Qualities of the Effective Leader

Qualities of the Effective Leader

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In every signifier of community, there is ever one individual or a group of people who manages or handles the issues, known as a leader. And, in order to be leaders, those certain people have to gain the Black Marias of bulk who belong to their communities. However, winning the Black Marias of people is non the lone quality of the effectual leader. For this, leaders must be an expert to pull strings the people’s head, and there are four ways to maestro. First is to concentrate on the bulk of the population. Second is to give an semblance to people in the name of hope that they may have the aid from the authorities. Third is non to raise the outlook of people. Last is to switch the concerns of people which may take to oppugn the making of leaders. However, pull stringsing the heads of people doesn’t guarantee that provinces will work decently. Therefore, the effectual leader must larn how to regulate people. And there are two ways that can vouch leaders that their followings would follow their words. One is “to be feared than to be loved” ( Machiavelli, The Prince, Pg46 ) . Other one is to “appear, upon seeing and hearing him, to be all clemencies, all fidelity, all unity, all kindness, all religion” ( Machiavelli, The Prince, Pg 49 ) . However, if one truly possesses these virtuousnesss, so one may be chained by one’s ain virtuousness and moral to bury one’s responsibility that is to keep the community.

Harmonizing to Durkheim, the mere fact that we are human made us make society, and people subordinate to society rationally. ( Durkheim, Individualism ) . And, based on most people’s rationalism, a leader must hold adequate ability to gain the credits from the people. For one to be a leader, so it is obvious that one needs to cognize the manner to be credibleness and, for this, one needs to how to pull strings people’s heads and be favored by the bulk of population since prefering minority of population can’t make a leader stay in the place for a long. If a leader dares to bewray their Black Marias and favours minority of population, it would take to the ruin of the leader. Luis XVI, for case, removed from his throne in 1791 by Gallic Revolution because he favored priests and blue bloods, who are minor, and forced the common mans whose population consists of 98 % of modern-day France to pay more revenue enhancements. Therefore, an effectual leader must prefer the bulk of people ; otherwise, there would be struggles between people and the leader, which would finally take to the tragic terminal of the leader.

Throughout history, there have been no instances in which people rebel against leader when they have hope that their leader would make something good for them. Therefore, an effectual leader demands to calculate out the demands of people and impart a manus to them. So, the leader can gain regard ; nevertheless, the support should non transcend the certain grade that may take to increase in shortages of the state. If the leader fails to accomplish this, non merely people but besides a whole state would be in great confusion. As a consequence, it may take to the prostration of the state. Therefore, assisting people can be known as virtuous but non effectual. So, the effectual leader who must be appeared as sort and generous should make an semblance which can equilibrate the hope of people and the economic system of the state. So that, people may believe they would besides have aid and anticipate the clemency or generousness from the leader.

Once, Lao Tzu said “When the maestro governs, the people are barely cognizant that he exists” ( Lao Tzu. Tao-teaching, pg 24 ) , but he besides mentioned “there is a clip for being in motion.” ( Lao Tzu. Tao-teaching, pg 26 ) In other words, the best leader merely takes action when he believes it is necessary. This is because if the leader continues to work for the public assistance of people, people who have experienced better universe would anticipate things to be better ( Plato, Allegory of the Cave ) . In the terminal, the state itself would be belly-up, and people would fault on leaders for utilizing revenue enhancements unnecessarily. So, the effectual leader demands to pull strings the outlook of the people. However, unlike other qualities, this quality gives the direct consequence on the repute of the following leader. For illustration, Ashoka, the emperor of Mayura Empire, conquered the largest district in Indian history, and subsequently, promoted Buddhism to stabilise his imperium ; nevertheless, the aureate age of Mayura Empire merely stayed for his clip because the replacement was non able to run into the outlook of people who trust the replacement to be like Ashoka to assail other states in order to derive the wealth from other states to diminish revenue enhancements and portion his luck. Then, the state started to worsen and merely sustained for a half century after aureate age. Therefore, the effectual leader demands to see the replacement ; If the outlook of people and ability of leader are non in equilibrium province, this would ensue to the great confusion in the state.

Another quality that an effectual leader must possess is that “a prince ( leader ) must be prudent plenty to cognize how to get away the bad repute of those frailties that would lose the province for him, and must protect himself from those that will non lose it for him.” ( Prince, Machiavelli ) This clause shows that a leader must cognize how to get away unfavorable judgment in order for one to remain in the power. Therefore, in order for him to accomplish this, the effectual leader demands to utilize media for switching concerns of people. Current leaders make usage of the media rather good that whenever there are some concerns against their reputes, the media begins to concentrate on offenses or dirt between famous persons to alter people’s concerns. So, people would bury whatever errors they made. If a leader fails to accomplish this, so people would acknowledge him as untrusty and who will seek to follow his words? Therefore, there are high possibilities that people would undervalue the leader and daring to dispute the leader. So, the effectual leader demands to possess this quality for him to take the people.

In add-on, Machiavelli said “men in general justice more by their eyes than their custodies ; for everyone can see but few can experience. Everyone sees what you seem to be, few perceive what you are, and those few do non make bold to belie the sentiment of the many who have the stateliness of the province to support them.” From this quotation mark, we can limpidly calculate out that people would non judge their leader through experience but through what they hear and see. Therefore, the leader must prioritise visual aspect, and this would do him put the foundation of his good repute. If the leader would be able to set up this foundation, so people in the society would swear he has a good nature even though some people could comprehend the ostentation.

Furthermore, Machiavelli said, “it is better to be feared than to be loved” . Harmonizing to him, this is because “love is held together by a concatenation of duty which, since work forces are a regretful batch, is broken on every juncture in which their ain opportunism is concerned ; but fear is held together by a apprehension of penalty which will ne’er abandon you.” Although his position may look misanthropic, his words are rather true. Work forces have a inclination to pretermit the love and may do alibis them to derive what they want. However, fright is different. Fear chained people to suppress their ideas sing desires to achieve their involvement. Furthermore, fright can besides increase the efficiency of productiveness. Work force are such animals that require certain conditions such as deadline, force per unit area and tenseness to carry through the undertaking. So, fright may function as one of these conditions. Therefore, fear ensures leaders that followings would non merely do their undertaking but besides increase productiveness. To reason, the ability to do others fear is the qualities that the effectual leader must possess.

Last, virtuousness is non one of the qualities that the effectual leader must hold. For being virtuous, the leader would necessitate to do virtuous determinations which may convey negative effects to the society which means the whole people belonging to that peculiar community would endure from it because the leader tries to prosecute ideal when one live in the world. This is wholly against the responsibility of the leader that is to take the people. Therefore, virtuous shouldn’t include as one of the qualities since this may blind leaders to do an absurd determination instead an effectual one which is more suited for world. In other words, the effectual leader demands to separate the difference between ideal and existent. In China, there was a male monarch named as Yanggong from Song state during warning provinces period. Harmonizing to history, he valued equity. So, during the war, when the enemy invaded the country’s district, he waited for the enemy to be prepared for a just conflict. So, in this conflict, his virtuous determination led to the licking of his state.

Although people have really different perceptual experiences about the effectual leader, most people, in my sentiment, believe that the effectual leader is the 1 who leads the followings efficaciously, and, for that, leaders must understand both world and the nature of people. Therefore, the qualities, mentioned above, must be considered as the basic qualities that leaders need to cover with people and world for one to take the group efficaciously even though there may be more qualities that the effectual leader should possess. First is to pull strings the heads of people. Second is to be loved than to be feared. Third is to keep a good repute. Last is to separate world and ideal. However, it may look a difficult undertaking for one to hold all these qualities. So, leader must look to hold all these qualities.


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