Ralph’s Leadership: Lord of the Flies Essay

Throughout the book. Ralph stands for democracy. ‘we’ll have to hold custodies up like at school’ In William Golding’s novel. Lord of the Flies Ralph though non the stronger individual. demonstrates a better apprehension of people than Jack which gives him better leading qualities. Ralph displays these utile human qualities as a leader by working towards the improvement of the boys’ society. He knows the male childs need stableness and order if they are to last on the island. He creates regulations and a simple signifier of authorities to accomplish this order. Jack does non handle the male childs with self-respect as Ralph does. Ralph understands that the male childs. peculiarly Piggy. hold to be given respect and must be treated as peers. This makes Ralph a better leader as he is able to admit that he was non superior to any of the other male childs. Ralph’s wisdom and ability to look to the hereafter besides make him a superior leader. Ralph has the sense to maintain his focal point on acquiring off the island. He insists on maintaining the fire combustion as a distress signal. Ralph’s leading provides peace and order to the island while Jack’s leading makes pandemonium.

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Ralph as the leader on the island shows much inaugural. He takes a great trade of control and is normally the first to step up in a state of affairs to profit the safety of everyone on the island. ’You huntsmans! You can express joy! But I tell you smoke is more of import than the hog. nevertheless frequently you kill one. Make all of you see? ’ He distribute his weaponries broad and turned to the whole trigon. ‘We’ve got to do fume up at that place – or dice. ’ This quotation mark displays how Ralph is trying to keep order and civilised behaviour. By being the first to state them what to make and by demoing inaugural and by puting ends for the male childs to follow. he prepares practical programs that will assist the male childs get rescued. He is seeking to state them what make to assist salvage them so they will non decease. Ralph besides shows an huge sum of enterprise when most of the other male childs are concerned with playing. holding merriment. and avoiding work. Ralph decides to construct huts as a method of endurance. For this ground. Ralph’s authorization and power over the other male childs are secure at the start of the novel. This expresses how Ralph has this thought. and stuck with it for the safety of him. and the others on the island.

Under Jack’s regulation. the boys become barbarian barbarians. They have no subject. Ralph. nevertheless. maintain the male childs under order through the meetings which he holds. At these meetings a sense of order is instilled because the male childs have to wait until they hold the conch to talk. When Ralph says. “I’ll give the conch to the following individual to talk. He can keep it when he’s speech production. ” ( Golding 36 ) he enforces his function of leader by doing regulations and gives the male childs the stableness of an authorization figure. chiefly himself. By making this he wins the male childs regard and assurance in his leading abilities. Ralph uses his authorization to seek to better the boys’ society. By constructing shelters he demonstrates his cognition of the boys’ demands. When he says to Jack. “They talk and shriek. The littluns. Even some of the others. ” ( Golding 56 ) he is mentioning to why the male childs need shelters. They are afraid. Ralph understands that by constructing the shelters. the male childs will experience more secure. This illustrates his superior cognition of people. which makes him a better leader than Jack. Jack fails to recognize the male childs need security. stableness and order in their society.

Ralph’s intervention of the male childs besides demonstrates his cognition of human nature. While Jack considers the male childs inferior to himself. Ralph treats the male childs as peers. Ralph’s superior leading qualities are reflected in his changeless defense mechanism of Piggy. Piggy is the weakest of the group and is hence treated below the belt much of the clip. When Jack hits Piggy and interrupt his spectacless. Ralph calls it “A dirty fast one. ” ( Golding 78 ) This shows Jack’s neglect for other worlds ; while at the same clip demonstrates Ralph’s compassion and ability to sympathize with others therefore exemplifying his apprehension of people.

Ralph’s “government” is a signifier of democracy which gives each male child equal rights and an ability to show themselves. Jack treats the male childs. particularly Piggy. as inferiors. When Jack gets meat from runing. he gives everyone some except for Piggy. When Piggy asks for some. Jack says. “You didn’t Hunt. ” ( Golding 80 ) Ralph and many of the littluns did non Hunt. yet merely this intervention is directed at Piggy. Jack’s disdain for Piggy shows his inability to understand people. as a good leader would take attention of all of his followings. Ralph possesses this cognition and is hence a better leader because of it.

Ralph’s common sense and ability to acknowledge what is best for the group as a whole farther demonstrates his superior leading accomplishments. His chief focal point throughout the book is acquiring rescued and he puts much accent on this. He instructs the male childs to do a fire and to maintain it firing as a distress signal. When the male childs do non portion his enthusiasm for acquiring rescued. he becomes exasperated. “The fire is the most of import thing on the island. How can we of all time be rescued except by fortune. if we don’t maintain the fire traveling? ” ( Golding 88 ) Ralph’s finding to acquire rescued is non for strictly selfish grounds. but instead. it is in the best involvement of the group.

When the male childs join Jack’s folk ; Jack merely satisfies their short term wants and demands. such as the desire for meat. A good leader nevertheless. should look to the hereafter and program consequently such as Ralph does. Although these picks may non ever be popular. the better leader will transport out long term programs. When Piggy says “Which is better – to be a battalion of painted niggas like you are. or to be reasonable like Ralph is? ” ( Golding 199 ) he demonstrates how the male childs ; by non following Ralph. have been lead astray by Jack. Ralph’s chief precedence. which is acquiring off the island. is a wiser pick than for the male childs to follow Jack. Unfortunately. the male childs take the easier pick. which is to run and play games instead than maintain the fire combustion. Had they listened to the better leader. the novel may non hold ended as tragically.

Ralph’s clear apprehension of people and their demands make him a far superior leader when compared with Jack. Ralph’s apprehension of the male childs need for stableness and order through authorities and regulations prompts him to better the society in which they are populating. Jack’s society was barbarian and barbarian and met none of these demands. Jack treats the male childs as slaves and inferiors. Ralph’s forbearance and caring with the male child shows his ability to take charge and regulation in an effectual. yet democratic manner. Ralph’s precedence to acquire off the island demonstrates his wisdom and ability to do determinations. Although a good leader may non be every bit magnetic as a hapless one. it is of import to take the leader which will run into the demands of the people. The popularity of an inferior leader shortly disappears. yet the wisdom and counsel of a good leader will ever stay.


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