Racism is defined as, ‘The belief that one ‘racial group ‘ is inferior to another and the patterns of the dominant group to keep the inferior place of the dominated group. Frequently defined as a combination of power, bias and favoritism ‘ . From my research and cognition I have identified three chief cardinal grounds that explain the continuity of racism. These are history, Numberss and the psychological science of whiteness.

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The continuity of racism is attributable to the history of racism, where is commenced and how it developed. Racism began during the seventeenth century during the slave trade. Christian work forces led their life by following the bible. The bible condemned the captivity of others so to get away this statement they suggested that black people were non worlds but animate beings. It is believed by some that bondage was the consequence of racism. However Black historian Eric Williams said, “ Slavery was non born of racism – instead, racism was the effect of bondage. ” Slaves were treated ill. They were worked from dawn to sunset, were fed on fatty meat and maize flour, lived packed in little houses but they barely dared to kick in fright of being punished, normally by acquiring whipped. It is from my cognition and research about bondage that would do me to hold with Eric Williams, that racism is a effect of bondage. Peoples saw the slaves as animate beings ; they believed they had the right to handle them with no regard or humanity. When bondage became demolished in 1865 it fuelled the consequence of racism furthermore. Black people were already seen as mere animate beings and people believed they were no usage other than to be worked. With black people ‘s new found rights people became enraged at the idea that they were being measured as the same, to be called peers. To some the new jurisprudence was right. They had got to cognize the “ slaves ” as people, they taught them how to talk English, and some slaves became portion of the “ white ” people ‘s households. Black people had the same anatomy, with the lone difference being of coloring material. However most people could non set, they refused to accept that they were now classed as likewise after so many old ages of handling black people like animate beings, to make with as they wished. These enraged, emotional people helped to fuel racism. They still hunted black people like they were animate beings and protested at the fact that they could of all time be the same as them.

The continuity of racism is besides down to Numberss. When the slave trade began and black people were foremost introduced to white people as slaves and laborers there were few black people due to how many could be brought over by boat. The Numberss easy increased as the slave trade grew but it was ever a preponderantly white state even when the slave trade was demolished. As clip went on people began to immigrate. In the eighteenth century there were 20,000 black immigrants. It ‘s used to be a white bulk and a black minority. Now it is no longer either. You have to include Asians, Latinos, Arabs, Muslims, etc. There are so many different ethnicities. However, with so many different cultural people in the universe racism has grown every bit good as changed. It ‘s no longer merely about inkinesss. Or even coloring materials. As clip went on after the slave trade there was favoritism about adult females. For many old ages adult females were discriminated towards occupations and the sum paid to them compared to work forces. As black people were seen as animate beings, adult females were seen as remaining at place with so kids. There has ever been strong favoritism towards homosexuals. It ‘s seen as incorrect to some people. Racism could be said to hold started a war with life about everything that seems a spot unusual or uneven to us. If racism ne’er began would we still know apart against coloring material, adult females, disablement, homosexuals? But merely as the figure of inkinesss grew from a minority to a bulk figure so will gays. Womans have won their battle about being treated reasonably. People merely necessitate to be given clip to accept it. In the beginning it ‘s seen as incorrect, so some people begin to accept the alteration, shortly it becomes natural, normal!

The continuity of racism is caused by the psychological science of whiteness. The word “ Whiteness ” was created during the slave trade. When slaves were foremost introduced into society “ whiteness ” and “ inkiness ” became footings in mention to racism, these words were the start of racism. It is affecting to see how two small words could make 100s of old ages of combat, choler and bosom aching in the universe. Franz Fanon one time wrote, “ Colour is the most outward manifestation of race. ” It introduced the subject of racial differences which created the outgrowth of ‘white-skin privileges ‘ . Even though bondage was abolished, racism was non as easy to get the better of. Black people may hold been lawfully seen as peers but that is non how the universe saw it. Black people were non paid as much, they did non acquire good instruction, or first choice of occupations no affair how qualified they were. Black people were beaten up in the streets merely for being black. White people did non desire them working with their childs as nursemaid ‘s or in their mills touching their merchandises. It was a new universe and yes things had changed for black people but non needfully in a better manner than it was before bondage was demolished. At least as slaves they had a rubric or a purpose. Now they were treated worse, like trash. This is when the word ‘Nigger ‘ was created. It is said to hold been the worst abuse in history. The word ‘Nigger ‘ suggests that black people were 2nd category citizens, nescient and less than homo. Queerly adequate today black people still use the word as a kind of salutation or acknowledgement towards each other but it is non acceptable for white people to state it.

Having discussed the cardinal factors of the continuity of racism I am compelled to discourse racism in the universe at the minute. Racism still exists. It ‘s everyplace in the universe. Immigrants are blamed for the high unemployment rates in the UK. They are even blamed for the low rewards but truly it ‘s the authorities ‘s mistake that the minimal pay is non adequate to populate on. In our universe today it is the few rich people that control all the wealth and because of their position they treat worse off people as whipping boies. In authorities merely in the past few hebdomads Tony Blair was found to hold used revenue enhancement remunerator ‘s money to pay for his Television license and Gordon Brown paid person & A ; lb ; 5000 of revenue enhancement remunerator ‘s money to clean his level. So truly if authorities MP ‘s were n’t passing revenue enhancement remunerators money on their ain luxuries possibly minimal pay would be higher and immigrants would n’t be blamed. With alterations like this possibly racial maltreatment towards immigrants would diminish. Any good alterations towards racism could assist get down the journey to the terminal of it. Merely as inkinesss became peers, and adult females were paid the same pay as work forces, racism can be put to an terminal. It could be 50 old ages from now or 500 old ages, but hopefully one twenty-four hours the universe will be a eutopia.

To reason, racism is non so much all about being black or white presents. Any difference of skin coloring material or facial differences has become a cause for racism. In the society of which we live in racism has become the norm. We are flooded with racialist labelling about inkinesss, Arabs, Muslims and immigrants every twenty-four hours. I for one know what its like. I ‘m Irish and people are ever doing gags, naming me ‘IRA ‘ and stating “ what you traveling to make about it, bomb us? ” Even as gags racism still finds a manner into this universe. It ‘s sad that even now strong-arming is still go oning. Were non childs, were grownups and we still feel the demand to intimidate and torture guiltless people. What makes us any different to terrorists? Some say at least terrorist believe they have a cause that they are contending for. What does racism accomplish for U?


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