Racial Politics In Media Film Studies Essay

Racial issues are really of import and important to American society from the yesteryear to this present twenty-four hours of clip. Race political relations are understood as both a societal and cultural intersection of thoughts. Similarly, the myth of the thaw pot suggests that immigrants that come to America would derive freedom and finally accomplish the American dream of success. The U.S nevertheless, is diverse in footings of race, but still lacks societal justness, particularly in race political relations. This signifier of political relations has a profound impact on mundane life and media word pictures. The white-washed images of Beyonce ( Figure 8 ) and the dramatis personae of Avatar: The Last Air bender ( Figure 9 ) , along with the kids in the Colorss of Bennetton ad ( Figure 5 ) suggests that signifiers of amusement are capable to racial prejudices. Film and advertizements frequently promote “ whiteness ” as being good and the ideal image of beauty. In fact, this political orientation dismantles the myth of the thaw pot because it clearly shows that society still lacks understanding and credence of racial minorities.

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The thought that white is good and black is evil can be seen through the image in figure 5. It ‘s an advertizement by a vesture company called United Colors of Benneton, picturing a

Brown 2

white miss with angel-like strands of hair embracing a black male child with devil-like horns.

When looking at this image, one can presume this to be racially prejudiced. In fact there are many grounds to believe so. The black male child has devil-like horns as a hair manner while the white miss has nice aureate coil. The black male child besides has a dark shadiness over him and the white miss has ambient visible radiation. The white miss is smiling, reenforcing her artlessness and felicity, but the black male child has a consecutive face. Would it be unusual for the ad to hold a white devil-like figure and a black angel-like figure? Many persons believe so because black is the absence of visible radiation, which implies darkness and darkness symbolizes evil. Whereas white is considered good because it is the copiousness of light and light symbolizes God. The male child ‘s skin colour assumes whether he is good or evil non his bosom. The ad besides entails the company name “ United Colors of Benneton ” . This supports the message of the ad because the angel-like kid and the devil-like kid are encompassing each other which suggest integrity between opposite sides of race and deity. However, it does non have a merchandise. It appears as though the Godheads have a concealed societal propaganda of exposing racial stereotypes and doing viewing audiences to reevaluate their beliefs.

Today ‘s society in secret encourages persons to believe that Caucasic characteristics are the lone appealing 1s. In figure 8, Beyonce is depicted in two images, one where she is usually posing and the other where she poses for an L’Oreal advertizement. In her normal

Brown 3

exposure, she has a brown skin color and black hair with high spots. In the L’Oreal

advertizement she has a tegument tone that is about white-like and light-haired hair. It appears as though L’Oreal associates were seeking to do Beyonce look like a white female. In fact, her olfactory organ has a more pointed expression and her brow is smaller than in her other photoing. Basically, her African characteristics have been greatly reduced. Furthermore, one inquiries the purposes of L’Oreal. Since L’Oreal is a mainstream merchandise that was created for white adult females, by doing Beyonce look with light tegument would do their ad temptingness to both white and black adult females. Ultimately, this dismembers grasp and regard for African beauty. Young Afro-american misss who idolize Beyonce as a function theoretical account will get down to oppugn their ain beauty after seeing this ad. They will get down to experience that their dark tegument and African hair are n’t good plenty and that they have to be more “ white ” . This reinforces the construct of “ whiteness ” as being the ideal image of beauty. Both images nevertheless illustrate a really vivacious tone, but the L’Oreal ad possesses more felicitousness.

Projecting for Hollywood movies has been capable to gloss overing for many old ages. Using white histrions in colored functions has been invariably practiced over and over once more. Many film makers believe that it is indispensable to hold white faces because they are appealing and easy to place with. In figure 9, the dramatis personae of Avatar: The Last Airbender from the sketch and the film is illustrated. It appears that the dramatis personae of the film has been clearly whitewashed. The show itself is influenced by Asiatic and Inuit civilization. However, the characters in the sketch

Brown 4

are depicted with broad eyes and some with bluish eyes, which are non Asian-like characteristics. The

characters of Sokka and Katara need to be played by Native American histrions or persons who appear to hold a brown skin color. Aang and Zuko need to be played by Chinese histrions. So by doing the bulk of the dramatis personae white wholly ignores the background of the show. The casting of an Indian cat for the portion of Zuko signifies a concealed docket. It ‘s a manner for them to rebut any claims of non holding a diverse dramatis personae and ennoble white people as good persons. In fact, Zuko is labeled as the enemy and he so happens to be a dark person. Does dark stand for evil? In today ‘s society it does. This is an illustration of good vs. immorality, which implies that white is good and dark is evil. It is an attempt to demo how the white race ( heroes ) prevails over darkness ( villain/minorities ) .

By the same item, Thomas Jefferson asserts that inkinesss are of course superior to Whites in the book Rereading America. He says “ I advance it, hence, as intuition merely, that the inkinesss, whether originally a distinguishable race, or made distinguishable by clip and fortunes, are inferior to the Whites in the gifts both head and organic structure ” ( 382 ) . Now, what does this reveal about one of America ‘s great establishing male parents? It clearly shows that the adult male many people look up to and admire was a white supremacist with extremist beliefs. This was the same adult male who specifically wrote, “ We hold these truths to be axiomatic, that all work forces are created equal, that they are endowed by their Godhead with certain inalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the chase of Happiness ” ( Declaration of Independence ) . Undoubtedly,

Brown 5

the stating should be “ all white work forces are created equal ” . Obviously, our state was founded

on nonreversible beliefs, which promote Whites as superior and inkinesss as inferior. One begins to

inquire how minorities can accomplish the American dream when in fact America itself was n’t established for them.

When viewed as a aggregation, these images suggest that the construct of “ whiteness ” which represents good and symbolizes ideal beauty is outstanding in American society. The consequence of juxtaposing these images reinforces the belief that biass and stereotypes exist and that the media Teachs persons non to be different or make what is right. In fact, the media influences many people to know apart and non love themselves for who they are. The media is controlled by persons who have their ain set docket and every signifier of amusement is capable to their prejudice beliefs. Furthermore, beauty and goodness should be entirely based on the bosom of an single non one ‘s physical characteristics. America is non the thaw pot that many people conceive it to be. Minorities are inspired to go forth their civilization and assimilate to the superior white civilization by non asseverating to who they are and what they believe in. In add-on, economic growing is based on conformance to white civilization, which in bend causes an single to lose his/her societal individuality. Ultimately, America is non a pot of civilizations, but instead of co-occuring civilizations that have separate individualities, uncovering that society still has a batch to larn in order for it to be socially merely.


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