Relationship between crime gender and college students

2. A characteristic of modern-day undergraduates ‘ offenses

Crimes figure additions twelvemonth by twelvemonth.

Harmonizing to the study, the figure of college pupils and the figure of condemnable offenses instances since 1999 began to lift. In 2004, more than in 2003 and 2005 54.5 % increased compared to the 2004 and increased 97.1 %

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Crimes types of variegation.

Undergraduates ‘ offenses in harm type and belongings type, but besides have some new types of instances. College pupils tends to variegation and intelligent development, compared condemnable agencies with ordinary felon, it shows high intelligence, engineering and concealed dangers. Like a esthesis of Zhengzhou bank robbery, the boy of the felon is policeman who have strong anti-reconnaissance capableness, hence, is the trouble of offenses ; Dr. Some have learned by scientific cognition, maestro in hi-tech offenses, etc.

Crimes capable Scopess spread outing.

In a few old ages ago, the most of the offenses are from colleges. Colleges and the celebrated university are increasing in offenses today. Harmonizing to a study about “ the campus crimes probe ” , in the offenses of college pupils has 16 patients from the cardinal universities, the sum of 31 % . In the university pupil offenses, including doctorial pupil and college in 2001, Judgess, in the study, besides found that female college pupils are besides on the addition in offenses. In 2002 about 67 offenses, female pupils in college pupils are 11 which 10 of them were stealing.

3. Types of offenses that committed by different gender

Males commission


Females commission


4. The grounds of the undergraduates ‘ offenses in different gender

Impact of market economic system, altering the ideological values.

In the 1990s, China ‘s societal passage in a market economic system to obtain rapid development. This alteration would deeply act upon the societal members, of class, modern-day college pupils is portion of the influence. The development of the market economic system is undeniable immense positive function ; meanwhile, it besides has the corresponding negative side. By the unsoundness triggered people thought the disruption of the deformation. While many prosecuting officers in managing instances of offenses ‘when ‘ campus, besides found on the unsighted pursue societal stuff benefits of bad ambiance in the campus, and many pupils in an ‘ivory tower pure ‘ aspiring, do their values in. The chase of stuff amenitiess induced and stimulated excessively pupils to theft and robbery, fraud, illegal and condemnable activities, etc. Some pupils even abandoned personal basic lesson, betray organic structure to sell your psyche.

College pupils ‘ psychological immatureness.

College pupils are in young person, and their physiological and psychological adulthood is quickly but non maturate. Their emotional and psychological are ups and downs, unprompted, and self-control ability is hapless. They are non ready but eager to come in society, They lack of societal experience and life experience, but the society is complicated, so, if there is no proper counsel, pupils who are easy astray, bend to perpetrate the offenses. Basically have the undermentioned sorts:

a. psychological fragile, unable to get by with reverses.


b. and mental confusion, emotion.


c. on legal despised.


d. and psychological wellness.


Social civilization.

In recent old ages, some ugly phenomenon, such as countries of morality, worship, hedonism, individuality terminals, the feudal superstitious notion activities, drug and etc, has earnestly negative impacts and harmful to undergraduates ‘ physical and mental long-standing. Some pupils is comparatively weak, because of easy accept outside influence, and frequently lack the ability to separate unwanted phenomena and behaviour. Along with the enhancement uneasiness, they can acquire really earnestly his equals acknowledgment and congratulations, and do those ratings look more of import than their parents ‘ and instructors ‘ . Some soldierly humanistic disciplines, fiction, Television and films, particularly the legendary characters of “ underworld ” on their character plays a really bad consequence on offenses.

Additionally, the imperfectness of legal instruction, electronic game house and etc, are produced inauspicious societal factors of undergraduates ‘ offenses.

School instruction system.

From the position of the school, the school instruction system factors exist defects. The school with one-sided instruction, instructors ‘ quality and campus force will give stripling development a highly inauspicious effects. Particularly the school enlisting of pupils scale is increasing, but non to beef up the direction, and the deficiency of moral character defining of scientific direction mechanism, some pupils cut categories.

Family instruction.

Family grounds of Undergraduates ‘ offenses are chiefly due to the appropriate method of household instruction. For illustration, in the university entryway test, some parents frequently merely pay attending on intelligence instruction, while disregarding the wellness of kids.

Harmonizing to experts ‘ analysis, in overindulge household, maltreatment of household, split households, and such type of ‘problem households ‘ are more likely to perpetrate offenses than normal households. The ground is deficiency of proper instruction method and wellness instruction of the manner. So we should non disregard the job of ‘family instruction ‘ which is highly of import factors that make influence of undergraduates ‘ offenses.

5. How to cut down the undergraduates ‘ offenses


After the undergraduates ‘ offenses by penalty, it ‘s a sort of the most direct manner of cut downing offenses. It has two effects: on the one manus, by mulct or imprisonment it will greatly cut down and command as penalty for offenses once more and the possibility of offenses pupils, on the other manus to other pupils besides play a certain function in forestalling offenses and warning. But for the execution of the steps and the theoretical consequences, But for the execution of the steps and the theoretical consequences, there are chiefly three different points.



Correct morality and good behaviour wonts are non the overnight, besides non power can work. So the bar is the most efficient manner to cut down the undergraduates ‘ offenses. Prevention of the offenses is to care for a gifted pupils and a duty for society. Every undergraduates ‘ offenses is consist of household, school, and community facets of grounds, and synthetically reflects negative factors of comprehensive societal. Thus lessening and prevent undergraduates ‘ offenses, need societal concern and the joint attempts of the whole society:

a. foremost, we should beef up the instruction of pupils ‘ political quality, heighten the consciousness of morality cultivation, and guide pupils to rectify apprehension of society, set up the right mentality on life values.


b. to beef up college pupils psychological counsel, cultivate good psychological quality.


c. to beef up the legal system instruction for college pupils, enhance jurisprudence consciousness for university pupils.


d. to beef up the internal direction of campus.


e. the judicial variety meats shall actively help.


f. lead by the parents.


6. Decision

Those university pupils that Once we proud of, is still in their altering societal? Yet now appear in forepart of us was a injury and sad world. Is that household, society is, money or other aims that cause the high offenses rate. the ground is merely a few big aims factors that I talk about above that affect those pupils. Now we do non truly cognize why that some female university pupils ‘contribute ‘ everything in order to travel abroad. But the male childs with hapless household conditions in order to run into the demands to their girlfriends commit offenses aimlessly. Actually many university pupils who commit offenses, said they do n’t cognize it is illegal to make that, which merely shows that, in the ordinary legal instruction schools, they are non emphasis plenty to steer and popularise the legal survey. It besides shows that this is our campus ‘ job that should pay more attending on. Actually people are experiencing sorry for those pupils, and we, out spectators, are non the biggest sorry people, but the pupils that commit the offenses, in fact, are the most 1s that regretful!


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