Reflective Account

Reflective account about our group Although I had previous experience about group work, but this time I was unhappy when I was told that we were suppose to work in-groups. I didn’t know any one in the class therefore, I was not convinced at the beginning the students that I was going to work with. We were group of four and were suppose to design an effective interview and selection process. Each one of us had an effective role in this group work.

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We slowly started to work out what aspect we would each be best at. For example I was assigned to do research for the questions my job was to find an appropriate questions that were suitable for the position. This was helpful as we all knew our responsibility and best way to contribute to our project. When the team work well together means they are effective (Wilson 2004) one way in which effective team performance has been promoted is through looking at team roles (Wilson, 2004:207).

I wouldn’t say we did our best but we worked well together as we were communicating well with each other often, I can say that I was a bit of the coordinator and the plant of the group because of my characteristics. On one side I was serious minded unorthodox, I created some of the work on the other hand, I was the coordinator I learnt that good group work is based on effective contributions from every member of the group, also how can conflict in the group members be good when managed appropriately and how it can be beneficial to our work as a result we produced quality decisions.

Indicates that groups that have little or no contact with each other are unlikely to have either conflicting or harmonious relations. In our group we all came up with many different ideas but because of the time limit we had to ignored many thing for example, all of us came with a list of questions but at the end we chose only few of them. I also learnt from this experience, the importance of being prepared things like; collecting information about the candidate so that we can make certain judgments about him.

For example his CV, practising by reading different books in order to have some interviewing skills so that we will know the job we are doing. In conclusion, I think this experie http://homepages. uel. ac. uk/u0417630/ http://www. abacon. com/commstudies/groups/conflict. html http://books. google. com/books? id=c2eek635-BYC&printsec=frontcover&dq=conflict+theory&cd=2#v=snippet&q=%20group%20conflict%20&f=false


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