruptness and the dishonesty of the concern universe by watching the ‘Corporate ‘ film. It presented how adult females used their muliebrity to acquire occupations, how people killed others for cockamamie alibis, and how adolescents took drugs and got pregnant. These full films clearly reflect the society as a whole, as if they are the mirror of society ‘s civilization and political relations. Of class, there are other types of films like fiction or life films that are produced to make a new universe for some audience.

To reason, I believe that films are driven by society and society is driven by them excessively. In fact, Movies are produced for people, and because people need them to get away their mundane modus operandi. As a consequence, people get affected by many narratives, histrions, and manners presented in the film. Peoples, particularly females, tend to follow the tendencies and manner of film stars, and they try to be them in every manner possible. The images of these film stars affect society as a whole. Let ‘s take ‘Hanna Montana ‘ movies and series as an illustration for how teenager misss were copying her manner, her apparels, and her life. We ca n’t deny that society is driven by movies, and that films are driven by society because each one of them is connected with the other. They both complete each other. Society, particularly since the last decennary, is acquiring affected by film narratives ; everyone wants to re-live them. Movies in general are created as tools for people to absolutely reflect their economic system, civilization, and political relations. Films fundamentally present society ‘s values and beliefs at a certain clip and topographic point ; each movie reflects a certain epoch and a certain issue. Filmmakers ever try to link with audience through showing something that may touch their lives or experiences. Finally, Movies are now fundamentally portion of our lives, modus operandi, and activities.


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