Executive Summary

These yearss ‘ organisations are looking frontward to obtain competitory border over their rivals through extremely developed employee accomplishments, typical organisational civilizations, direction procedures and systems which are in contrast to traditional accent on movable resources such as equipment that can be purchased any clip by the rivals.

In RELIANCE besides much work is done to develop the Marketing competences so as to hold better consequences. In this context a portion from the assorted sections the Marketing gross revenues section has got a important function to play.

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In my survey I have tried to analyze the Swot analysis of trust communicating with competitior. For this I had to travel to different Retailers and happen out what really they think of the services given by the company.

The research conducted with the aim to judge the impact of marketing on gross revenues for Reliance gave me the chance to obtain feedback from the retail merchants both lasting and impermanent, thereby analysing it and eventually obtaining the imperative determination.

Similarly as a portion of my agenda, I non merely analyzed the SWOT analysis for RELIANCE but besides got a opportunity to run into different retail merchants and cognize what are the jobs they are confronting and how we can work out their jobs. I besides analyzed the Channel distribution of jai bureau and got to cognize how communicating flow from retail merchant to consumer. Thus the undertaking was non merely restricted in the horizon of interaction with the retail merchants but besides supplying an insight about understanding the channel distribution.

Therefore the initiation programe followed by the associate manual non merely makes the employees familiar with the company but besides make them enthusiastic to confront challenges and motivate to work for the growing of the organisation.

The 2nd portion consists of informations and their analysis, collected through a study done on 100 people. It covers the subject “Swot analysis of trust communicating with competitor” . The information collected has been good organized and presented. Hope the research findings and decisions will be of usage. It has besides covered why people are non happy with the service provided by the salesman. The advisers can take farther stairss to near more and more people and indulge them for taking their advices.

The whole undertaking was manual and synergistic, giving me a opportunity to hold a word with the clients.


Sh. Dhirubhai Ambani ( Founder of Reliance Industry )

In Indian history there are really few individuals who have contributed to alter the scenario on Indian economic system, Shri. Dhirubhai Ambani is one of them and laminitis of the trust.

As with all great innovators, there is more than one alone manner of depicting the true mastermind of Dhirubhai: The corporate visionary, the odd strategian, the proud nationalist, the leader of work forces, the designer of India ‘s capital markets, the title-holder of stockholder involvement.

But the function Dhirubhai cherished most was possibly that of India ‘s greatest wealth Godhead. In one life-time, he built, get downing from the proverbial abrasion, India ‘s largest private sector endeavor.
Dhirubhai started his concern with really small capital of Rs. 14,000 ( approx US $ 300 ) . Within three and a half decennaries, he reaches his capital worth of more than Rs 65,000 crore. Reliance is really first private company of Indian economic system which make its place in Global luck 500list.

Dhirubhai Ambani, who known as male parent of Indian Share markets. Reliance Textile Industries Limited was really first company which came as public ltd and originate the little investors to put and present the Indian stock exchange.

Dhirubhai ‘s extraordinary direction and Clear vision set the incredible growing history worldwide for the private companies. Reliance is one who gives highest return of investing to their portion holder thru out the decennary.


“We will leverage our strengths to put to death complex global-scale undertakings to ease leading-edge information and communicating services low-cost to all single consumers and concerns in India.

We will offer alone value to make client delectation and enhance concern productiveness.

We will besides bring forth value for our capablenesss beyond Indian boundary lines and enable 1000000s of India ‘s cognition workers to present their services globally.”


Shareholder Interest

O We value the trust of stockholders, and maintain their involvements paramount in every concern determination we make, every pick we exercise

Peoples Care

O We possess no greater plus than the quality of our human capital and no greater precedence than the keeping, growing and wellbeing of our huge pool of human endowment

Consumer Focus

O We rethink every concern procedure, merchandise and service from the point of view of the consumer – so as to transcend outlooks at every touch point

Excellence in Execution

O We believe in excellence of executing – in big, complex undertakings every bit much as little mundane undertakings. If something is deserving making, it is deserving making good.

Team Work

O The whole is greater than the amount of its parts ; in our rapidly-changing cognition economic system, organisations can thrive merely by mobilising diverse competences, skill sets and expertness ; by absorbing the spirit of “thinking together” — integrating is the regulation, escalation is an exclusion

Proactive Invention

O We nurture invention by interrupting silos, promoting cross-fertilisation of thoughts & A ; flexibleness of functions and maps. We create an environment of answerability, ownership and problem-solving -based on participative work ethic and leading-edge research

Leadership by Authorization

O We believe leading in the new economic system is about consensus edifice, about giving up control ; about enabling and authorising people down the line to take determinations in their countries of operation and competence…

Social Responsibility

O We believe that organisations, like persons, depend on the support of the community for their endurance and nutriment, and must refund this generousness in the best manner they can

Respect for Competition

O We respect competition – because there ‘s more than one manner of making things right. We can larn every bit much from the success of others as from our ain failures


O To accomplish planetary best pattern and go a first communicating service provider-guided by its intent to travel towards greater grade of edification and adulthood.

O To work with energy, dedication and invention to accomplish excellence in service quality, dependability, safety and client attention as the ultimate end.

O To systematically accomplish high growing with the highest degrees of productiveness.

O To be a engineering driven, efficient and financially sound administration.

O To lend towards community development and state edifice.

O To be a responsible corporate citizen fostering human values and concern for society, the environment and above all, the people.

O To advance a work civilization that fosters single growing, squad spirit and creativeness to get the better of challenge and attain ends.

O To promote thoughts, endowments and value systems.

O To continue the steering rule of trust, unity and transparence in all facets of reading and traffics.


O Strengths and enhances bing concern functions.

O Drives greater authorization, concern focal point, operational efficiencies and client value.

O Takes another important measure towards institutionalization and edifice a pudding stone of the hereafter.


Reliance Communication Limited



Shri Anil D. Ambani – Chairman Promoter, non-executive and non-independent Director

Prof. J Ramachandran Independent Director

Shri S.P. Talwar Independent Director

Shri Deepak Shourie Independent Director

Shri A.K.Purwar Independent Director

Business Profile

India ‘s taking integrated telecom company Reliance Communications is the flagship company of the Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group ( ADAG ) of companies. Listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange, it is India ‘s taking integrated telecommunication company with over 92 million clients.

Our concern encompasses a complete scope of telecom services covering nomadic and fixed line telephone. It includes broadband, national and international long distance services and informations services along with an thorough scope of value-added services and applications. Our changeless enterprise is to supply an enhanced client experience and accomplish client satisfaction by upscaling the productiveness of the endeavors and persons we serve.

Reliance Mobile ( once Reliance India Mobile ) , launched on 28 December 2002, co-occuring with the joyous juncture of the late Dhirubhai Ambani ‘s seventieth birthday, was among the initial enterprises of Reliance Communications. It marked the auspicious beginning of Dhirubhai ‘s dream of showing in a digital revolution in India. Today, we can proudly claim that we were instrumental in tackling the true power of information and communicating, by confering it in the custodies of the common adult male at low-cost rates.

We endeavour to further widen our attempts beyond the traditional value concatenation by developing and deploying complete telecom solutions for the full spectrum of society.



12 January 2009

Rcom launches GSM services in Delhi

31 january 2009

All new trust nomadic GSM connexions come with lifetime cogency at a nominal charge

5 February 2009

Reliance GSM service in J & A ; K

12 February 2009

R-Globalcom bags work orders from 3 planetary retail merchants

13 february 2009

Company launches 50 min STD battalion in 35 R. On GSM

26 February 2009

Rcom launches voice-based nomadic pilotage service.

9 June 2009

Rcomm has entered into joint venture with Kribhco ( krishak Bharti concerted ltd. )

28 february 2009

Rcom adds 3.3.-mn. Wireless clients in February.

9 March 2009

Rcom places 300 cr.modem order with huawei, ZTE

10 March 2009

Rcom adds record 11 m endorsers

13 March 2009

Rcom unveils new wireless net service

22 March 2009

Rcomm launches a new format of Reliance Mobile shop

25 March 2009

Rcom post-paid services for in U.P & A ; uttarakhand.

1 June 2009

Rcom marks hrithik roshan as trade name embassador

8 June 2009

Rcomm bagged a 125 chromium. WAN contract from planetary consuntancy major Mott Macdonald.

11 June 2009

Rcom to offer BlackBerry services for Rs. 299

18 June 2009

Reliance Mobile in trade with EA Mobile


January 12
Reliance Communications receives Start-up GSM Spectrum

January 16
Yahoo spouses with Reliance Communications to supply Yahoo One Search for its CDMA and GSM clients.

January 31
RCOM ‘s Q 3 Net Net income additions by 48.5 % and Revenues Up by 29.8 % . Remains the most profitable Telecom Company in India.

February 4
Reliance Communications offers Lifetime Validity at Rs 199
RCOM ‘s subordinate Infratel files Draft Red Herring Prospectus with SEBI

February 5
Reliance Mobile strengthens its spiritual content portfolio on Mobile by affiliation with Sadhana Television

February 14
RCOM in partnership with CanvasM, launches Mulitplayer Mobile Games

February 19
HDFC Bank ties up with RCOM, turns every Reliance Mobile into a recognition card

February 27
Reliance Communications consolidates Global Telecom Business under “Business Globalcom”
Reliance Communications forays into International Mobile Market with GSM License in Uganda.

March 3
Reliance Communications drops monetary values of Internet Data Card games

March 10
Reliance Communications announces ESOPs for over 20,000 employees

March 20
Reliance Communications and HTC forge Strategic Alliance

March 27
Corporation Bank Launches Banking Services on Reliance Mobile World

April 1
Reliance Communications forays into IT infinite, launches Reliance Technology Services Company

April 9
RCOM launches Educational Portal on Reliance Mobile Telephones

April 25
Reliance Globalcom unit Reliance Infocom BV, Netherlands acquires Global WiMAX Operator eWave World

April 29
Reliance Communications Announces Unlimited Free STD calls

April 30
Reliance Globalcom Launches Passport Global SIM
RCOM ‘s Internet Net income up by 70.8 % to Rs 5,401 crore

May 2
Reliance Communications ‘ Internet Net income up by 70.8 % to Rs 5,401 crore ( US $ 1,350 million ) , Revenues higher by 31.8 % to Rs.19, 068 crore ( US $ 4,765 million ) and EBIDTA additions by 43.3 % to Rs.8, 199 crore ( US $ 2049 million )

May 12
Reliance Communications and Alcatel form Joint Venture to offer Managed Network Services to telcos across the Earth

May 26
Reliance Globalcom acquires UK based VANCO Group Limited

June 24
Reliance Globalcom, Stealth Communications forge Strategic Alliance to widen VOIP Network across 50 states

July 12
CA Exam Results on Reliance Mobile

July 22
Reliance Communications Mobile Subscriber base crosses 50 Million

July 29
CA Professional Exam Results on Reliance Mobile

July 31
Reliance Communications ( RCOM ) announces its fiscal consequences for the first one-fourth ended June 30, 2008. Net Net income up by 23.9 % to Rs. 1,512 crore ( US $ 352 million )


January 10
Reliance Communications adds a record 1.4 million endorsers in December ‘06

January 18
Reliance Communication launches alone “ Simply 2030 ” program on Reliance Hello

January 25
Reliance Communications promotes Roger Waters Music Concert

January 29
RCOM stockholders approve tower concern demerger with a 99.99 % overpowering bulk

January 30
Overwhelming response to Reliance World ‘s National Digital Elocution Competition

January 30
Reliance joins Lenovo and Intel for “ Internet on the Move ”

February 2
Reliance Communications ‘ market capitalisation tops Rs 1 hundred thousand crore ( 1 trillion rupees or 24.39 billion US dollars ) on Bombay Stock Exchange

February 16
Reliance Communications offers best value on rolling

February 26
Search Jobs & A ; Classified Ads from Reliance Mobile World – Reliance Communications ties up with

March 6
Reliance Communications Usshers in ‘Virtual Global Conference Network ‘

March 7
Book on Founder Chairman launched.

March 8
Reliance Communications launches ‘Roam Jamaica on Reliance Mobile

March 16
Reliance Mobile launches ‘ Suno Zee ‘

March 19
Demerger of Passive Infrastructure division Reliance Communications & A ; Reliance Telecom approved by the Bombay High Court

March 21
Reliance World Offers Program to Help Students ‘Crack Admissions in Colleges Abroad ‘

March 23
Govt ‘s Rural Telephone Scheme ( RDEL ) through Reliance Communications successfully closes by March 31,2007

March 26
Booking train ticket from Reliance Mobile Phones becomes more easy now… with ITZ Cash Card games

April 4
Reliance Communications unleashes the power of nomadic advertisement

April 6
Reliance Communications acquires 1.2 million endorsers in March 2007.

April 11
Sunny Days And Nights For Reliance Mobile Subscribers as
Reliance Communications ties up with SUN Television to offer video cyclosis of all SUN Television plans online 24×7

April 11
Reliance World launches summer vitamin E cantonment for school childs

April 30
RCOM foremost listed Indian telecom company to honor stockholders

May 2
A Authoritative Bonanza – Reliance Communications unveils French telephones @ Rs 777

May 9
RCOM bags West Bengal E-Governance Project

May 10
Reliance sets a new record, one million Authoritative French telephones sold in merely one

May 12
Reliance Communications cuts rate to US and Canada. It ‘s now merely Rs 1.99 per minute

May 14
Reliance Communications launches Classic Color Bonanza – Color handsets @ Rs 1234

May 17
RCOM boot starts universe ‘s fastest and largest rural substructure rollout on World Telecom Day.

May 18
Reliance Communications Launches Lifetime Validity Recharge @ Just Rs.499.

May 22
RCOM slashes rolling rates by every bit much as 70 per centum

May 25
Reliance Communications launches unlimited naming

June 5
RCOM hosts seminar on ‘Emerging Tendencies in Mobile Applications Development ‘

June 6
Reliance Communications adds 1.4 million new nomadic endorsers in May2007

June 6
Reliance Classic ‘ Makes Music – FM Radio Phones Launched at merely Rs.1888

June 27
Reliance World, BIMTECH & A ; Philadelphia University unveil Executive Program in Retail Management ( EPRM )

June 28
Reliance Communications ties up with Cisco to establish Business Internet Services for SMEs in Pune

July 4
Bengali film ‘Anuranan ‘ on Reliance Mobile World

July 7
RCOM and QUALCOMM Collaborate on CDMA2000 Expansion

July 12
Reliance Communications awards Alcatel-Lucent a Next-Gen web enlargement contract

July 12
Reliance Communications awards Huawei all IP Next-Gen web enlargement contract

July 19
RCOM announces sale of equity interest in its Tower Company-Reliance Telecom Infrastructure Limited

July 19
RCOM ‘s AGM on Reliance Mobile World

July 23
Reliance Communications launches Passport Calling Solutions

July 25
RCOM articulation custodies with for air and hotel engagements

August 20
RCOM offers ‘Live Mandi Prices ‘ on Reliance Mobile World

August 31
Reliance Communications, the official planetary spouse for the first edition of ICC Twenty 20 World Cup Championship 2007 in South Africa unveils the desired Trophy in Mumbai and announces Dhoni – Dhanadan Pack

September 9
Reliance Communications launches Money Transfer on Reliance Mobile Telephones

September 10
RCOM launches BlackBerry 8830 World Edition Vodafonephone
‘Bloomberg Professional ‘ now on Reliance Mobile

September 11
Reliance Communications ties up with to offer local hunt on Reliance Mobile World

September 18
Strategic partnership with Vanco

October 3
Reliance Communications announces Authoritative Celebrations- Classic Handset gross revenues top 10 million- Color Handset @ Rs.999

October 20
Reliance Communications to establish countrywide GSM Services under bing Unified Access Service Licenses

October 22
Reliance Communications brings ‘Durgotsav Live ‘ Videocast on Mobile

November 7
Reliance Communications Launches ‘Diwali Dhamaka ‘

November 15
RCOM launches Rural Mobile Application Contest

November 16
Fair & A ; Lovely Scholarship on Reliance Mobile World is winner at the MMA awards, USA

November 27
FLAG and GlassHouse ink landmark partnership

December 11
Reliance Communications adjudged World ‘s Top CDMA Operator at the Global CDMA Industry Achievements Awards Fete

December 20
Reliance Communications completes Yipes ‘ acquisition

December 24
RCOM announces particular offers for Christmas and New Year.


January 01
Reliance Infocomm launches “ One State, One Duty ” to enable Reliance IndiaMobile prepaid users to name anyplace in India at Re one per minute.

January 19
Reliance Demerger adds record Rs.55, 000 Crore to stockholder wealth

January 23
TIMES NOW launched on Reliance Mobile Phones, doing it the universe ‘s first Television channel to be launched on a nomadic phone.

March 06
Reliance Communications Ventures Ltd. ( RCVL ) , India ‘s taking incorporate telecommunications company, a member of the Reliance – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani group, lists on the Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange.

March 21
Reliance Infocomm introduces R World in Hindi to go the universe ‘s first operator to offer nomadic informations services in more than one linguistic communication on the same French telephone. This will do it possible for 1000000s of Indians to entree the popular R World with 100s of every-day-use applications in the national linguistic communication.

March 23
Reliance-Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group marks up Indian cricket ‘s ace child and heartthrob of 1000000s Mahendra Singh Dhoni as the trade name embassador for Reliance Communications Ventures Ltd.

March 29
Reliance Infocomm becomes India ‘s first telecom operator to establish seamless inter-standard international roaming service – 1World.1Number, with individual figure on international CDMA and GSM webs.

April 27
Reliance Communications launches India ‘s first Talking Message Service ( TMS ) enabling its Mobile users to direct voice messages to non merely other Mobiles but besides fixed wireless phones ( FWP ) and land lines.

June 22
Reliance Communications ties up with Disney to offer on Reliance Mobile World India ‘s first 3D life on Mobile.

July 03
Reliance Communications launches ‘Hello Capital Plan ‘ to enable its endorsers in 19 province capitals to name each other at the local call rate of 40 paise per minute.

July 19
Reliance Communications slashes ILD rates by up to 66 %

August 7
T-Com marks contract with FLAG Telecom for Europe-US bandwidth

September 5
Union Communications & A ; IT Minister Thiru Dayanidhi Maran inaugurates Reliance Communications ‘ FALCON Cable System.

November 17
Reliance Communications launches Free Group Term Life Cover for its CDMA endorsers

December 28
Reliance Communications ‘ FLAG Telecom announces FLAG Next Gen to cover 60 states


January 04
Reliance introduces foremost e-recharge installation in CDMA in India.

January 24
Reliance IndiaMobile announces mega rural program to cover 4 lakh small towns and 65 crore American indians by December 2005.

June 26
Anil Ambani appointed Chairman of Reliance Infocomm

July 30
Air Deccan and Reliance WebWorld articulation custodies to offer air ticket booking installation at Reliance WebWorld

August 11
XLRI ‘s Post-Graduate Certificate programme in Logistics Supply Chain Management ( PGCLSCM ) launched on Reliance WebWorld ‘s practical schoolroom platform. foremost of its sort e-learning programme in India.

August 18
Reliance Infocomm rolls out international rolling installation across several states to go the first Indian CDMA operator to offer its clients such a service.

September 06
Reliance Infocomm tied-up with the Bombay Stock Exchange to do available unrecorded stock quotation marks on its nomadic phones.

September 15
Reliance Communications, UK launched Reliance IndiaCall service in England and Wales enabling companies to do high-quality calls to India from any land line or nomadic phone at economical rates.

September 21
Apollo Hospital and Reliance Infocomm articulation custodies to supply top category health care service to 1000000s of Indians in over a 100 Indian metropoliss.

October 13
Reliance WebWorld wins Frost & A ; Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Video Conferencing services.

November 12
Reliance Infocomm hosts the 4th planetary CDMA Operators Summit.

November 22
Reliance Infocomm joins custodies with Indian Airlines to offer India ‘s first nomadic engagement of domestic air hose ticket.

November 30
Reliance Infocomm introduces MOREbile, redefines client honoring with 33 % more talk clip on postpaid recharges of Rs 315 denomination and above and much more.

December 12
Reliance Infocomm and China Telecom mark understanding for telecom services to supply direct telecommunication service, including a planetary hubbing service, to endorsers in the two states.


January 12
International sweeping telecommunications service supplier, FLAG Telecom amalgamates with Reliance Gateway, a entirely owned subordinate of Reliance Infocomm

February 9
Launches RIM Prepaid with attractive offer – For Rs 3500 acquire a Motorola C131 mobile phone and Rs 3240 worth of re- charge verifiers immediately and remain connected for 1 twelvemonth

February 17
Reliance subordinate Flag Telecom announces FALCON Project – a major new Middle East Loop Terabits Submarine Cable System with links to Egypt and Hong Kong via India

March 22
Reliance Infocomm launches multi-player gambling on RIM French telephones – a first in India

April 05
Reliance IndiaMobile introduces International Roaming installation to 172 states, 300 webs

April 23
Reliance Infocomm introduces foremost of all time auction installation on Mobile phones through R World.

May 27
Reliance Infocomm receives the Most Promising Service Provider of the Year 2003 ( Asia Pacific ) award at the Asia Pacific Technology Awards instituted by Frost & A ; Sullivan.

June 8
Reliance Infocomm introduces World Card – a Prepaid International naming card for low-cost and convenient ISD calls from India.

July 29
Announces India ‘s First MPLS Global VPN Solution in partnership with MCI

August 5
Launches the first regional Customer Contact Centre in Chennai

September 6
Mukesh D. Ambani, Chairman, Reliance Infocomm, receives Voice & A ; Data “ Telecom Man of the Year ” award

September 9
Introduces Railway Ticket booking from R World information applications suite of Reliance IndiaMobile

October 12
Mukesh Ambani voted the universe ‘s most infuential telecom individual by UK-based publication Total Telecom.

October 19
Reliance Infocomm bags the CDMA Development Group ‘s 3G CDMA Industry Achievement Award for International Leadership.


January 15
Introduces Dhirubhai Ambani Pioneer Offer for Reliance India Mobile service

February 14
Launches Reliance Web World in top 16 metropoliss

March 31
Launches International Long Distance Services

April 3
Committees all backbone rings

April 25
Introduces colour French telephones

May 1
Launches Reliance India Mobile Service commercially in top 92 metropoliss
with one million clients.

June 10
Launches India ‘s first wireless Point of Sale ( POS )

July 1
Introduces “ Monsoon Hungama ” Offer: Instantaneous multimedia Mobile phone and connexion for merely Rs 501.

Sets universe record – acquires one million clients in 10 yearss

July 3
Launches R Connect Internet connexion overseas telegram

Aug 26
Introduces Reliance IndiaPhone Fixed Wireless Phone and Terminal

September 20
“ Navratri ” a information service in R-World stations a universe record of 10 million downloads on the first twenty-four hours of the launch.

September 30
R World clocks a phenomenal 1 billion hits in 1 month

October 6
Launches integrated broadband Centre at Reliance WebWorld, Bangalore

October 24
Deploys pilot of Home Netway in Mumbai

October 30
Reliance becomes India ‘s largest Mobile service supplier within 7 months of commercial launch

November 3
Customer base touches 5 million

November 12
Migrates to Unified License Regime

November 16
Launches National Roaming

November 21
Launches International SMS to 159 states launched

December 19
Adds 4500th Contact Centre Executive
Contact Centre becomes the largest such installation deployed by any individual Indian Service Provider


January 15
First Base Transceiver Station ( BTS ) made “ Ready for Electronicss ”

February 25
Obtains International Long Distance License from Govt. of India

December 22
Committees 1st Optic Fibre Backbone ring

December 24
Establishes 1st Point of Interconnect ( POI ) in New Delhi

December 27
Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Sh.Atal Behari Vajpayee e-inaugurates Reliance Infocomm
Hon’ble Union Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Information Technology and Communications, Pramod Mahajan, inaugurates NNOC


May 1
First Media Convergence Node made “ Ready for Electronicss ” at Jaipur


May 10
Ocular fiber puting procedure commences in Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh & A ; Maharashtra


The Dream, 1999
“ Make a phone call cheaper than a post card and you will show in a radical transmutation in the lives of 1000000s of Indians ” – Dhirubhai Ambani

The Reality, November 15
Reliance Infocomm begins Project Planning


The Late Dhirubhai Ambani dreamt of a digital India — an India where the common adult male would hold entree to low-cost agencies of information and communicating. Dhirubhai, who single-handedly built India ‘s largest private sector company virtually from abrasion, had stated every bit early as 1999: “Make the tools of information and communicating available to people at an low-cost cost. They will get the better of the disabilities of illiteracy and deficiency of mobility.”

It was with this belief in head that Reliance Communications ( once Reliance Infocomm ) started puting 60,000 route kilometers of a pan-India fiber ocular anchor. This anchor was commissioned on 28 December 2002, the auspicious juncture of Dhirubhai ‘s seventieth birthday, though unhappily after his unexpected death on 6 July 2002.

Reliance Communications has a dependable, high-capacity, integrated ( both radio and wireline ) and convergent ( voice, informations and picture ) digital web. It is capable of presenting a scope of services crossing the full infocomm ( information and communicating ) value concatenation, including substructure and services — for endeavors every bit good as persons, applications, and consulting.

Today, Reliance Communications is revolutionising the manner India communicates and webs, genuinely conveying about a new manner of life, relationship and aid to develop these constructs. Together, these thoughts can be converted into merchandises and services that have great market potency.

Reliance – ADA Group ‘s flagship company, Reliance Communications, is India ‘s largest private sector information and communications company, with over 80 million endorsers. It has established a pan-India, high-capacity, integrated ( radio and wireline ) , convergent ( voice, informations and picture ) digital web, to offer services crossing the full infocomm value concatenation.

Other major group companies — Reliance Capital and Reliance Infrastructure — are widely acknowledged as the market leaders in their several countries of operation.


Anil Ambani: Telecom individual of the twelvemonth 2007

His selling scheme has made 1000000s of Indians happy, they got the best nomadic duties in the world-local call costs at 15 paise/minute, and STD call at 40 paise/minute

NEW DELHI, INDIA: When the VOICE & A ; DATA jury, consisting high professionals from the telecom field, met in Delhi in June to take the Telecom Person of the Year 2007, the five-hour choice procedure was steamy.

The ground was obvious: The telecom sector is turning faster than any other section and of course their Chief executive officers have a batch to gloat approximately. The jury had to choose one from three CEOs, who had made it to the concluding list through nominations from the industry and the initial examination. Among the three, one of the chief rivals was a immature CEO. The jury decided that he should come back following twelvemonth to seek and win the desired award. The list now had two names-both CEOs of two well-known companies. The polar difference between the two: one is an enterpriser and the other is non so popular, as his recognition is shared among a figure of his large dadas.

Following a five-hour closely held, heatedly debated treatment, the name was announced: Anil Dhirubhai Ambani, president of Reliance Communications. Anil Ambani joined Reliance Industries ( presently promoted by his brother Mukesh Ambani, following their split ) in 1983 as co-chief executive officer. Forbes ranked him figure 104 among the World ‘s Richest Peoples in 2006. The Ambani household faced unfavorable judgment when it announced its ambitious programs to construct a countrywide telecom web, as its anterior expertness ballad in commodities-textiles and petrochemicals-business merely. Apart from that telecom needs a service-oriented mentality, critics felt. What they did non retrieve was how the household had served its 1000000s of stockholders.

Policies in India are made in line with Ambani ‘s vision, says an industry expert. His concern acumen and intimacy to politicians assisted him in doing it to the Rajya Sabha in June 2004, as an independent member. Ambani chose to vacate voluntarily on March 25, 2006.

The same association with politicians gave him negative returns excessively when the Mayawati Government in Uttar Pradesh put a wrench on his ambitious programs to construct a 1,200-acre SEZ.

Media sees his aggression when he announces fiscal consequences for the Reliance ADA group of companies, and when he attends the one-year general meetings and faces inquiries from stockholders. When he meets the imperativeness, he has replies to all their inquiries. He besides remembers to name choice journalists by name.

To merchant bankers he, who has already contributed vastly to the fiscal reforms of the state, is one of the fiscal aces of the universe. May be because of his expertness, he gave up in the race to catch Hutchison Essar interest, after indirectly jacking up the rating. His dialogues with the Qualcomm head are besides a common people theory now.

How did Ambani go the VOICE & A ; DATA Telecom Person of the Year 2007? What are his personal and organisational accomplishments in the recent yesteryear?

His path-breaking selling scheme that was put in by the strongest squad of telecom professionals the state has of all time seen has made 1000000s of Indians happy as they got the best nomadic duties in the universe. The aggression resulted to adding to his already swollen pools. Every hr India will be adding about 20,000 new nomadic clients and Reliance Communications over 4,000. When nomadic telephone foremost began in India, a local call cost Rs 16 per minute ; an STD Rs 50 ; and a call to the US Rs 100 per minute. With Reliance Communication ‘s pioneering monetary value enterprise, a local call now costs a mere 15 paise per minute, STD 40 paise, and a call to the US costs less than Rs 2 per minute. The presence of Reliance Communications is doing the competition in India panicky. Global telecom forces will besides shortly get down experiencing the heat. Ambani has besides late announced his Rs 1,200 crore buyout of Yipes Holdings.

Achiever ‘s Pride

* Undertook fiscal restructuring of Reliance communications

* To pass Rs 16,000 crore to spread out and beef up web coverage

* After enlargement, Reliance Communications will hold the individual largest radio web in the universe

* Launched the lowest-cost authoritative trade name French telephone at Rs 777

* Subscriber base grew to over 28 manganese during last financial, registering 60 % growing

* Total Revenue shot up to Rs 14,468 crore, an addition of 34 %

* Net Net income rises to Rs 3,163 crore, an addition of over 600 %

* Grosss of the radio concern increased by 46 % to Rs 10,728 crore

* Broadband achieved gross growing of 123 % to Rs 1,144 crore

* Market capitalisation crossed Rs 100,000 crore

* Will add 23,000 more towers

* Telecom services will be available in over 23,000 towns and 600,000 small towns

* Next coevals DTH web has been launched terminal of the twelvemonth

Reliance Communications ‘ radio endorser base grew to over 28 manganeses last financial, registering a 60 % growing. This makes it one of the top two radio operators in India.

“ Economic growing in the hereafter will be indexed to connectivity of 1000000s of endeavor and single clients. Over the following few old ages, we will hold over 100 million clients, doing us one of the top 5 telecom participants in the universe. In four old ages, we put up a sum of 14,000 towers across the state. This twelvemonth entirely we will add 23,000 more towers. Our radio web is presently available in 10,000 towns. By the terminal of this twelvemonth, it will be available in over 23,000 towns and 600,000 small towns, ” Anil Ambani said at the first one-year general meeting of Reliance Communications since the re-organization of the Reliance Group in June 2005.

“ In four old ages of operations, we invested around Rs 32,000 crore. This twelvemonth entirely we will put over Rs 20,000 crore. At the terminal of this twelvemonth, we will hold covered over 90 % of our population. If Version 1.0 of the Indian telecom narrative was all about affordability, Version 2.0 will be about range. Our Network enlargement will give us the power to drive the market and remain in front of the curve, ” Ambani adds.

Harmonizing to Ambani, the fiscal restructuring of Reliance Communications is the biggest turnaround narrative in the history of corporate India. The familial ownership construction of Reliance Communications was complex. The reorganisation has yielded a simple, just, and crystalline ownership construction, and given Reliance Communications 100 % ownership of all operational and associate companies.

Reliance Communications is now among the three most valuable private sector companies in India, and the five most valuable telecom companies in Asia. In the current

Fiscal, Reliance Communications will pass Rs 16,000 crore to farther expand and beef up its web coverage across India and the remainder of the universe.

In add-on to organic growing, Reliance Communications will leverage the advantages derived from this impressive fiscal platform to research and prosecute any important

Opportunities available in the telecommunications sector. “ We are presently measuring a figure of inorganic chances in choice international markets to farther spread out our footmark, ” Ambani said.

Reliance Communication ‘s One India, One Duty program allowed 1000000s to link across India at merely one rupee a minute. The company was the first one to interrupt the Rs 1,000 entry-barrier with the launch of the lowest-cost authoritative trade name French telephone at Rs 777.

As per its enlargement program, Reliance Communications will hold the individual largest radio web in the universe, covering over 900 manganeses Indians or more than 15 % of the planetary population. It will cover 23,000 towns or every individual Indian habitation with a population of over 1,000. Reliance Communications will cover about 100 % of all rail paths, supplying seamless voice, picture, wireless, and Internet connectivity to 14 manganese commuters every twenty-four hours. It will besides cover about 100 % of all national main roads, and 84 % of all province main roads, giving 1000000s of users the power to speak, text, breaker, drama, chat or merely remain in touch across about the full length of India ‘s 2,00,000-km-long route web.

Having achieved enormous growing, the chief challenge for Reliance Communications is to better quality of service and ARPU. Its endeavor concern is besides non in a place to vie with the planetary big leagues. Stock market ratings may hike the lucks of an enterpriser, but Ambani needs to turn to the issues faced by the turning nomadic client base, particularly in India, where bureaucratism takes pride in look intoing the man of affairs.


Reliance Communications ( once Reliance Communications Ventures ) is one of India ‘s largest suppliers of incorporate communications services. The company has more than 20 million clients and serves single consumers, endeavors, and bearers, supplying radio, wireline, long distance, voice, informations, and cyberspace communications services through a figure of operating subordinates. The company sells communications and digital amusement merchandises and services through its concatenation of Reliance Web World retail mercantile establishments. The company ‘s Reliance Infocomm subordinate provides wireless communications services throughout India. Reliance Communications is portion of the Reliance – Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group.

The current web enlargement undertaken by Reliance is the largest radio web enlargement undertaken by any operator across the universe.

It was with this belief in head that Reliance Communications ( once Reliance Infocomm ) started puting 60,000 route kilometers of a pan-India fiber ocular anchor. This anchor was commissioned on 28 December 2002, the auspicious juncture of Dhirubhai ‘s seventieth birthday, though unhappily after his unexpected death on 6 July 2002.

Reliance Communications has a dependable, high-capacity, integrated ( both radio and wire line ) and convergent ( voice, informations and picture ) digital web. It is capable of presenting a scope of services crossing the full infocomm ( information and communicating ) value concatenation, including substructure and services — for endeavors every bit good as persons, applications, and consulting.

Today, Reliance Communications is revolutionising the manner India communicates and webs, genuinely conveying about a new manner of life.

We will leverage our strengths to put to death complex global-scale undertakings to ease leading-edge information and communicating services low-cost to all single consumers and concerns in India.

We will offer alone value to make client delectation and enhance concern productiveness.

We will besides bring forth value for our capablenesss beyond Indian boundary lines and enable 1000000s of India ‘s cognition workers to present their services globally.


Introduction OF THE TOPIC

What is SWOT Analysis?

SWOT analysis is a basic, straightforward theoretical account that provides way and serves as a footing for the development of selling programs. It accomplishes this by measuring an organisations strengths ( what an organisation can make ) and weaknesses ( what an organisation can non make ) in add-on to chances ( possible favourable conditions for an organisation ) and menaces ( possible unfavourable conditions for an organisation ) . SWOT analysis is an of import measure in planning and its value is frequently underestimated despite the simpleness in creative activity. The function of SWOT analysis is to take the information from the environmental analysis and divide it into internal issues ( strengths and failings ) and external issues ( chances and menaces ) . Once this is completed, SWOT analysis determines if the information indicates something that will help the house in carry throughing its aims ( a strength or chance ) ,

SWOT analysis is a general technique which can be applied across diverse maps and activities, but it is peculiarly appropriate to the early phases of be aftering for a TIPD visit. Performing SWOT analysis involves bring forthing and entering the strengths, failings, chances, and menaces associating to a given undertaking. It is customary for the analysis to take history of internal resources and capablenesss ( strengths and failings ) and factors external to the organisation ( chances and menaces ) .

SWOT analysis can supply:
A model for placing and analysing strengths, failings, chances and menaces.

This checklist is for those transporting out, or take parting in, SWOT analysis. It is a simple, popular technique which can be used in fixing or amending programs, in job resolution and determination devising.

Exemplifying diagram of SWOT analysis If SWOT analysis does non get down with specifying a coveted terminal province or aim, it runs the hazard of being useless. A SWOT analysis may be incorporated into the strategic planning theoretical account. An illustration of a strategic planning technique that incorporates an objective-driven SWOT analysis is SCAN analysis. Strategic Planning, including SWOT and SCAN analysis, has been the topic of much research.

Strengths: properties of the organisation those are helpful to accomplishing the aim.

Failings: properties of the organisation those are harmful to accomplishing the aim.

Opportunities: external conditions those are helpful to accomplishing the aim.
Menaces: external conditions that is harmful to accomplishing the aim.

SWOT analysis can be used for all kinds of decision-making, and the SWOT templet enables proactive thought, instead than trusting on accustomed or natural reactions.

The SWOT analysis templet is usually presented as a grid, consisting four subdivisions, one for each of the SWOT headers: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The free SWOT templet below includes sample inquiries, whose replies are inserted into the relevant subdivision of the SWOT grid. The inquiries are illustrations, or treatment points, and evidently can be altered depending on the topic of the SWOT analysis. Note that many of the SWOT inquiries are besides speaking points for other headers – utilize them as you find most helpful, and do up your ain to accommodate the issue being analyzed. It is of import to clearly place the topic of a SWOT analysis, because a SWOT analysis is a position of one thing, be it a company, a merchandise, a proposition, and thought, a method, or option, etc.

Here are some illustrations of what a SWOT analysis can be used to measure:

* a company ( its place in the market, commercial viability, etc )

* a method of gross revenues distribution

* a merchandise or trade name

* a concern thought

* a strategic option, such as come ining a new market or establishing a new merchandise

* a chance to do an acquisition

* a possible partnership

* altering a provider

* outsourcing a service, activity or resource

* an investing chance


· Lack of communicating between retail merchants and distributer

· Lack of improper distribution channel

· Rivals

· Not regular visit of DSE and Runner

· All retail merchants are non cognizant of new strategy of RCOM

· Lack of gross revenues publicity and advertizement

· Retailer does n’t acquire claim at proper clip

· No visit of DL or any other individual to the retail merchant ‘s store


* Low Entry Cost

* Commission Structure

* Fast Activation Process

* Network

* Connectivity

* Data GPRS


* Branding Image

* Distribution job

* Limited merchandise portfolio- Merely Mobile

* Lack of Competitive Strength

* Limited Budget


* Preference of GSM over CDMA

* New Specialist application

* Rural Telephony

* New Market, Vertical, Horizontal

* Competitors` Vulnerabilities


* Political destabilization.

* New Entrants

* IT Development

* Market Demand

* Seasonality, Weather Effects



· Customer Satisfaction

· Retailer Satisfaction

· Increase in Sale

· Gross saless Promotion

· Proper Distribution Channel


The sharpest arm that a corporation can develop to last and boom, in the globalized market topographic point is competitiveness. Its basis, as articulated by scheme Guru Michael Porters is. its ability to make more value, on a sustainable footing, for the client than its rivels can. The fight of a corp. flow froms a clearly defined scheme, devised after analysis the different forces in the industry impacting on the company, Harmonizing to Porterian three generic options:

Cost leading, distinction, or strategic focal point.

Using these rules along with the related 1s of edifice entry barriers, raising economic sciences of graduated table, developing selling rivals Reliance has attained planetary degrees of fight following a individual alone path to achieve competitory position ( their competitory arm is the graduated table of operations ) .


Reliances led accomplishment in fabrication is, of class, its remark one time process engineering since its merchandises do non necessitate cutting border. Not merely has Reliance pushed its production capacity beyond normal degrees, its has develop supervisor processes to increase the use and cost efficiency degrees.

The company has proficient coactions with Du-Pont Canada, Unipol/sheel engineering Japan, and Sinco engineering Japan which name enhanced their capablenesss in the countries of production efficiency and quality betterments – this assisting Reliance to provide to its clients the best of quality at the right monetary value.

Communication is the synergism of information and communicating services brought approximately by the digitalization and convergence. In the fast moving and competitory cognition epoch, Communication is non merely a driver of growing but besides fight. Reliance Communication is revolutionizing telecommunication in India by purveying services that would fit with the taking operators of the most developed states. These services are the result of state-of-the-art web engineerings that have been inducted in the Reliance Communication web.

Our web consists of the latest shift, transmittal and entree engineerings. The nucleus of the web consists of fibre deployed throughout the state. Deployed over the fiber media are the DWDM and SDH transmittal engineerings in pealing topology to supply ultra-high bandwidth capacity and failure cogent evidence anchor. Besides circuit switched engineerings, the anchor besides has an IP architecture and uses MPLS engineering to transport informations on an sheathing web. In add-on Gbit ethernet provide broadband services on wireline entree.

The exchanging engineering deployed in our web is based on a combination of wireline and radio switches. While state-of-the-art digital feature-rich wireline switches meet the turning demands of Indian corporates, the CDMA 1X based radio switches are advanced plenty to proviso non merely quality spectrum efficient voice services but besides 144 kbps of informations rates besides SMS and MMS services. CDMA 1X provides an in-built connectivity to internet which gives users the power of accessing cyberspace and information services anytime. These exchanging engineerings enable us to supply high quality of voice and informations services to give a new experience to users.

The full web is seamlessly integrated with the deployment of a scope of operations and concern support systems ( OSS / BSS ) . These systems help do our operations more efficient and client friendly. In add-on, the state-of-the-art NOC helps us supervise our full web at one topographic point. Name centre engineerings deployed would assist us give the best client service.

Finally, the most of import facet of our services is the scope of feature-rich CDMA 1X French telephones with wider coloring material show at attractive monetary values. All French telephones are informations enabled that license users to entree our corsage of services.

The engineerings help Reliance Communication to supply universe category telecom services in both voice and informations at monetary values low-cost by the Indian multitudes.

Advertising & A ; Promotional Strategy

“Doing concern without advertisement is like winking at a miss in the dark, you know what you are making but cipher else does” .

Reliance is a large or one may state a monolithic industrial by: – with its rapid industrial perpendicular integrating it has created consciousness and an image for itself, in the domestic every bit good as international markets. This itself is a promotional tool.

Huge acknowledgment to Mr.Ambanis accomplishment in concern magazines, newspapers. International magazine have itself helped in advancing the company and is good in the state. Recognition to Mr. Ambani work hear besides seen when he received the awarded for the best industrialist by the Wharton school of direction USA.

Most of the advertisement for Reliance is done by the Advertising Agency “ Mudra ” which is at that place in house bureau.

The company is an industrial merchandise advertizer. Some most common aim of its one to inform, to convey in orders, to stimate questions, to impanel the sellers name on the purchasers panel of beginnings industrial advertisement is prepared in the signifier of message inserted in trade diaries and laic imperativeness. It motivates the distributers. It besides seeks to develop and construct up a corporate image. It reminds the concluding consumer about the portion it play in offering to them the concluding merchandise.

Reliance ‘s client focused R & A ; D attempts comprise a critical portion of its competitory armory used for making clients and heightening market portion.

Quality enterprises at Reliance are closely integrated with R & A ; D attempts, R & A ; D is aimed at merchandise quality sweetening, heightening client service, new merchandise developments, procedure betterment, and development of more environment friendly procedures.

Reliance ‘s client focused R & A ; D attempts comprise a critical portion of its competitory armory used for making clients and heightening market portion. New merchandise applications developed by the R & A ; D squad continue to be cardinal drivers of incremental demand growing for Reliance ‘s merchandises. While presenting new merchandises, proficient interaction with clients is encouraged for understanding their demands to carry through their quality demands. R & A ; D attempts are therefore all right tuned to present solutions. The focal point of the R & A ; D and market development attempts is non simply to sell and service clients but to present value.

Reliance ‘s R & A ; D attempts are through ongoing internal attempts every bit good as joint attempts in coaction with the premier research organisations in India such as National Chemicals Laboratory, University Department of Chemical Technology ( UDCT ) , Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT ) and the Bhabha Atomic Research Centre ( BARC ) .

Reliance ‘s Product Applications Research Center ( PARC ) has been at the head of applications research in India. PARC – the proficient wing of Reliance – is active in assorted client consciousness enterprises and development of new merchandise applications.

Equipped with most modern instruments and equipment and manned by good gifted engineers. PARC is today a province of the art engineering centre in the Indian petrochemical industry. Its regular publications and plans meet with great credence from clients. The many presentations made by PARC squads over the twelvemonth have been recognized every bit good researched and extremely relevant. These presentations and other PARC enterprises have established Reliance ‘s place as a company dedicated towards using latest engineering for the client ‘s benefit in an environment friendly manner.

We believe that: Our purposes of employee development are non merely about geting accomplishments to work out specific jobs but besides spread outing heads to turn to jobs and chance which have non become evident with full apprehension of transverse functional linkages.

Continuing personal development is the changeless duty of all employees and changeless duty of all Executives, Directors and Supervisors. The development and usage of human potency and a learning organisation is our span to go on success in the hereafter.

FUNDAMENTAL TO THE WORK OF THE RELIANCE ORGANISATION AND ITS ULTIMATE competitory place, is a regard for the development of the employee through self-help and counsel to further common intent and coherence.

We believe that:

* Our purposes of employee development are non merely about geting accomplishments to work out specific jobs but besides spread outing heads to turn to jobs and chances which have non become evident with a full apprehension of cross-functional linkages.

* Continuing personal development is the changeless duty of all employees and changeless duty of all Executives, Directors and Supervisors.

The development and the usage of human potency and a learning administration is Reliance ‘s span to go on success in the hereafter.

Young work force

Reliance is a comparatively immature company. The mean age of employee in the administration is merely 36 old ages. While wisdom comes from the top, determination devising is pushed down below. More significantly, people at Reliance have been drawn from diverse academic backgrounds – but with the fire and enthusiasm to take on addition – kingly bigger challenges. There is a go oning accent on investing fresh endowment. During the twelvemonth 1997-98. every bit many as 216 fresh alumnus applied scientist trainees were inducted into Reliance.


An accent has been placed on enrolling people with formal preparation that matches their occupation profile.

Vision of Reliance communicating

Reliance Communication envisions a digital revolution that sweep the state and convey about a New Way of Life. A digital manner of life for a New India.

With nomadic devices, netways and broadband systems linked to powerful digital webs, Reliance Communication usher cardinal alterations in the societal and economic landscape of India.

Reliance Communication aid work forces and adult females connect and communicate with each other. It enable citizens to make out to their work topographic point, place and involvements, while on the move. It enable people to work, store, educate and entertain themselves round the clock, both in the practical universe and in the physical universe. It make available telecasting programmes, films and intelligence capsules on demand. It unfurl new simulated practical universes with tickle pinking experiences behind the screens of computing machines and telecastings.

Users of Reliance Communication ‘s full scope of services would no longer necessitate audiotapes and Cadmiums to listen to music. Videotapes and DVDs would non be necessary to see films. Books and CD ROMs would non be needed to acquire educated. Newspapers and magazines would non be required to maintain abreast of events. Vehicles and billfolds become unneeded for shopping.

Reliance Communication disseminate information at a low cost. “ Make a telephone call cheaper than a station card ” . These prophetic words of Dhirubhai Ambani be a metaphor of profound significance for

Reliance Communicationss

Reliance Communication on a regular basis unfold new applications. Continually adapt new digital engineerings. Create new client experiences. Constantly strive to be in front of the universe.

Reliance Communication transform 1000s of small towns and 100s of towns and metropoliss across the state. Above all, Reliance Communication pave the manner to do India a planetary leader in the cognition age.

The Reliance: Launching Scheme

Reliance communicating is in the procedure of set uping a nation-wide, high capacity, integrated ( wireless and wire-line ) and convergent ( Voice, informations and picture ) digital web, to offer services that span the full communicating value concatenation – substructure, services for endeavors and persons, applications and confer withing. The company ‘s clout line for prospective clients recalls Dhirubhai Ambani ‘s words: “Male a telephone call cheaper than a station card” .

The web based on codification division multiple entree ( CDMA ) engineering aims to cover more than 65 per centum of India ‘s urban population. A senior Reliance functionary told frontline that the company opted for this platform because CDMA is the best engineering. GSM ( planetary Mobile communications ) is history. Reliance says the difference between the two engineerings is important. “Reliance ‘s delayed launch is bing it non merely in footings of gross but in credibleness as well” a telecom analyst said.

Having realised this, and in order to obstruct its rivals from cornering the full endorser base, Reliance is offering free entree to its web until the commercial launched. The tactic appears to be aimed at capturing endorsers who would non mind look intoing out the service. When it is launched they would hold realised its benefits and continue utilizing it paying competitory fees. This besides gives them clip to prove the measure of the web. By that clip issues such as interconnect, SMS ( short messaging service ) and Internet may acquire sorted out.

Mehesh Uppal, manager, Telecommunications and Computer Information Systems, is critical of the regulative model. “We are possibly the lone state where CDMA-based Mobile services are treated as an extension / addition of a fixed line service instead than like any other nomadic service. The two engineerings compete sharply in the nomadic market the universe over. That is what they should make in India” . he pointed out that the “real issue” was non whether should be allowed or non. Since 1999, the regulative model respects in engineering natural footings except with regard to the last stat mi.

The Southern Cross of the issue that has raised a contention is whether CDMA-based can be used by fixed-line operators on footings and conditions non of nomadic licenses but fixed-line basic licenses come with immensely different and much more favorable interconnect footings for fixed-line operators which cellular operators do non hold. Uppal believes that the earlier pick of GSM “was a good one” . “The market was nascent. It was a little market. Had there been different engineerings, the market would hold been split and made it even more hard to accomplish volume efficiencies, ” he remarked.

He argues: “Since both engineerings have came into their ain, they should be allowed to vie head-on. We should non hold the current ordinance, which applied different sets of footings and conditions for their usage. Technology neutrally is a must” . The Reliance scheme is to straddle all three sections of operations in telecom – fixed line, Mobile and limited Mobile, or services. Analysts and observers agree that TRAI is likely to take the separate position as a class of service that has been accorded to. The company already has a presence in national and international long-distance telephone. TRAI ‘s recent opinion on duties has benefited operators. There are already mutters that the governing tantrums Reliance ‘s demands really good. Although cellular operators, noteworthy among them the Bharti Group, have alleged


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