Push Strategy: High Pressure Tactics

“Push” strategy, also known as high pressure tactics, the emphasis is on various aspects of distribution channels, personal selling, marketing activities, focused on staff promotions and trade promotions. “Pull” strategy, also known as attractive strategy, generally through the use of intensive advertising, sales promotion and other activities, causing the consumer’s desire to buy, to stimulate buying motives, thus increasing the pressure on brokers, prompting retailers to wholesalers, wholesalers purchase to the manufacturer, and ultimately to meet consumers’ needs, to promote sales.

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For newly established companies or shop like ours, the most realistic and most effective practice is not “push” strategy, or “Pull” strategy, is both push and pull. Our Taobao promotion is divided into: Taobao inside station promotion Taobao outside station promotion Taobao inside station promotion include self-promotion, this is push, and Train Taobao, Taobao their own tools, This is a pull. Taobao outside station promotion Forum, Blog, Local sites, Baidu, Google, Or find a third party to promote the software. This is the pull.

Taobao inside station promotion Before inside Stations promotion is self-promotion, when his shop designed to promote the image, then we can go Taobao train. 1 shop decoration Whether the store or shop, a facade is very important, I believe you should be fully understood in real life! To the customer to create a comfortable shopping environment, they are willing to stay here in my shop will be my success trading opportunities on the big points. Fitting best to achieve uniform color harmony, and in tune with their own products, outstanding ersonality. 2 set baby name by heart In the case of non-compliance, including more than a hot commodity-related keywords, which can increase the chance of goods being searched, thus increasing the chance of goods being bought. 3 window recommended rational use of window recommended, because the windows recommended products buyers to search more easily, and several times more likely to major out! Must recommend the shelves of the baby soon, the new must be frequently changed, the best and beautiful, there are cheap goods.

Such buyers will be interested to my shop stroll. 4Professional knowledge What is Professional knowledge? Is their understanding of the product, many customers ask questions about the product we have mastered it! We will not get caught off guard by the customer asked, or answer any of them? If we do not yet know their products are, people will buy it? Dares to buy it? So we have to consult the customer when the people feel we are very professional, very worthy of his trust! 5, Ali Want settings

Want to set an automatic reply, we do not directly say, “shopkeeper is not, please leave a message” and it is not publicity. We will introduce some of their new features added to our baby or baby, to attract customers to the store to visit. Want state can also be set to rolling, so the time to chat with others, potentially also promote my shop the. 6, after-sales Our after-sales ratio are important than any industry, if the sale can not allow the customer satisfaction, then we will lose a lot of customers of secondary consumption. 7 gifts promotion

We send goods to the buyer, while on his way to send flyers or business cards and small gifts to send in a small gift shop printed on their name, shop address, so as to enhance our online shop buyers the impression that . Another part taobao train 1,Taobao train advertising steps 1) First we have to bid for the baby set the appropriate words and ad title, Introduction. 2) When the buyer to search anywhere Taobao auction we set the word, or click on the categories of our baby, our ads will appear, displaying the search results page in the top right and bottom. ) If the buyer point of our train advertising, the system will set the bid in accordance with our terms of click prices to deductions, per click minimum 0. 01 Yuan. If advertising is displayed, no one click, it is not billed. 2, Taobao train bring five the following benefits 1) the baby promoted by Taobao train, as long as wanted to buy this baby Taobao people can see, greatly improving the baby’s exposure, give us more potential customers. 2) Only people who want to buy this baby to see our advertising, has brought us clicks is the intention to buy clicks, customers are buying intention to bring the buyers. ) give our Taobao shop to bring popularity, although we promote our single baby, but many buyers will look into our shop, a click may be caused by several transactions, such the whole chain reaction, is the biggest advantage to promote train, over time our shops popular natural high up. 4) can participate in more Taobao promotional activities, to participate in the train from time to time after the users have exclusive, Taobao single product promotion activities, we join train, you can register a variety of promotional activities. 5 Taobao train will bring the shop a very high traffic. 3, Taobao train advertising pay per click

That is, when people search our ads before clicking into the charge, a minimum 0. 05 yuan. (Just click on our ads only charge the other way is to click on our baby no charge) train without any service charge, the first stored account $ 500, all of our advertising, when we started advertising, the Click on the costs deducted from the inside. We can also set one day the total cost of $ 30, 30, our ads will appear only in the next day. 4, ad impressions Taobao train Taobao train baby in the search results page on the right (8 advertising) and Baby results page bottom (5 advertising) to show the form: image + text (Title + Description).

Another is Taobao outside station promotion the first category of Station outside include four promotion: A: Q class promotion: Baidu, Sogou, yudao and other major search sites and Q-related products you shop problem, and then to answer their questions, leaving you flat and website address, this will allow more to see to the problem of people into your shop. 2: e-mail promotion: your competitor’s customers are can see on Taobao, you can in holiday, or discount can send their email, it will also bring you more customers. 3: Forum promotion: Post a good post, reply to post

Good post not only to earn silver, but also doubling store page views, more important, and everyone in exchange of which, you can learn more, so as to achieve common progress results! But, after all, the classic post is difficult, most people still used the forum replies, in fact, a Good post’s response can effectively improve the shop views! 4: weibo, blog promotion: weibo and blog is now the most popular dating chat platform, and weibo and blog content is not restricted, so you can put your site directly to the weibo. Also concerned about more people, and their interaction, it will also bring more traffic.

Here we use the bajie network, we have posted on this site these tasks, set up prize, and someone will do these things for us. Of course there’s some way we can use to promote. 1, Taobao inquire Taobao find out more question and go to answer questions, if you see a Buy, you can take the initiative, we need to find the product buyers, so that more targeted, more effective! 2, the search engine landing Sign in major search engine, enter their own websites to attract foreign buyers Taobao, the following are all major portals for free search engine landing entrance: Baidu – the search engine free log entry http://www. aidu. com/search/url_submit. html Yahoo search engine free landing entrance http://misc. yahoo. com. cn/search_submit. html google search engine, free landing entrance http://www. google. com/intl/zh-CN/addurl. html Sohu – search engine free log entry http://db. sohu. com/regurl/regform. asp? Step=REGFORM 3, promotion by friends In daily life, with relatives and friends of the publicity is very important. Our friends and his own friends, such a mass ten, one hundred on the spread! 9, the use of propaganda QQ

Because we all know there are QQ space, it is equivalent to a personal Web site, we can write an article on the log in space, also reproduced in my friends, this is a publicity. Then is that to third-party software. 39 Union and Baidu promotion. Baidu promotion and Taobao train promotion Is exactly the same principle and mode of operation. But Baidu’s account costs is more expensive than the train Taobao. It needs 5600 yuan. Click on the net costs are expensive, priced according to what you sell. Women’s clothing war cost 3. 2 yuan less per click.

Of course, this price and Taobao is the same as our own set, the price is high, sort of on the front. Baidu is not very suitable for us to promote. So we choose 39 union. 39 union major promotions is internal Taobao shops, and some domestic mainstream sites, such as the happy network. He put the Taobao link ads in his owned shop. Here is an instance diagram: 39 union’s Charges are as follows Impressions is fixed, click the more the lower the cost. When up to 10% of the click rate, the cost is only 0. 03 yuan. In the mainstream site, he also has his own advertising links. We use the happy side as a example:

Its advertising link is in the right. So it’s low cost, and major advertising sites in the internal Taobao, which are more suitable for us. Therefore, the promotion of third-party software, we will select 39 union. The cost: All promotion is required to pay Taobao assistant, 500yuan. In addition, 39 union, it is a free account, so long as we prepaid 500yuan. We need to promote a total of 1000. In addition, our website design will cost 300. Electricity: general computer total power of 150 watts in 10 hours is 1. 5 degrees! 0. 15 degrees per hour, while electricity is 0. 68 yuan in Shanghai once, at 22 pm to 6 am was 0. 4, so a month’s electricity is 62. Because we are a distributor, so we do not need to buy the product cost. When customers pay, we only need to notify the manufacturer, shipped from the factory. So our total cost is 1362 yuan http://zhidao. baidu. com/question/131207413. html http://www. 3158. cn/news/20110124/10/87-411331620_1. shtml http://apps. hi. baidu. com/share/detail/15314894 http://u. 139001. net/ http://www. taobaoq. com/thread-187823-1-1. html http://zhidao. baidu. com/question/263681569. html http://baike. baidu. com/view/2058582. htm http://www. tbtips. com/tbrm/taobao-train-the-beginners. html


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