Reflective learning journal

Brooding acquisition diary

It is clip to compose the Reflective acquisition Journal at the terminal of this semester to reason what we have learned from the Economics and Finance Engagement Project. Through reading lineation, I realized that there was a great difference with other classs. First, about all classs have mid-term test and concluding test ; nevertheless, there are no any scrutinies in this class. Second, class agreement is two hours in talk and one hr in tutorial in other classs, while there is half an hr meeting with client ‘s undertaking patron in this class and two hours in group treatment. At the beginning of this class I felt that it would be simpler compared with other classs. In fact, I was incorrect. I need to pass more clip on this topic. Each hebdomad our group has group meeting in Cabramatta library, treatment ever continue on two hours or the whole afternoon. After treatment, each member needs to pass long clip on researching stuffs in cyberspace and measuring them. Although the procedure is difficult, the consequence is fantastic. After the attempts of our teammates, our group has accomplished stamps and concluding studies on clip. The communicating accomplishments, larning manners, information literacy, and informations analysis has greatly improved through three months analyzing ; it will be helpful for my graduate student survey and future plants.

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In the stamp paperss I have mentioned that there are three units relevant to the undertaking which is Investment, Project Management, and Statistics. Investment is relevant in respects to milestone seven which paperss the retail and commercial chances Fairfield has in pulling office infinite departers from Parramatta and Liverpool. Project Management is extremely relevant to this undertaking as clip planning, stuff organizing, informations analysing, clip commanding is all really important in guaranting the undertaking successful and accomplishing all its aims and mileposts. Statistics is rather helpful as the undertaking will necessitate charts and tabular arraies to compare informations and statistics and hence evaluate them. When our group has completed all the undertakings, I found that Project Management plays the greatest function with the other two units. Investment theory is applied to the milepost seven. It is merely recommends investors how to catch the chance in disadvantage state of affairs. I mean that Fairfield has lowest monetary value, lowest quality and hardest to acquire transit compared to Parramatta and Liverpool, why investors choose Fairfield instead than Parramatta or Liverpool? It is necessary to utilize investing theory to measure them. We have draw tonss of charts and tabular arraies in the concluding studies to compare informations, but the information analysis and rating are reflected from the Project Management. It can be said that undertaking direction in the stamps and concluding studies played a prima function in this undertaking. Project Management state us how to roll up adequate information in limited clip, how to filtrate the most important points from complex information. Although these three units play an of import function in stamps and concluding studies, other economic and finance content is still need to add. For illustration, Macroeconomic and Market Model cognition is widely used in concluding studies. Macroeconomicss is a class that combined with the world of the economic state of affairs and development tendency of the universe. Our group found that there are a batch of retail rental advertizements in Parramatta, Liverpool, and Fairfield. The historic information show that the figure of retail rental advertizements increasing in recent months. What ‘s more, the rent is cheaper than earlier. This fact is run intoing to universe economic state of affairs. All we know that the universe economics face to the hugest downswing in 21 century, during the fiscal crisis, many Bankss and big companies have declared bankruptcy. In Australia the impact of fiscal crisis is besides considerable. The unemployment rate goes up about twice. Many little concern investors are forced to give up their ain concern. It is rather normal that there are a batch of vacant retail shops in existent estate agent web site. Market Model is highly relevant to the undertaking ; in peculiar the concluding aim where the constructs and schemes obtained in Marketing Principles will necessitate to be implemented to measure the chances that Fairfield LGA has in pulling possible office infinite departers from Liverpool and Parramatta every bit good as presenting specific techniques to guarantee this occurs. Macroeconomic have been learned in my sophomore, but Market rule have non learned now. In add-on to, I think library is a good topographic point for researching, treatment, analyzing. I can happen any book I want to it. Except for the theories of economic sciences, other larning accomplishments and linguistic communication abilities is particularly needed for foreign pupil. Abroad pupils have to confront linguistic communication and cultural differences job, for illustration, when I foremost run intoing to the word “tender” , I confused it. I can non understand what the Chinese significance of this word. My teammates explain the significance of this word clearly for me. Overall, I still lack of sufficient cognition to complete this class absolutely, it is force me to analyze harder and master more cognition.

Even if I have learned sufficient economic and finance cognition, the emotion alterations still have tremendous impact on my acquisition. Particular to an abroad pupil who merely arrived in Australia six months, it is really of import for me to set psychological alteration. When I foremost run into this class I have a great involvement in this undertaking, each member of our group have enough enthusiasm to finish our ain milepost. It is normal that disgusted with the undertaking on occasion, because I must make tonss of occupation in one twenty-four hours that included another capable assignment. This state of affairs raises the force per unit area, and these force per unit areas may come from acquisition, life and finance. For illustration, I accepted the East instruction about 15 old ages, so it is hard for us to truly integrate into Western societies. What more, before I came to Australia, my parent give me lots of aid when I needed. Without parent ‘s support, I am afraid to confront some job. On the other manus, I have to confront linguistic communication and cultural differences. I must thank our instructors spend long clip on our foreign pupils and supply peculiarly concerns sometimes. I have improved myself a batch after I arrived in Australia. I was a shy, introspective pupil, and even performed unconfident sometimes. I would non like discoursing with other group members at first. However, through four month communicating, I have easy started to alter myself. I would wish to speak with my teammates when I confused some jobs and other life jobs. So I truly want to appreciate our group members, thanks for their serious, hard-working, humourous, and enthusiastic attitude to me. On one juncture, I should be completed my undertaking that belong to my portion, unluckily, I must travel house that twenty-four hours. I was so busy that I cleaned my place until 12 autopsies, it is truly felt tried. When I intend to get down my undertaking, squad leader send the SMS to me state me that I must be really tired for traveling house, they have finished my portion. I am truly really thankful for their aid. Both learning manners and instruction manners have different manner in China and Australia. Although this is my first clip experience the Western instruction, I already known that there are immense differences between Eastern instructions with Western instructions. First, the different manner was from the learning methods. When I see our instructor Ingrid sitting at the tabular array straight during the first category. It is astonishing for me, because it looks like impolite for pupils in China. In fact, I find that the instructor ‘s intent is wants to pass on with pupils more closely. However, this instruction method is impossible happened in China. In China every schoolroom has the dais and a chalkboard in high school or university. The instructor is used to stand on the dais during the category. Second, from the pupil point of position, the differentiation is even more evident. If pupils meet job in the category, we are willing to raise our custodies to reply inquiries after the instructor ‘s permission or straight inquire the instructor after the category finished. It is impolite for pupil to disrupt teacher talk. Student need to maintain silent in category in order to non interrupt instructor ‘s thought. In Australia, I find every pupil is concentrated and activity in the category. Students can inquire any inquiries without instructor ‘s permission in the category. For illustration, if any pupil feels their ideas or thoughts non the same as instructor ‘s thought, pupil will be asked it straight. However, It is a commiseration that instructor have to coerce pupil to reply inquiries in China, what ‘s more, no 1 wants to give the reply even person know the solution. Third, there are few group treatments or group meeting in senior school or university in China. Even there is one group treatment in one semester which is a pick to chew the fat with another subject that no relation with instructor ‘s subject. What ‘s more, most of pupils do non care for these chances. All assignment completed independent by the most first-class pupils in the group without any aid. In fact, group meeting is of import and utile in research or concern. It is a good manner to better our squad spirit.

Reading and mention and that Chinese girl supply a batch of aid. I have acknowledged some of the theories that I did non cognize. For illustration, from the Goldstein ‘s article” Service Learning and Teaching about Globalization ” , I learned that Service and Activist acquisition ( SAL ) is a manner that analyze societal job by corporate with community, many pupils were attracted who hope the universe be better in the hereafter. Other sentiment is that Globalization is non merely the part different from north to south, and that combined with victors and also-rans in both economic universes. In another article “Increasing Creativity in Economics: The Service Learning Project” by Hervani and Helms. In the figure 2 Service larning teaching method: Stairss and execution process, it looks like our class process. I besides understand that the net income of this undertaking is a good opportunity for developing the critical thought accomplishments such as analysis, synthesis and rating. Our research subject relevant to societal, I realized that there are tonss of societal job still waiting for us to cover with them after research. The cardinal values of service acquisition undertaking are to better the societal consciousness and lovingness, duty, answerability, critical thought, creativeness and active acquisition. That Chinese miss provides us tonss of utile information, learning us how to make the stamp papers, which portion we should be attending to.

In decision, I want to appreciate once more our instructors Ingrid and Julianne, our teammates Brian, Ian, Linh, Kim and other people who ever assist me. Abroad pupils truly have different experience with local pupils. From China to Australia is a really difficult experience. First of wholly, we need to acquire great consequences in domestic scrutiny. Followed by we spend long clip to fix for Ielts trial, what ‘s more, no 1 can vouch your Ielts trial consequence will be able to accomplish what you wanted consequence, some pupils test 2 times, even more than 4 times 5 times. Visa through Australia authorities is besides complex issues that we need to supply elaborate information and sufficient finance beginning. Duration for Visa ever last on one month. It can be said that abroad pupils harder than domestic pupils. So I cherished the chance to larn every bit much as possible I can.


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