Reading Habits Among Student Of Faculty Information Management Education Essay

Proverb says reading is warehouse of cognition. By reading we can acquire a figure of cognition and information that is being developed or have evolved though. Anyway, all is ne’er separated from the act of reading. In peculiar, the pupil or pupils for these occupations require them to read. That is read, read, and go on readings. As a huntsman of scientific discipline, the book is a major beginning of cognition for them. Hence, reading something that is really of import in our lives if we want to win in life.

There are tonss of understanding about the reading by some of the figures. Among Klein, ddk ( in Faridah Rahim, 2005: 3 ) that make the definition of reading includes: foremost, reading is a procedure. The point is the information from the text and the cognition possessed by the reader has a cardinal function in the signifier of inquiries. Harmonizing to Harris and Sipay ( 1980 ) described the procedure of reading as a procedure for the reading of the significance of the symbols printed or written. In add-on, Kenedy ( 1981 ) besides defines reading as the ability to observe a ocular signifier ( in writing symbols that represent the linguistic communication and the authorship or words ) , linking it with the signifier of sound or significance of the note and so based on past experience, understand and construe its significance. For Mohairaini Yusoff ( 1989 ) , has concluded the procedure of reading as a complex intervention and can non be observed. Merely two constituents of the agreed key accomplishments built-in in the reading accomplishments of accomplishments to acknowledge and reprobate the words and the accomplishments to understand what is read. Reading is something that should be in our lives as human existences every bit long as we live on this God ‘s Earth. Reading is the roots strength of an single, but of a state and a state. Without person to read that there would be no cognition or experience, without the cognition and experience of how person is able to regulate or to take a state and household. Therefore, reading is something really of import in life if we want to win.

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In add-on, reading is a scientific discipline which is of import to us. Many signifiers of cognition can be gained by reading wonts, but the reading can better a individual thought and heighten their accomplishments or expertness in any field of enterprise. Reading besides benefited as the reading we can make full the free clip and with these we will non blow clip with things that are non utile as is go oning now is like illegal racing activity, loitering, and so forth. In fact, reading can quiet the head and cut down the load and to read, we can circulate the cognition gained from reading to others. Now we can besides read and heard through the mass media in our state Malaysia, the ministry tried to put up assorted plans to promote people to read because we are Malayan authorities is cognizant that people are non reading less knowing, and this will impact the public presentation of our state. Among the plans are held at each school negotiations about the importance of reading to heighten cognition, gross revenues twenty-four hours books, NILAM plan at the school, the plan ‘s readers and many plans have been organized. This plan is held by the ministry in coaction with the NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MALAYSIA and besides the school.

From here we can see the importance of reading to the person, particularly the pupils and pupils of higher instruction. To acquire a good hereafter they must hold a high cognition and to acquire the high cognition they must reading and have reading wonts inside them. They must believe reading is non merely to carry through their field in their survey but they must believe reading is to do a cognition that is truly treasure for them.

Here we will cognize the higher instruction pupil accomplishment in reading. This means that how they read, for what they read and how they interpret their reading into survey or their plants. Beside that we besides can cognize the of import of reading for the higher instruction pupil. How the modules keep their pupil in reading wonts and what plans that already being handled to maintain the pupil reading.


The research of mine will be conducted in Universiti Teknologi MARA, Campus Puncak Perdana, Shah Alam. My research range will be among pupil of Faculty Information Management ( FPM ) . UITM was set uping on 14 October 1967 by Tun Abdul Razak and by the mid-70s, but at that clip the campus was already in full operation. Now UITM have 26 campuses. It is including UITM Campus Puncak Perdana. Campus Puncak Perdana was set up in the twelvemonth of 2005.There are 3 Faculty in this campus, it is Faculty Information Management, Faculty Account, and Faculty Technology Creative and Artistic.

Faculty of Information Management, UiTM, takes pride in being the innovator in supplying professional instruction to carry through the manpower demand of the state in three really of import Fieldss, viz. : Information Management, Library Management, and Records Management. Our academic programmes, supplemented by industry fond regards, equip alumnuss with cognition and accomplishments to take on the disputing demands of pull offing information in assorted signifiers and in assorted types of organisations. Our alumnuss become the chief drive force for the development of a knowledge-based society, transforming Malaysia into a developed state, guaranting that the state & A ; acirc ; ˆ™s rich reservoirs of cognition are consistently organized, maintained and enhanced for optimal value. To accomplish this purpose, the programmes consist of the blended constituents from four chief countries: Information Technologies, Professional and Technical Aspects of Information and Records Management, Public Relations, and Users & A ; acirc ; ˆ™ Needs and Services.

To accomplish the end of the Information Management Faculty, the pupil must active reading and they must hold the accomplishment to pull off their reading, information, cognition, information literacy, go the information proficiency and many more. The pupil must hold good reading wonts to go the skilled individuals. Having good reading wonts will do them professional in this field. The pupils besides know how to manage the information from overload because they have accomplishments because of their wonts in reading. Although, Faculty of Information Management produces good workers on manage the information and they besides produce the librarian. So, here they need to bring forth a plan to increase the reading wonts among pupils. Before they can carry on plan, they must hold the reading wont. From this they can carry on and manage pupil and people to hold reading wonts and they can give their experience on reading wonts.


Reading wonts is really of import to pupils particularly student in higher instruction. They need to read more than other people. This is because pupils have to read to broaden their cognition. Not to read merely for school assignments, but read to give them knowledge. With this cognition, they can finish their undertakings rapidly and have knowledge of their contents. In add-on, reading can besides fix pupils to stand up and talk in forepart of the category, particularly in the presentation works. Without reading hard for them to talk fluently to depict the contents of their difficult work and besides to reply inquiries raised by co-workers and lectors. Therefore, we have the cognition to read high.

However, the pupils reading is merely to complete their assignment non for maintain their cognition. They think that finish their assignment is more of import than reading for cognition. This can give impact to the pupils and besides to the module. This is because the module of Information Management wants to bring forth the workers that have a quality and holding cognition in manages information, without reading is it difficult to bring forth this sort of workers. After the pupil complete their surveies, they will travel for plants, if they non works as what the employer want this can give impact for Faculty. Employer would challenge the ability module in green goods are capable pupils in the universe of plants. In this field of surveies, need the pupil read more than frequently because from reading pupil will cognize about the direction of information and what they need to make.

The first job in this country is lack consciousness about the of import of reading. Reading wonts can give them more cognition non merely in surveies but besides knowledge about universes.

The 2nd job is pupils are ever narrowed in reading heads. They can merely be read if asked or to finish their assignment. In fact, they prefer to read scientific stuff about such chitchat.

The 3rd job is the limited aggregation stuffs in the library and the deficiency of Internet services. When there are limited aggregations of stuffs in the library so pupils refer to non travel to library and besides they will read this limited aggregation and this will happen job on pupil reading wonts. Lack of utilizing the cyberspace or shoping cyberspace the pupil will acquire non adequate information and they will acquire limited information and this will do they have a limited cognition.

The Forth job is student easy to experience bored in reading particularly read books and article without any image. They refer to read the ocular signifier of reading stuffs. This sort of reading construct would non do the pupil feel bored easy. Besides that, ocular stuff of reading will assist the pupil to faster retrieve their readings.


The aims of this survey are as follows:

To look into the pupil consciousness about the of import of reading.

To look into frequence of pupil go to library.

To look into the stuffs of the pupil frequently to read and borrowed from library.

To look into the utilizing of the cyberspace by pupil ; is that they use the cyberspace to larn, reading or something else.

To look into is at that place any plan being handle at the module to pull the pupil to travel library and read ; is it the pupil attend the plan.


The research inquiries of this survey are as follow:

What is the intent of reading for pupil?

What is the frequence of the pupil semen to library?

How frequently the pupil semen to reading plan grip by the module and library?

How much the stuffs that student read per twenty-four hours and how many stuff they borrowed from library?

What the stuff the pupil frequently use to read and analyze ; cyberspace or printed stuffs?


The range of this survey is about the reading wonts among pupil of Faculty of Information Management. How of import reading wonts in order to carry through the calling as a pupil, demand of the pupil and Thursdaies will plays a large rle to bring forth the quality works and taking to successful academic individual. This research is being behavior among pupil in Faculty of Information Management, Universiti Teknologi MARA, campus Puncak Perdana.

The range of this survey are limited to two chief countries, which is the contents of the survey that is base on the rubric and the location of the survey which is I have chose in Faculty of Information Management Campus Puncak Perdana, UITM, Shah Alam.

The survey of this research covers several elements. The elements are how frequently pupil go to library to do a reading for them self, how much stuffs they read per twenty-four hours, what sort stuff they read, and their ability in reading.

The respondents for this survey comprises of the pupils in Faculty Information Management and in this module there are four classs, IM220 ( Library Science Management ) , IM221 ( Information Systems Management ) , IM222 ( Records Management ) , and IM223 ( Resource Centers Management ) . This module located at University Teknologi MARA, Campus Puncak Perdana, Seksyen U10, Shah Alam.


Independent Variable Dependent Variable

Reading Skill Reading Habits


Library services

Reading Habits Program


Reading Skill

Reading Habits

Reading Habits





The conceptual model indicates the relationship which consists of the dependant and independent variables. The model denotes the four variables which causes to individual variable which were affected by the independent variable.

Reading wonts is dependent variable, discrepancy in which to be explained by the four independent variables which are reading accomplishment, stuffs, library services, and reading wonts plans.

The independent variables in this instance are reading wonts accomplishments, stuffs, library services, and reading wont plans. Therefore, it is really of import of the reading wonts in produce the good hereafter and ability in plants, besides can do a higher cognition.

On the other manus, the dependant variable is the reading wonts. It can be seen clearly that the independent variables have influenced the dependant variable. This research indicate and lucubrate clearly that the reading accomplishment, stuffs, library services and reading wont plans in student life as an independent variables that will impact and back up the pupil life, plants and pupil hereafters by holding the reading wonts among themselves as a dependent variables.


Reading Habits

Harmonizing to North Regional Education Laboratory, definition of reading is, for many old ages, three basic definitions of reading have driven literacy plans in the United States ( Foertsch, 1998 ) . Harmonizing to the first definition, larning to read agencies larning to articulate words. Harmonizing to the 2nd definition, larning to read agencies larning to place words and acquire their significance. Harmonizing to the 3rd definition, larning to read agencies larning to convey significance to a text in order to acquire intending from it.

But, harmonizing to the free lexicon, reading is the act or activity of one that reads.

The definition of wonts harmonizing to is, wonts are an acquired behaviour pattern on a regular basis followed until it has become about nonvoluntary: the wont of looking both ways before traversing the street. Habits besides can be define as a peculiar pattern, usage, or use, a dominant or regular temperament or inclination ; predominating character or quality.

From both definition we can understand that reading wonts is the act or activity of one that reads acquired behavior form as regularly followed until it has become about nonvoluntary.


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