Education is a very important aspect of the lives of people. Anything we learn, not just inside the class room, shapes who we are. People us their education wherever they do something. Without education, we would have not reach level of life. Also computers play a role model in people’s life, especially when it comes to schools that allow their students to bring their computers to class. These schools think that by allowing their students to bring computers to school are a good idea. In matter fact, it is not a good idea. Students sometimes use the computer in other things like getting good grade on quiz or exam with the help of the computer without the effort of the student to think how to solve it. For instance, my friend in school, the teacher said the quiz is open book, which means student can bring their notes or computer. My friend copied the question from the quiz and pasted in google. In just few seconds, he found the answer. That’s why I believe that school should prohibit students from bringing their computers to school because students can easily get off task and intended materials are not learned.
There are also some downfalls:
1. Students can easily get off task.  They may wander to sites like Facebook, MySpace etc.  (I know that schools usually block these sites, but students often find ways around them.
2.  Without knowing it teachers can create computer-related activities that are quite exciting, but the intended content is not learned i.e. teachers focus too much on the “cool activity” rather that the actual lesson itself

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