Relevance Of Silence In Managerial Communication Management Essay

In this essay I have written, I tried to explicate how silence is connected with concern communicating and how it effects the organisation every bit good as its employees. This shows pros and cons of soundless behavior of employees. The first two paragraphs constitutes the debut, stating about what does managerial communicating agencies and demoing the verbal and non-verbal facets of communicating. The 3rd paragraph introduces the construct of silence in communicating. The following two paragraphs of chief organic structure of the essay explain the grounds behind the soundless behavior of employees along with the illustrations. The negative and positive impacts of silence on employees and concern are cited in following two paragraphs with the support of illustrations and mentions. The 2nd last paragraph explains the ways to cut down the soundless tenseness and communicating facilitation. The last paragraph concludes the essay and makes a point that as silence can non work out any job, communicating must be encouraged among the staff members so that they can portion their thoughts and ailments and therefore aid in concern growing.


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Managerial communicating is an indispensable portion of every concern direction map that involves assemblage of indispensable information related to the organisation and so its distribution to other people those require it. It uses both verbal and non-verbal symbols and marks so that others understand it. Along with a verbal message we ever send a non-verbal 1 ( Appelbaum et. al. , 2000 ) . For illustration when a director plans something, he collects the information, writes letters and studies ( non-verbal ) and communicate with others to implement the program ( verbal ) . Non-verbal communicating is the manner that has an affect ( either negative or positive ) on the message conveyed in words.

Much is known about transmittal of unwritten messages- what people say, how they say it, and how accurately listeners perceive the talker ‘s implicit in thoughts. Such cognition is considered particularly utile when it comes to understanding the behavior of people in organisations ( May and Murphy, 2004 ) because the spoken words are premier currency of societal interaction. If we define voice as look of thoughts, information, sentiment, or concerns so silence is defined as keep backing these looks. It does non merely include the soundless facet of communicating but showing the silence itself. Although it can be defined as “ an absence of address ” but it is an effectual communicating tool ( Wickens, 1995 ) .

It can act upon the communicating positively every bit good as negatively. Besides it can either develop peace or can make tensed and uneasy state of affairs. For illustration, if a director finds few of his staff members sitting idle, he may believe that they are lazy and are hence “ drop the balling off ” and therefore should be engaged with more work. But on the other manus if he considers them as good and self-motivated staff, he might believe that they are taking a “ well-deserved interruption ” . Being personally insecure, he might believe that his authorization is being threatened by their idling.

Knowledge of the grounds behind the soundless behavior of employees is really of import for the directors as it helps them for successful interaction with the members of the squad. Albert Hirschman ( 1970 ) , considers that silence can be a response to employees occupation dissatisfaction when the employees are loyal to company. Thinking that things will better, they continue to endure in silence. Silence can besides be a manner of person ‘s reluctance to convey bad intelligence as it carries tonss of uncomfortableness with it ( Conclee and Tenser, 1973 ) . For illustration, United Airlines flight 173 crash-landed into a wooden country of suburban Portland, Oregon, killing 10 people and earnestly wounding 23. The failure of two flight-crew members to portion with the captain their concerns about critically low fuel degrees was identified as one of the major cause of the accidents ( NTSB, 1979 ) . Fear of isolation and feeling of self-doubt discourage people from showing thoughts that fail to conform to public sentiment ( Noelle- Neumann, 1974 ) .

Some organisations develop norms that discourage employees from openly and straight showing their dissatisfaction ( Pierce et al. , 1998 ) . George Tenet ( 2007 ) , former manager of the U.S. Intelligence Agency, some analysts elected to keep back their uncertainties about the dependability of certain intelligence studies that laid the footing of Iraq war. “ As a consequence, we passed the flawed information to Congress, the president, the United Nations, and the universe ( p.383 ) . ” Sometimes employees jointly withhold information, sentiments, or concerns sing work related issues ( Morrison and Milliken, 2000 ) . Believing that talking up is futile ; employees are compelled to withdraw and to retreat ( Pinder and Harlos, 2001 ) . For illustration, a senior sawbones at a infirmary in Queensland, Australia amassed a startlingly high record of inauspicious incidents taking to serious post-operative complications and deceases of patients. Finally, an official question revealed that although they were cognizant of this, many co-workers failed to describe the physician to direction for fright of revenge and belief that talking up would non do a difference ( Sandall, 2005 ) . Such instances of failures of showing concerns or to convey of import information are excessively common in organisations which can ensue in serious effects for employees and the organisations for which they work.

Directors non merely are responsible for work outing jobs of company but besides the jobs of the people working for the company. If employers and employees fail to pass on with each other and therefore lack coherence in working, concern will non win long. If employees will stay soundless and will non decide issues by pass oning with the directors, concern advancement will decelerate down. Silence idiots company ‘s end accomplishment if employees and employers do non work as a squad due to miss of communicating. “ The soundless intervention ” given by the foreman can be fearful as it can be his manner of demoing the clasp on his employees.

Due to organisational silence many of the undertakings and concern fail as when directors lack communicating with employees and they do non portion jobs prevailing in the organisations. Sometimes they wait for person to take the enterprise and talk out about the job. This degrades their assurance and decreases their productiveness. Team members, when non able to back up a undertaking, remain soundless and do non discourse their failures with squad leaders because of their involuntariness to acquire engaged in the conversations due to fear of hostile dissension. As a consequence, directors and squad leaders can non take any steps to work out the job even for following clip. Predominating silence hazards change as positive communicating environment is necessary for avoiding misgiving and intuition ( Appelbaum et al. , 2000 ) .

Silence conveys several messages whose significance depends upon the person who perceive it. For illustration, when person is speaking to a individual and individual remains soundless throughout the conversation, the talker may believe that he is non acquiring anything or might believe that he is seeking to understand every spot of conversation. Sometimes silence signals dissension, defeat, choler or fright of speech production. If a director fails to pay attending to employees silence he will lose a critical portion of message. A communicating barrier leads to misinterpretation, information deformation ( Hutt et al. , 1995 ) , limits the information with the employees who lack look of their ideas and thoughts ( Morrison and Milliken, 2000 ; Nemeth, 1997 ) .

Some of deteriorating consequences of bring silent are depression, increased emphasis and demoralisation, but it is besides of import to acknowledge that the determination to stay soundless can be an intelligent, strategic pick, that may be the “ best ” determination available under certain fortunes. It can be an effectual tool in communicating when people ca n’t utilize words in order to show their thoughts and feelings. For illustration, a new employee disagree with the proposal of direction but he can non show his dissension straight as it could be considered chesty and disrespectful. So, he chooses silence as a manner of demoing dissension. Silence can be the manner of demoing regard and modestness to the top direction ( Leslie Perlow and Stephanie Williams, 2003 ) . It is wise to stay soundless at treatments when you know nil or cognize really small than to acquire involved in groundless treatments. In order to be a good hearer, it is good if one is silent so that the talker can pass on efficaciously. Small intermissions in address are other signifiers of silence and can be considered really effectual when used decently but at the same clip excessively many and excessively long intermissions break the coherence of address.

Use of Silence has negative every bit good as positive results non merely in concern but besides in personal life. Silence is the manner of communicating of thoughts, values and emotions with other individual without engagement of written or spoken words ( Blundel, 2008 ) . “ Silence can ease problem-solving and acquisition ” , ( Robert J. Bies, 2000 ) . For illustration, two of employees get into an statement and if one of them remains soundless the statement will be solved early. Bies suggested that “ Silence can be hidden in Acts of the Apostless of voice, which can happen when people publicly voice their support for an issue but fail to uncover true feelings about the affair. ” Van dyne and her co-workers says that staying soundless on work-related information of organisation that can profit the foreigners is good, as it involves keeping the confidentiality of the organisation and non stating any information about anyone unsuitably.

Manager ‘s friendly attitude towards his employees will take to effectual communicating and therefore helps in work outing the job. Organizational factors play a critical function in determining employees ‘ determination to keep back information and maintain Dendranthema grandifloruom. Employee ‘s behaviour is affected by director ‘s attitude and when the needed support is absent, employee ‘s soundless behaviour creates a glooming and tight atmosphere as mentioned by Drum sanders and Schyns ( 2006 ) . For effectual house operation, good relation must prevail among directors and employees. When given support and authorization to their employees, it generated sense of duty among them. This let them to talk up and portion jobs and minimise confusion and therefore make positive relationship with directors. Peoples like to listen to a constructive unfavorable judgment instead than list of ailments and demands.

To weave up, we can state that silence is an of import portion of communicating but has its ain pros and cons. Silence can ne’er be a solution to a job but is an indirect refusal to work out the job instead it creates ineluctable extra issues. Though, sometimes it is wise to stay soundless for personal and organisational benefits, still it may take to concern failures. Therefore, value of communicating must be appreciated and directors must promote their employees to open up and communicate.


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