Recommendations for BUs at MCB who have implemented FWA as well as CBS BU who has not


The intent of this chapter is to supply recommendation for BUs at MCB who have already implemented FWA every bit good as the CBS BU who has non yet implemented FWA.

Align FWA with the concern scheme

Harmonizing to Thomson ( 2008 ) FWA is considered to be a major subscriber to concern success. It is a tool that allows organisations to acquire better value for money from their employees. Hence the BU can see alining FWA with the concern scheme and acquire HR on board to drive the execution of FWA.

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Initiate a alteration direction procedure

Execution of FWA involves a significant alteration on how employees plan their work, interact and communicate with each other. It besides includes a alteration in work form, direction manner and civilization. Hence the CBS BU needs to see a alteration direction procedure. During the period of alteration, there might be rumours go arounding before the concluding determination is taken. In order to keep productiveness, the BU director needs to guarantee that employees focus on their current state of affairs without fearing or theorizing about what the hereafter holds. Therefore it is recommended to inform all the employees of the BU that there are rumours being circulated and no determinations sing FWA have been taken yet. This can be done through a BU meeting. Furthermore a pilot trial is recommended before really turn overing out FWA in the full BU ( Burtet Al, 2010 ) . This will assist to place benefits and unforeseen jobs.

Establish a supportive organisational civilization

Based upon the study, it was found that the successful execution of FWA is frequently driven by the company’s civilization. When the civilization is supportive of these policies, they are likely to be successful. Changing a company’s civilization can be clip devouring or requires forbearance.

Line director and supervisor support

During the study some line directors and supervisors seemed to be immune towards FWA. About the same state of affairs was found in BU whereby employees have stopped utilizing FWA. There was deficiency of director support. Since line directors and supervisors play an of import function during the execution of FWA ( Maxwell, 2005 ) , it is of extreme importance to derive their committedness. This can be achieved through the schemes devised below.

Line directors and supervisors need to be educated of the concern instance and best patterns for FWA through the preparation session ( CIPD, 2012 ) . BU directors who have already implemented FWA can be invited during these Sessionss to pass on their positive experience. Hence the loath line directors and supervisors will hold the chance to clear up any frights or uncertainties.

The public presentation ratings of line directors and supervisors can be tied to their ability of making a civilization supportive of FWA. Therefore HR will necessitate to reexamine the public presentation assessment standards.

Furthermore employees besides need to be empowered. This will finally do them strong plenty so that even if a freshly recruited line director or supervisor expresses some though that would travel against FWA, the employees’ first inherent aptitude would be to educate the latter.

Co-worker support

The study reveals deficiency of coworker support particularly among employees who have stopped utilizing FWA. Their chief issue was that their coworkers are non able to make full in during their absence. This besides relates to the supervisors’ belief of employees’ inability to backup each other. But in the CBS BU merely a minority of employees ( 6 % ) raised out this issue. However to guarantee the success of FWA, there is a demand to take this issue on board by the CBS BU every bit good. The BUs needs to promote knowledge sharing among employees. Some opposition can be expected from the employees since they might fear for occupation security. As a workaround the BU can present knowledge sharing as a public presentation rating standards. Hence the employee will certainly do an attempt to run into this outlook ( Bocket Al, 2005 ) . Furthermore employees should be encouraged to utilize the cognition sharing tools already being provided by MCB to document their cognition. Thus this will non merely assist employees to endorse up each other but the supervisor can easy apportion occupation assignments to anybody in the squad.

Improve engineering support

The literature and the study showed that that engineering support is imperative for the success of FWA, chiefly telework. This was besides revealed from employees who have already adopted telework. Hence the CBS BU needs to guarantee that employees are provided with the engineering required for the success of telework. One of the chief concerns is to guarantee unafraid distant entree due to sensitive informations available at MCB. The CBS BU has already implemented the security item construct. But same can be enhanced by supplying practical Personal computer. This will further guarantee that employees have restricted entree. Hence they will non be exposed to malware and viruses.

Once telework has been implemented, it is advisable to supply notebook Personal computer to employees. They can utilize it at place, office or anyplace else. The usage of place Personal computer can present issues such as application licensing and viruses. The CBS BU can either see supplying nomadic phones or a separate phone lines for concern intent merely. This will enable the BU to easy track phone call costs.

Furthermore the CBS BU needs to see supplying picture conferencing installations. This will be really helpful during meetings, conversations and determinations that involve input from employees who work on different agenda and location. Besides, all meeting suites need to be equipped with teleconferencing installations.

During the study it was found that even though the CBS BU has coaction tools, e.g sharepoint to jointly redact paperss, there were employees who were incognizant of its being. Hence the BU needs to raise consciousness about the intent of these tools and how they can be used efficaciously. This can be done through a short preparation session. User manual for these tools can besides be distributed among the staff.

Supplying all the engineerings for the success of telework is non plenty, teleworkers should besides be provided with proficient support. Directors need to guarantee that technicians are present to react rapidly to proficient jobs or equipment failures.

Promote employee engagement and communicating

Clearly from the study, all employees are non involved during the design of policies since it is considered to be expensive and clip consuming. The BU can transport out a study to garner the employees’ attitude towards FWA ( Houston and Waumsle, 2003 ) . Focus group of staff can be organized to complement to study.

In add-on to that it was found that policies sing work systems are non decently communicated. There is a demand to do this information more accessible to the employees. It is hence recommended that one time policies sing are written, the BU can see the undermentioned ways to raise consciousness:

  • Organize route shows to make an involvement about FWA ( CIPD, 2005 )
  • Policies must be provided in a user-friendly version through the intranet whereby employees can easy entree them. Hard transcript of the policies can besides be distributed to employees in instance some of them have missed out the information on the intranet.
  • See common communicating vehicles like notice boards, postings, plasma screens, departmental meetings, squad briefing, newssheets, memos, electronic mail, booklets and letters ( Mass, 2007 ) .
  • Once the employees have gone through the policies, HR can transport out an online mini quiz to guarantee that all employees have good understood the policies. HR can direct the url nexus to the mini quiz through electronic mail. The mini quiz must be compulsory for all employees and there must be a tracking system to guarantee 100 % response rate. Reminders can be sent by electronic mail in instance of no response.

The study besides revealed that there was deficiency of ongoing communicating after policies are rolled out. Hence the BUs demand to see holding regular feedback from employees and be ready to alter the strategy if needed. Employees must first of all feel free to voice out their point of position to directors. This will necessitate the director to be more open-minded and supply an environment conducive to open communicating. It is better to observe dissatisfaction earlier so that the policy can be amended to better accommodate both employees and directors. In order to farther promote ongoing communicating, line directors and supervisors have to promote treatment of FWA during team meetings or informal webs. A forum specially dedicated to FWA can be put in topographic point and it can be made accessible through the intranet. The intent of the forum will be to supply a platform to employees and directors whereby they can portion their experiences, provide counsel or even raise questions.

Provide preparation and development

At MCB, the Training and Development BU is dedicated for forming and transporting out developing. Hence this BU must besides be involved during the execution of FWA.

During the study it was found that proficient preparation is of import for teleworker. Technology support entirely will non be sufficient if the employees do non cognize how to do usage of them. Hence the CBS BU must see supplying proficient preparation. However during interviews with line directors it was found that there was a fright of interrupting employees’ work if of all time they are sent for preparation. Hence the BU can see supplying on-line preparation classs which can be done outside office hours and at their ain gait. Nevertheless the BU must put a timeframe and make a follow up to guarantee that the preparation is being done decently.

As for soft accomplishment preparation, the CBS BU seems to be on the right path since same has already been provided to most of the employees and the BU director is be aftering for more Sessionss. However in BUs whereby FWA has already been implemented, there seem to be a loophole. There is demand to foreground the importance of soft accomplishment preparation to those BUs, therefore promoting the directors and their staff to develop the soft accomplishments required for the success of FWA.

Pull offing employees on FWA can be disputing for directors ( Lewis, 2003 ) . This issue was raised during interview with line directors. Hence it is advisable to educate the line directors on how to pull off employees on alternate working agreement. The preparation can besides include effectual resource planning to guarantee that the BU does non stop up with merely a few employees profiting from FWA ( CIPD, 2005 ) . To better command the employees, it is recommended to promote uninterrupted communicating through regular meetings,

A alteration in the working agenda and location can besides impact clients. Therefore it is recommended to educate the clients such that all questions and issues are directed to a aid desk squad. Then the aid desk agent will reach the concerned employees.

Review public presentation direction procedure

Harmonizing to the study, all the respondents do non see the public presentation direction as being result-oriented. Since there was assorted sentiment, there is a demand to reexamine the procedure to guarantee uniformity across the BU. The public presentation direction procedure should be made more outcome-based. HR needs to guarantee that aims being set by directors are SMART ( Specific-Measurable-Achievable-Relevant-Time Bound ) . This can be achieved through workshops whereby directors will be trained on how to put such aims. Employees besides need to be involved during the nonsubjective scene exercising to derive their committedness.

Remove the fright for negative calling effects

As per the study many employees fear that the return up of FWA would negatively impact their calling. This can be overcome through communicating and instruction. The BU director should supply illustrations of publicity among employees who are on FWA. Directors and supervisors can move as function theoretical accounts by working on FWA ( Lewis, 2003 ) . The long hr civilization of presenteeism was besides observed during the study. As per CIPD ( 2005 ) research, it is non worthwhile reasoning that long hours are non good for employees. Alternatively the organisation can follow a proactive attack whereby employees working during long hours are recommended to take clip off.

Continuously reappraisal FWA

After the execution of FWA, it must be sporadically reviewed to guarantee that it is truly good for both the employees and the concern. With the altering concern demands and engineering, FWA needs to be continuously evolved. In other words it must non be considered as a one-off undertaking.

Common signifiers of FWA that can be implemented

Based upon the literature reappraisal, the CBS BU can see implementing flextime and telework which are most normally used by Bankss ( World at work on workplace flexibleness, 2011 ) . Furthermore most of the employees in CBS feel that these policies will accommodate their occupation. Constitution of nucleus hours is of import while sing flextime. This will supply a clip frame for face-to- face communicating and let for group meetings ( Quijada, 2005 ) . As for telework, it is considered to be the most cost nest eggs in term of office infinite. But for its effectivity engineering support is really of import for employees.


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