Recruitment to Retirement

What a HR Person is expected to do? 1. Recruitment • Recruitment? – Attracting People to apply for the required vacancy. • Selection Procedures – Through Referrals, Advertisement, Job Portals. • Compensation Structure – Company Policies(Benefits, Attrition Mgmt, Employee Relations) • Salary Negotiation 2. Induction 3.

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Payroll Process – Statutory Compliances (PF, ESI, IT, Professional Tax), Leave Administration, Leave Enhancement. 4. Performance Management / Performance Appraisal 5. Training and Development 6. Exit of an Employee RECRUITMENT We receive the requirement from the required department first. (Indent from the Department). It is issued by the dept head to HR dept. Human Resource Requisition Form (HRRF) | | | |Position: | |Reporting to: | |Department: | |Experience Level: | |When the position is to be recruited: | |Job Requirements: | | | | | |Signature of the Department: Approved By: | (Or) Human Resource Requisition Form (HRRF) | | | |Dept: | |Position: | |Reporting to: | |Job Profile/description: | |Job Requirements – Qualification, Experience, Recruiting date/Onboard Time/Time lines/Dead lines. | | | | |Signature of the Department: Approved By: | When we will get the requirement We will get the requirement in 2 cases – Business Expansion, Exit of the Employee (Retirement, Resignation, Dismissal / Termination. ) An Employee is dismissed only when he does any fraud. Character of the employee is focused here. If the conduct of the employee is bad then we can dismiss him. When the person is dismissed, he will not receive any kind of benefits except PF and ESI. An Employee is terminated when the management is not satisfied with his performance for the given period of time. And he is eligible for all kinds of benefits provided by the company. RECRUITMENT:

Before going to recruit from the other sources we have to check whether we can give promotions to internal employees or we can get any referrals from the employees to motivate them. That would be cost effective. We have one internal recruitment head and one external recruitment head in a company. For ex if we give the responsibilities of the external recruitment to the internal recruitment head in his absence, we say it as job enlargement and it is cost effective, instead of appointing another one we can give the responsibilities because he knows all the procedures of that company. How we will attract the candidates Through: • Advertisement – Print Media, Portals, Electronic Media • Job Postings Consultants – The terms and conditions with them should be in written like 8. 33% on basic or on CTC. • Employee Referrals • Campus Recruitment – we should tell about all the rounds in interview process before starting to the candidates. Fresher: Written, Marks, GD, Technical, HR (IT Industry) We have only Personal interview with dept head and senior HR manager (manufacturing industry). In IT industry, HR can reject if he is not satisfied with the candidate even if the candidate is technically sound. In Manufacturing Industry, HR cannot reject if the candidate is technically sound. • Internal Data Base SELECTION PROCEDURE: • Applying Selection Methods Short listing the candidates for final interview (Screening) – we can assess only 40 % to 60% during this round. • Final interview – Explain the company benefits, salary negotiation, career planning. Evaluation of a Candidate: Mostly we will do this in IT industry not in Manufacturing industry. We will focus on three things ASK (Attitude, Skills, Knowledge) Attitude: Here we will see the Behavior, Etiquette/appearance, Positive attitude, mingling nature of the candidate, and whether he is Argumentative or not. Skills: Here we will see Communication and Presentation Skills, required Skill in that Particular area, Technical Skills. |Company Name | |

Date of Interview: | |Name: Time: | |Position interviewed for: Location: | |Attitude: | |Skills: | |Knowledge: | |Person Short listed/Rejected: | |If Rejected Reasons: | Knowledge: Here we will see Job Knowledge, Subject/functional Knowledge. He is not expected to do all the things but we will check whether he has the knowledge on that or not. Why this Evaluation is needed Evaluation is needed, because there should not be any bias between the employer and the candidates.

In Manufacturing we need to maintain all these records where as in It industry we need not. In Manufacturing employee focus is on hike in the salary but not in the other benefits where as in IT industry focus is on other benefits rather than hike in the salary. • Selecting the candidates • Issue of offer letter SALARY NEGOTIATION We have to negotiate the salary based on the company compensation policy and have to attract the candidate showing the benefits he will get apart from the salary with a min hike in his present salary. In Manufacturing focus is on hike in salary but not in other benefits. In IT focus is on other benefits but not in hike in salary. CTC = Basic + Benefits

One of the benefits Gratuity is applicable for the employees who have worked for min 5 yrs. Calculation of Gratuity: 15 days salary per yr multiplied by no. of yrs Ex: If the basic salary of the employee is 5000 when he is leaving the organization after working for 5yrs, then Gratuity = 5000*(15/26)*5 Benefits Policy: Benefits may not be in the form of cash. Benefits means facilities provided by the company like • Transportation/CAB, • Food coupons for 30 days (non taxable), • Leave Travel Assistance, and Bonus/Exgratia of (8. 33% – 20%) on basic, • Employee Association Reward – employee who completes their 1 year working with the company will receive this reward. Employee Referral Scheme – if they get 100 points they will receive a surprise gift (for jr. 20 points, middle level 50 points and so on). Bonus can be given to the employees who are drawing 2,500 to 3,500. Casual, Temporary, Daily wage workers are also eligible for getting bonus. It is compulsory. For employees who are drawing more than 3,500 then we give Exgratia. And it’s not compulsory to give exgratia when ever the company is in profits. COMPENSATION POLICY: Benefits provided by the company are also mentioned. It is a dynamic/confidential document where they won’t show to any one. It is reviewed every 6 months by the senior HR manager. Position |Experience |Grade |Salary |Benefits | |CEO |20 – 25 |M1 |30 – 40 lakhs | | | Manager |10 – 15 |M9 |10 – 12 lakhs | | |S/W Engg Trainee |0-1 | |1. 8 – 2. 4 | | |Jr. S/W Engr |1 – 3 | |2. 4 – 3. 6 | | Salary Band Salary Band: 1. 80 to 2. 40, 2. 40 to 3. 60 Salary Scale: The minimum increment in the basic per yr for 15 yrs. without considering the performance. After 15 yrs he will be promoted to the next level. And the process continues till the retirement of an employee. Mostly we will see this in public sectors. (1st yr) 2,500 – 100 – 200 – 3,000(after 5 yrs) ……… 10,000(after 15 yrs) He will be promoted to the next level. 10,000 – 300 – …………………. till retirement. Offer Letter: ET/HR/221/yr | |Date: | |To, | |……. | |Sub: – | |Dear Mr……………. | • Brief in nature of the company • Offer for the position • Department • Compensation Package • Date of joining • The documents to be submitted Before offering the employment (offer letter) we need to check the following things: • Salary Slip / Pay Slip • Bank statement for 3 months • IT Returns • Experience Certificate Joining Formalities: Check list for new joiners from company side: 1. Appointment Letter – Position, Reporting to, Salary Breakup, Terms and conditions. |Company Name | | |Name of the joiner: Department: | |Position: | |Reporting to: | |Joining Date: | |Department / Division: | | | | | |Signature of the Joiner: Signature of Head | 2. Joining Report 3.

All types of forms like-PF form 2A revised (Membership),PF NSN(National Social Security Number),Bank Application, ESI Form 1,Insurance Policy Details Form(Accident /Medical). 4. Induction Manual 5. Induction Schedule 6. Seating Arrangement 7. Temp ID Card, Mail ID 8. Leave Application Check list for joiner from candidate: 1. Education Certificates 2. Experience, Relieving Letter 3. Salary Slip, Bank Statement 4. Photographs 5. Address Proof – Passport, Election ID Probation Period: Its 3 months or 6 months period given to the candidate to check whether the candidate can fulfill his job requirements or not. If the management is not satisfied with his performance, then they can terminate the candidate.

Only if the candidate receives the appointment letter, we can say it as End to End Recruitment Process. Appointment Letter < letter head > Our Ref : Date : Ms. NRIC : ADD : Dear Ms. RE : Letter OF APPOINMENT The management has the pleasure in offering you an appointment as ______________ with effective 15th August 2008. The appointment terms & conditions are as below: PLACE OF WORK : —-< comp. name >…………………. JOB DESCRIPTION : All aspect of administrative & clerical works in connections with accounts, Admin, purchasing. REMUNERATION : Monthly basic salary is PROBATION PERIOD: Three (36 ) months from the date of commencement .

This period may be extended at the sole discretion of the management . WORKING HOURS: 8. 30 am to 5. 30 pm (Monday to Friday) LUNCH HOUR : One (1) hour between 1. 00 pm to 2. 00 pm. PUBLIC HOLIDAY : You are entitled for ______ public holiday. ANNUAL LEAVE : You are entitled for the following annual leaves upon completion of one full year of service in the company: o 1 year & above but less than 2 years -___ days o 2 years & above but less than 5 years – ____ days o 5 years & above – _____ days MEDICAL BENEFIT: less than 2 years – _____ days 2 years & above but less than 5 years – ____ days 5 years & above – _____ days

MATERNITY LEAVE : Only confirmed female employee, who has served the company for (6) six month, is entitled to maternity leave of sixty days (60) consecutive days including rest days & public holidays. COMPASSIONATE LEAVE: Death of parents, spouse or child – 3 days Death of brother or sister- 1 day MARRIAGE LEAVE: Two (2) days after having served the company for at least one (1) year. RETIREMENT : The employee shall retire at the age of 55. Voluntary retirement can be applied at the age of 50. No retirement pension will be offered other than retirement Benefits given by the employees’ provident fund.

EMPLOYEES PROVIDENT FUND: Employee is registered as a member of the employees’ provident fund. Both the Company and the employee shall contribute to the fund in accordance with the Provision of the said fund. OTHER TERM & CONDITIONS : Other term & conditions not stated in this letter shall refer to the company’s rules & regulations, which may revise from time to time. Kindly confirm your acceptance of the aforesaid employment terms & conditions by signing and returning the duplicate copy of this letter together with one (1) copy of IC Photostat as soon as possible. Thank you, Yours faithfully, (Comp. name > ………………………………. Director I, (NRIC :…………. hereby agree and accepts the offer that enforced by the aforesaid employment terms & conditions. ___________________ ___________________ Signaturedate SALARY BREAKUP: components should not exceed more than 10 for an employee in his salary Components (Monthly)Percentage Basic Salary40% – 50% on Gross Salary HRA40% on Basic Salary Conveyance Allowance800 PM Education AllowanceFor 2 children with in 1. 0 lkh Medical15,000/- PA Food AllowanceDepends on co. policy Dearness AllowanceDepends Special AllowanceGross Salary – (BS+HRA+CA+EA+M+FA+FDA+DA+VDA) Variable Pay (only in IT industry)20% on Gross Salary

Fixed Dearness AllowanceSome Fixed amt depends on co. Variable Dearness AllowanceDepends on the inflation rate ——————————————– Monthly Gross Salary ——————————————– Annual Benefits (Monthly) Leave Travel Assistance1month salary/12 Medical reimbursementDepends on co. policy/12 Earned LeavesDepends on the left EL/12 Bonus/ExgratiaDepends and will be paid at the end of the yr GratuityIf eligible, Amt/12 PF Employer ContributionAmt/12 —————————————– Monthly CTC —————————————– FDA, VDA are given only in Manufacturing industry.

And all the Allowns are Taxable. If the house rent of the employee is less than 1 lkh PA then he doesn’t produce receipts. If it is more than 1. 2 lkh then he need to produce receipts and 12. 36% is charged as Service Tax. Exemption from Tax deductions – max 2. 5 lkh Housing Loan – Max 1. 8 lkh PA (40,000 as principal, 1, 40,000 as interest) Car Driver Maintenance Reimbursement. INDUCTION INDUCTION SCHEDULE: Company name We are pleased to inform that __________________has joined our Edutech family effective date . In order to familiarize him about the process involved in our Company, an Induction Schedule has been designed to facilitate the process as detailed below. Time |Session |Objective |Resource |Venue | |11th July 2005 (Monday) | |9-30am to 10-30am | | |HR | | | |Enrolment |Paper Work, Intros and Company | | | | | |Policy, Our values; our culture | | | |10-30am to 11-00am | | |HR | | | |Introduction |Company profile/Structure (EDPL) | | | | | | | | | | | |e-Learning industry/ Project | | | | On Job |lifecycle & processes at EDPL | | | | | | | |(1:00 pm – 2:30) pm Lunch | | | | | | | | |On Job |Our major clients; geographies | | | | | | | | | | |On Job |Our Projects: demos | | | | | | | | | | |On Job |ID principal | | | | | | | | | | |On Job |Technical | | | | | | | | | | | |Maintaining metrics – | | | | |On Job |Quantity/Quality/Time | | | | | | | | | | |On Job |Quality Processes | | | We welcome him on Board & request each one of the above Dept Head/Section In charge to brief him about their area of functions. (Or) Induction Schedule Company Name Name of the New Joiner: Designation: Department: Date |Department |Person Responsible |Time | |1/12/1998 |Production |Abc |10:00 – 11:00 | |1/12/1998 |Maintenance | |11:00 – 12:00 | |1/12/1998 |Accounts | |12:00 – 1:00 | |Lunch Time 1:00 – 2:00 | |1/12/1998 |Marketing | |2:00 – 3:00 | |1/12/1998 |Administration | |3:00 – 4:00 | INDUCTION REPORT: It is the report which has to be collected from each department to know whether the new joiner is inducted or not and to know how come he has understood about the company. INDUCTION REPORT Name of the New Joiner: Department: Timings: Person involved in Induction Process: 1. 2. Remarks from the New Joiner:

Signature of the Dept HeadSignature of the New Joiner INDUCTION FEEDBACK FORM: _________________ NAME OF THE PARTICIPANT: EMPLOYEE CODE: DEPARTMENT : DATE/S OF THE PROGRAMME: General YesNo Were you able to locate the Venue easily and reach the place on time? Are you now familiar with the Values, vision and Mission of the organization? Fair knowledge about the Company and its activities were Gained? Do you feel the speakers today was able to convey the message Effectively? Do you think any topic covered in today’s programme needs More Emphasis? If Yes Please specify: ? ? 06.

Do you feel the Induction Programme serves a useful purpose? Company’s Policies & Procedures YesNo 01. Are you now aware of the Human Resource Policies and Procedures of our Company? 02. Are you clear about the Leave policy adopted by our organization? 03. Are you clear about the procedure involved in the Medical Insurance Claim? 04. Are you aware as to whom you should contact in case of any Problematic issues? 05. Are you clear with your salary breakup and Net Salary calculations? 06. Are you clear about the Organizational structure? 07. Are you clear with the Exit Policy and the notice period for an Employee’s exit?

Overall: 01. How satisfied are you with the Company Induction Programme? Very Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Dissatisfied 02. Any other comments / recommendations you would like to make: (Signature of the Participant & Date) Policy: The information is provided in the policy. Policy doesn’t change by time to time. For ex: The office time is 9:30 to 6:00 Rule: It tells how to implement the things mentioned in the policy and the consequences if we deviate with the policy. Rules may change according to the situation. For ex: How to come, what should be done to enter the gate, what are the consequences if one is not attending on time. Responsibilities:

In IT industry admin dept is responsible for Creation as well as maintenance of amenities of employees like leave, water, electricity, toilets, CAB, attendance, security, house keeping, statutory compliances and attrition rate. In manufacturing industry HR Person is the one who is responsible for maintaining of amenities (administration) of employees also. But the creation is done by the civil dept or the concern dept. PAYROLL What are the records a HR person should maintain? 1. Attendance Record with date of Joining 2. Personal file (with emp code) – offer letter, on which criteria this person been selected, employment application (application blank), acceptance from the employee, application order, induction reports from different department. | Emp code | Name: | |Desig: | |Dept: | |DOJ: | 3. Leave Record 4. Confidential file – increments, promotions etc 5. Statutory file/record – PF, ESI, Professional Tax. 6. Job description Prerequisites to run Payroll 1. Attendance Record 2. Leave Record 3. Check the Personal Record before running the payroll. 4. Check whether the employee is applicable for all statutory compliances or not. LEAVE POLICY: Types of Leave: 1. Casual Leave 2. Sick Leave Paid Leaves 3. Earned/Privilege Leave 4.

Maternity Leave Statutory 5. Extra Ordinary Leave Casual Leave: As per shops & establishments act, 12 days leave per yr has to be given to an employee as a part of welfare measure. Jan 26, Aug 15 and Oct 2 are statutory Holidays for any Industry. But for steel, chemical and production industry are given exemption that if they do not able to give holiday on those days, they can be given on other days. An employee should not apply for leave both on Saturday and Monday, either of the days can be applied. Otherwise Sunday is also considered as CL. We cannot use these leaves as a right, an approvement should be given by the authority i. e. dept head or HR dept.

Except maternity leave all the other leaves are taken from the calendar year. Absconding: Not intimating to the dept about the leave. Extra Ordinary Leave: If the employee is really in a problem, then they can apply for EOL when all other leaves have been exhausted. |Company Name | |Name…………Empcode, Dept | |Please grant me leave CL/SL/PL/ML/EOL from…to…. | |Reason for leave……………. | |Address…………… | |Signature of Emp Dept Head HR Dept | |……………………………………………………………. |For HR Dept Use | |Remaining Leaves | |CL | |SL | |PL | |ML | |EOL | Format: Earned / Privilege Leave: These leaves are given based on the number of days worked. For every 20 days of the month – 1 day is statutory For other 10 days – ? day or 1 day depends on the company.

Employee should take approval 15 days in advance. If the leave is approved, Sundays and holidays are also considered. 3 yrs leave can be carried forward. (Basic + DA/26)*No. of leaves remained will be paid at the time of Retirement if an employee do not use these leaves. Maternity Leave: To Married women employee these leaves are given and are compulsory if the pregnancy is confirmed. 3 weeks after conceiving. 6 to 9 weeks after delivery. Total salary should be paid for these leaves. In case of miscarriage/abortion 3 weeks leave should be given. 50% of the salary can be claimed from ESI. • We cannot suspend / dismiss / terminate when an employee is on leave. This is how payroll looks like   |  |  |  | Total Pay |  | Payable | |  | |Actual |Actual |Basic | |Gross | |Emp Code: No. Of Days Paid: | |Name: Leaves: | |Designation: LOP: | |Department: |Standard Salary |Earned Salary |Deductions |Balance | | | | |Leave Balance |Loans/Advances | |Basic | | |CL |Taken Amt: | |HRA | | |EL |Installment Recovered: | |DA | | |SL | | |OtherAllowances | | | | | |Gross Sal |Gross Sal |Total Deducn | |Balance | | | |Net Salary: | * We cannot deduct any Loan / Advances without receiving any proper Document / Approved letter from the authorized person. LABOUR LAWS: PAYMENT OF GRATUITY ACT, 1972: – Whether the employee is Temporary/Casual/Permanent works for 5 yrs in a company, then he is eligible for gratuity under this Act.

And employee should be on rolls (permanent). If not paid, penal charges and advocate charges incurred by the employee can be claimed from the employer. Gratuity = Wages last drawn * (15/26) * No. of yrs If the employee is associated with the company on contract basis for 5 yrs, he can also claim the gratuity fund as per Contract Labor Act. STATUTORY COMPLIANCES EMPLOYEE PROVIDENT FUND ACT, 1952 Coverage: If an establishment covers 20 employees at any point of time in a calendar year then it should be covered under EPF Act. Applicability: Permanent, temporary, casual, daily wage, contract employees. Eligibility: Employee who draws up to 6,500/- i. e.

Basic / (Basic+DA) are eligible for EPF and is compulsory. If an employee draws more than 6,500/- it is optional. Contribution: Employer’s contribution – 12% on Basic salary Employee’s contribution – 12% on Basic salary Forms to be submitted at PFC: While an employee joining we have to let him fill the Form 2 (revised) in order to get membership from the PFC. (Nomination & Declaration form) To inform that an employee left the organization we have to submit Form 10 to PFC. To inform that an employee has joined the organization we have to submit Form 5 to PFC Form 9 is the register of employee PF A/C. Monthly Returns: Form 12A(R) shows the total contribution of employer and employee towards EPF.

Before 20th of every month we have to pay the amount in the form of chalan (a Quadruplicate copy) at EPFC along with Monthly Returns, Form 5 and Form 10. Chalan: We have to maintain 5 types of accounts. A/C 1, 2, 10, 21 & 22. A/C 1 shows the employee’s share towards EPF i. e. 12% and employer’s share towards EPF i. e. 3. 67%. Employers Contribution 12% is shared as 8. 33% towards Pension Fund – A/C 10 3. 67% towards EPF – A/C 1 12% A/C 2 shows Admin Charges on employee contribution towards EPF i. e. 1. 1%. A/C 21 shows Admin Charges on employer contribution towards Pension Fund i. e. 0. 5% A/C 22 shows the employer contribution towards Employee Deposit Linked Insurance i. e. 0. 01%. Form 3A(Revised): At the end of the every financial year i. e. March 31, we have to submit this form at PFC.

It contains the information (contributions) of single employee for every month from the starting of financial year to end of the financial year. Form 6A: This shows the information of contributions which is calculated per year for all employees and to be submitted at the end of the financial year. Form 10C / 10D is to be filled for claiming withdrawal benefit of Employee Provident Scheme. Form 19 is to be filled for claiming withdrawal benefits of EPF when an employee retires. Form 13 (Revised) is the application for transfer of EPF Account. Form 31 is the application to be filled in order to take advance form the fund. EMPLOYEE STATE INSURANCE ACT, 1948

ESI Hospitals / Dispensaries are built and maintained by the State Govt. But the contribution may be either from State / Central Govt. Employees of ESI are appointed by the Central Govt. Coverage: If an establishment has 20 or more employees and if that area is covered under ESI then the establishment should cover under ESI Act. Director will issue the notification whether that establishment has to cover or not. For every 6km radius a hospital/dispensary has to be maintained. Eligibility: The employee who is drawing 10,000 or less as gross he has to cover under this Act. Exemption: (10,000 + washing allowance) is exempted to cover under ESI. Contribution: Employee’s contribution – 1. 75% on Gross salary

Employer’s contribution – 4. 75% on Gross salary Forms to be submitted: For every 6 months we have to submit the returns at local office, ESIC and bank. Chalan we need to submit every month. Form 3: It is a Declaration form which contains emp name, establishment code, DOJ, Address (Permanent, Temporary), establishment address, Family members details, signature of the employee, employer signature, photographs. Once the employee joins with in 10 days we have to submit at the local office and we have to take the acknowledgement. And with in 3 days of submission the ESIC provides temporary ID card and is allotted to the employee. Form 7 Register of Employees |S.

No |ESI No |Emp Name |Jan |Feb |Mar | | | Half Yearly returns – April to September, October to March Form 6 along with chalan. 50 % of the salary is paid by the ESI if the person is on ESI leave. If the case of death of an employee, then they will get pension from ESIC. PROFESIONAL TAX Since we are working and using all the amenities from the Govt bodies like Municipal Corporation we have to pay the tax. Authority: ACTO (Assistant Commercial Tax Officer) DCTO (Deputy Commercial Tax Officer) This is not universal, differs from state to state. The director of the company has to pay 250 per year. Form 5: No of employees * amount 12*60 = 720 00*80=8000 Pay by DD or Pay Order / Cheque in favour of Assistant Commercial Tax Officer. According to the area, ACTO will have circles at that place we have to pay this amount. Income Tax exemption is available for PT. By 15th of every month we need to clear. Before January 2008 w. e. f 1st January 2009 1501 – 2000 16 1501 – 2000 0 2001 – 3000 25 2001 – 3000 0 3001 – 4000 35 3001 – 4000 0 4001 – 5000 45 4001 – 5000 0 5001 – 6000 60 5001 – 6000 60 6001 – 10000 80 6001 – 10000 80 10001 – 1500010010001 – 15000100 15001 – 2000015015001 – 20000150 Above 20000200Above 20000200 Professional Charges:

Professional charges mean the amount which the company has to be paid to the Professional trainer after deducting the service charge i. e. 12% when it hires him/her from a consultancy / in temporary basis for few days training programme to develop their employee’s skills. PERFORMANCE APPRAISAL & MANAGEMENT 1. Design the appraisal system as per the organizational needs? 2. Review the employee performance on frequent time intervals 3. At the end of the year all the review results should be account for judging employee performance |Company Name | |Appraisal Period From …………. To…………… | | |Name: Emp Code: | |Designation: Dept: | |Head Quarters: Division: | |Reporting Manager: Designation: | | | |Briefly describe your job responsibility | | | | | |Key Result Areas |Q1 |Q2 |Q3 |Q4 | | |Self Rating |Manager’s Rating | | | | |KRA1 | | | | | | | | | | | | | |KRA2 | | | | | | | | | | | | | |KRA3 | | | | | | | | | | | | | |KRA4 | | | | | | | | | | | | | |KRA5 | | | | | | Ratings: 5 – Excellent (Exceeding Expectations) 4 – Very Good (Reached Expectations) 3 – Good (Average) 2 – Below the Expectation 1 – Poor Employee Signature Reviewer’s Signature Assessment Q1 | | | | | |Assessment Q2 | | | | | |Assessment Q3 | | | | | |Assessment Q4 | | | | | Note: Behavioral Traits cannot be judged ourselves, the third person (immediate manger) should judge. Behavioural Traits: – Communication skills, Initiation, Team Working, Punctuality, Leadership. TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT 1. Identifying the training needs (througj training needs analysis questionnaire) |Name: Dept: | |Designation: |DOJ: | | | |Briefly describe about job responsibilities | |What are the gaps you feel that is hindering his performance? | |(a) | |(b) | |(c) | |Trainings you suggest | 2.

Compiling the Information |Emp Name |Gaps |Training suggested | |1 | | | |2 | | | |3 | | | 3. Training Calendar for the Year |S. No |Training Program |Duration |From…To…. |No. f Employees |Faculty/Trainer | | | | | | | | 4. Letter has to be sent to Head of the Dept for the nomination of employees under him. 5. Post training feedback has to be taken from the HOD (It takes 3 months time to find the gaps) Note: – A copy of Training Record has to be kept in personal file. Objective: – Number of hours to be trained to each employee is 80/40/32 hrs. EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: To keep the employees retained company has to make the employees happy. There should not be any kind of gap between the departments. To make this we arrange many programmes like • Event Management – games Get together • Picnics • Holiday Parties • Common lunch Communication should be made continuously with employees in order to understand the grievances and addressing them. EXIT INTERVIEWS: When the employee submits his resignation we conduct exit interview in order to know the gaps and reasons of resigning. Feedback should be given to the management, so that they can make changes in the policy if necessary. Exit interview should be taken before 24 hrs of his leaving / in the last day of his job. We should give Questionnaire to the employee who is resigning to fill. HR Department is responsible to take care of these things. ———————– File No


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