Reaction to Globalization: Oliva Blanchette and GB Madison Essay Sample

I remember acquiring my first nomadic phone when I was in 6th class. Even so. I knew times were already altering. What I did non cognize so was how I would be lending to this forward universe. I am all for development because I like the feeling of making things the easy manner. Though inevitable. there are other things I am non agreeable with. In the 90s. the term. “Globalization” emerged. I am non familiar with the exact twelvemonth. but I believe I foremost heard this word in high school. I may be incorrect but remembering how I reacted to it so. I think it didn’t truly trouble oneself me every bit long as I had new appliances and nice transit. After reading articles by Oliva Blanchette and GB Madison. I did non anticipate that Globalization had a larger range. It’s non all about engineering nor is it all about which state has some expensive machine that will assist revolutionise the universe. It’s more. Both writers contributed to my apprehension of globalisation. Two things struck me in GB Madison’s article:

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1 ) Democracy
Globalization purposes to hold a market-friendly economic system. I guess you can state that a state that is democratic in nature patterns globalisation. wherein states want to be heard as a whole for economic development. In the meantime. nevertheless. this may non keep true to 3rd universe states. All this talk on Globalization will finally conceal the voices of the multitudes and even possibly the in-between category. We all want to better the quality of life but what if we won’t be able to make that common end as a whole because we can’t afford to hold a life that offers these economic progresss? 2 ) # Share-a-Coke Phenomena

On the other manus. Madison besides discusses a entirely different position in civilisation. Fast nutrient companies have come up with advertizements that destroy the walls that separate different peoples because globalisation nowadayss “one civilization” . This is the good portion of being globally civilized. We do non hold walls that divide us any longer. Oliva Blanchette views globalisation as a structured plan. He wasn’t excessively acute on it stating that large companies prioritize net income maximization. This brings us once more to states that have cheap labour. The Philippines. a state whose labour is inexpensive may be over utilised and states who buy this inexpensive labour will likely go dependant on the development states. While I believe in these factors both writers presented. I will still travel with Globalization. The improvement of this civilisation depends upon how people receive it and utilize it. I am an advocator of development and no affair how much we avoid it. we will. in different ways experience it. Protect what we can protect but make non forestall inventions from go oning.


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