Purchases Behavior In Green Hospitality Marketing Essay


1.1 Research Background

Presents, the wildlife and ecosystem are in danger and hazard ( Lee et al. , 2010 ) . Furthermore, the job of planetary heating is going more and more serious. The planetary heating can convey a batch of consequence and job to environment such as raising sea temperature and runing polar ice ( Lee et al. , 2010 ) . Therefore, the media such as telecasting and radio start advertise and denote the people sing the issue and consequence of the planetary heating. There are many people start to concern about green direction which describe as “ the procedures and patterns introduced by an concern for decreasing, cut downing and forestalling harmful environmental effects originating from its projects ” ( Cooper, 1998 ) .

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Due to the earnestness of ozone depletion, planetary heating and home ground devastation, the people start to go more concerned and worry about the environmental job ( Lee et al. , 2010 ) . The people start to seek eco-friendly merchandise and happen the information about the green merchandise through book every bit good as cyberspace after they become more witting and attention about the environmental issue ( Bohdanowicz, 2006 ) . Harmonizing to Miller ( 2003 ) , 78 % of the consumers are stating that they are “ ever ” or “ erstwhile ” seeking the information thought cyberspace before they decide to take a finish to remain. 69 % of people are stating that their determination are sometimes will be affect by the eco-friendly information about the corporate and finish while 15 % of the people are stating that their determination are ever affect by the environment information.

Many people now understand and know all their determination of purchase will straight off affect the environment ( Lee et al. , 2010 ) . The figure of people purchasing green merchandise are increasing and more and more people are willing and want to buy green merchandise even though the monetary value of some green merchandise are expensive ( Lee et al. , 2010 ) . As there are many people concern about environment job and involvement to purchase eco-friendly merchandise, the hotel are get downing to pay attending to guest demand ( Cortes et al. , 2007 ) and accommodate this environment concern into the hotel direction for the intent to diminish and forestall the environment job that cause by unneeded nondurable goods ingestion, H2O wastage and energy usage ( Italian National Agency for the Protection of the Environment and for Technical Services, 2002 ) every bit good as maintain the competitory advantages among other hotel ( Cortes et al. , 2007 ) .

The construct of a green hotel is express by Green Hotels Association ( 2008 ) , which defined that “ Green hotels ” or “ environmentally friendly hotels ” are the hotels that have made a committedness to implemented at least one of the environmentally pattern which include salvaging energy, salvaging H2O, or cut down solid waste. The chief green patterns that implement in a hotel to forestall and diminish environment job by pull offing waste, salvaging H2O and energy every bit good as educate and allow the client know and understand the earnestness of the environment job. ( Kotler et.,1999 )

When the green direction merely has been introduced, the chief factor that makes a hotel decide to travel green are because of obeying the authorities ordinance and want to cut down waste, H2O and energy use in order to salvage costs ( Lee et al. , 2010 ) . However, since there are many clients are get downing to remain and demand for green hotel, the green direction is going straight connected with client satisfaction and demand ( Manaktola & A ; Jauhari, 2007 ) , employee morale and merchandise quality ( Enz & A ; Siguaw, 1999 ) , the willingness to pay and purchase a quality for eco-friendly merchandise ( Laroche et. , 2001 ) and hotel image ( Mensah, 2004 ) . Besides that, the green hotel non merely can accomplish the demand in the market as the hotel conveying a smaller sum of impact to environment but green hotel besides can distinguish themselves from other similar non-green hotels.

Refer to a survey of International Hotels Environment Initiative and Accor, 90 per centum of hotel clients want to remain and populate in a hotel which concern about the environment issue and job ( Mensah, 2004 ) . Furthermore, J.D. Power and Associates ‘ 2007 North America Hotel Guest Satisfaction Study reported that 75 per centum of hotel clients will fall in and participant in the eco-friendly enterprises ( Butler, 2008 ) . Penny ( 2007 ) conducted a study which sing the attitude of hotel directors towards green direction in Macau. He found that 65 per centum of people believe and trust the good quality of green direction can better and increase the fight every bit good as hotel ‘s image. Therefore, the green direction is really of import in operational and strategic planning in a green hotel ( Butler,2008 ) .

1.2 Research Problem and Question

The intent of this research paper is to find the purchases behaviour of each client towards green cordial reception. Nowadays, many hotels are decided to travel green as there are many benefits and advantages. Even though the hotel implement a batch of pattern to forestall the environment job but if the consumer are non care and support green pattern, the hotel ca n’t gain any net income. Therefore, the purchases behavior of clients is really of import as the clients are the chief income for a hotel. However, non all the clients have positive purchases behavior and there are besides some clients are non willing to pay for green merchandise and service. So, if the green hotels want to go a successful company, they need to take into consideration of those issues that can impact the clients ‘ purchases behaviour with their powerful schemes.

Based on these issues, this research stated following inquiry:

What is the client purchase behavior towards green cordial reception?

Make the clients have environment cognition?

Make the clients have strong environmental belief?

What factors influence purchases behavior of client?

Are the clients willing to pay more for green?

1.3 Research Objective

This research may be used by hotels to analysis the market section of hotel invitees who are interested in green hotels. Hotels will be able to utilize the research to understand and cognize more about the purchases behaviour of each consumer sing taking a green hotel or using green plans at hotels.

There are 4 chief research aims in this research paper. The aim of this research paper is to understand and cognize the consumer purchase behavior towards green cordial reception every bit good as the factors influences their purchase behavior. Furthermore, it besides researches on the willingness of consumer wage for green and besides analysis environmental cognition and environment beliefs among consumer.

The 4 chief research aims are:

To analyze the environmental cognition among consumer.

To find the environmental beliefs among consumer.

To analyze the willingness of consumer wage for green.

To happen out the factors that influence purchases behaviour to remain in green hotel.

1.4 Research Hypothesis

The hypothesis is making to analyze the relationship between the dependant variable ( client purchase behaviour ) and independent variable ( factors set uping client purchase behaviour ) . These full hypotheses will be trial and prove in the following portion of research.

There are 5 hypotheses will be study in this research:

Hypotheses 1:

Environmental cognition has a important positive consequence on client purchase behavior.

Hypotheses 2:

Environmental belief has a important positive consequence on client purchase behavior.

Hypotheses 3:

Environmental belief has a important positive consequence on client purchase behavior.

Hypotheses 4:

Familiarity has a important positive consequence on client purchase behavior.

Hypotheses 5:

Parent has a important positive consequence on client purchase behavior.

1.5 Research Layout

First, the research will place the research background, research job, research aim and hypothesis in debut portion. Next the literature reappraisal and conceptual model will discourse the definition and theoretical background which related to green hotels and purchase behaviour. The research method that will be used in this survey is quantitative method. This research is chiefly study the clients purchases behavior, therefore the questionnaire will be distribute to 200 possible clients. The informations collected from this research will be analysis by utilizing SPSS ( Statistical Package for Social Sciences ) package. Discussion and recommendation will be complete after analysis the information. However, if the analysis of informations collected is match with the hypothesis of this research, the general decision will be write and later the entry of the thesis.

1.6 Structure Plan of Research


Research background

Research jobs and inquiries

Research Objective

Research hypothesis

Research Layout


Motivation for hotel traveling green

Green pattern in hotel

Green challenges

Green client

Green consumer sections

Green purchase and green purchase behaviour

The factors influence client purchase behaviour


Determination AND ANALYSIS



Diagram 1: Structure Plan of Research

Literature Review

2.2 Motivation for hotel traveling green

The cordial reception industry is become more eco-friendly due to some grounds such as consumers factor, environmental ordinances, and managerial concern ( Foster et al. , 2000 ) . Many people defined that a good company image can assist the companies create and maintain the client trueness ( Andreassen & A ; Lindestad, 1998 ) . One of the grounds that impel the companies to implement green patterns is to develop and better their repute and image ( ( Andreassen & A ; Lindestad, 1998 ) . The industry experts besides indicated that the company image will be better when they implement green patterns, while for the long tally the company can bring forth client trueness ( Ryu et. 2008 ) .

There 4 chief grounds that a hotel traveling green:

Cost economy and economic benefit

Harmonizing to Brown ( 1996 ) , many surveies are province that the cost economy factor are the chief factor that motivate many hotel decide to travel green and implement green pattern.

Most of the hotels in U.S spend about $ 4 billion on energy ingestion every twelvemonth. It makes the hotel proprietor have motive to travel green because of cost salvaging propose. Traveling green can do a belongings cut down use of H2O, energy every bit good as waste stuff as the belongings can gain more net incomes ( Energy Star, U.S Environmental Energy Protection Agency ) .

Even though the cost and the investing for get downing green are high, but the hotel can salvage a tonss of money after execution of several green plans. The Holiday Inn on King in Toronto was able to salvage CDN $ 14853 by utilizing the low flow showerhead and spigot aerator ( Graci 2002 ) . Besides that, another belongings in Toronto ( Fairmont Royal York ) salvaging more than CDN $ 200 000 per twelvemonth by implement the energy preservation plan to replace leaky watercourse traps which cost CDN $ 25000 ( Graci 2002 ) .


Presents, the proprietors and operator of hotel are prefer the better direction and policy because of the high competitory nature in the cordial reception industry ( Energy Star, U.S Environmental Energy Protection Agency )

Harmonizing to Brown ( 1996 ) , besides to fiscal benefit, if a hotel decides to implement eco-friendly plan, they can make a competitory advantage in cordial reception industry and besides can fulfill the demand of some consumer who require eco-friendly merchandises and service. The eco-friendly plan that implement by a hotel can assist them to better their productiveness every bit good as addition the competiveness among many hotels. ( Brown, 1996 )

One of the CEO are stating that the hotels can accomplish some selling nonsubjective if they are decide to travel green, so it is a benefit for a company to distinguish themselves in extremely competitory state of affairs. ( Dummet, 2004 )

There are several benefits can bask by a belongings when the belongings success to increased their fight. The benefits includes the belongings can better market portion, pull more client, increase monetary value premium, increase productiveness of staff and entree to or creative activity of new market ( Rivera 2001 ) .

Image and repute

Presents, the belongings and concern non merely purpose for direct economic benefit but besides aim for other benefit such as repute and increase belongings image ( Wight, 1994 ) .

The corporate image and the company repute are the most invaluable and intangible plus that can have by every hotel. All the hotels want to acquire a good image and repute to increase the figure of client and gross revenues ( Rivera, 2001 ) .

To keep a good repute and image is really of import for the hotels which located at environmentally and socially sensitive part of the universe. One of the ways to increase competitory among other belongings is improve company image and repute ( Rivera, 2001 ) .

Harmonizing to several CFOs of the best 100 largest hotel, the chief grounds for company to implement ecofriendly patterns is to the addition the image of a company where 13 % for image among stockholders and 54 % for image among buyer ( Environmental Leader, 2007 ) .

Government ordinance

The authorities statute law is one of the factors that influence a corporate to travel green. Emtairah et Al. ( 2002 ) are studied 70 corporate who are keeping environmental certificates. The consequence showed that there are 49 corporate ( 70 % ) decide to implement environment attempt and traveling green due to authorities statute law.

The authoritiess of several states are offering some benefits to actuate the hotel to travel green. Some authorities statute law has even lessened punishments, lessening revenue enhancements and countenance as an effort to actuate more corporate to travel green. The authorities statute law is an of import issue to actuate more hotel to participant in activities of protect environment ( Dummet, 2004 ) .

In twelvemonth 1997, The Canadian Government is coercing the hotel to implement eco-friendly plan and merely O.K. the domestic hotels who have implemented the sound environmental plan. If the hotels want to salvage their public sector contract, they must implement the sound environmental plan that stipulate from Canadian Government ( WWF/ IBLF 2002 ) .

2.1 Green pattern in hotel

“ Green hotels ” or “ environmentally friendly hotels ” are the hotels that have made a committedness to implemented at least one of the environmentally pattern which include salvaging energy, salvaging H2O, or cut down solid waste. ( “ Environmentally Friendly Hotels, ” 2010 ) .

Green hotel are making a batch of pattern and attempt to back up their green construct when traveling green. Different green hotel are utilizing their ain preparation plans and action program to accomplish their end in protect environment. ( Bohdanowicz 2005 ) .

There are several plans that frequently implement in green hotel to cut down energy, H2O and waste stuff to protect environment and cut down cost. The 4 following plan are the plans that frequently practise in the hotel:

Water Conservation Program

The chief map of this plan is help the hotel to cut down H2O use and wastage by utilizing and implement H2O recycle system. A luxury resort ( Fairmont Southamption ) implement the preservation plan by hive awaying 1 million gallon rainwater in the storage armored combat vehicle and utilizing the storage H2O when the hotel demand to provide H2O to guest during low tenancy period ( Fairmont Hotel & A ; Resorts ) .

Energy Conservation Program.

The energy preservation Program comprise implement energy direction scheme, utilizing fluorescent visible radiation bulbs ( CFLs ) and light breathing rectifying tubes to cut down the energy use and wastage in the hotel. The belongings which implement energy preservation plan such as Marriott International are able to cut down the energy and lead to salvage about $ 6 million a twelvemonth. Marriott International besides reduces a batch of nursery Gas ( GHG ) that will be release in the air ( Energy Star, U.S Environmental Energy Protection Agency ) .

Besides that, the belongings in North Vancouver, British ( Holiday Inn ) are able to salvage USD $ 16000 every twelvemonth and able to cut down 28 per centum of the energy ingestion when implement energy direction system in the room. The system can automatically set the temperature inside the room by utilizing the detector. Even though the system are really dearly-won but the investing can be return within 14 month as the system can salvage a batch energy. ( Green Lodging News 2008 ) .

Waste Minimization Program

The waste minimisation plan can be pattern and implement by puting different types of recycle bin to divide plastic, paper, aluminum or glass in invitee room, public lavatory every bit good as anteroom. The hotel besides promote guest to recycle linen when implement waste minimisation plan. Kimpton Hotel is one of the hotels which success in this plan ( Kimpton Hotels & A ; Restaurants ) .

Harmonizing to Bohdanowicz ( 2005 ) , about 50 to 60 per centum of the entire disposal and waste stuffs can be reuse and recycle in a hotel. The hotel which has waste direction plan can cut down the sum of unsorted waste stuffs. ( Bohdanowicz 2005 ) .Bohdanowicz ( 2005 ) examined the two different hotels which are implement waste direction plan and did non implement waste direction plan. The consequence showed that the mean sum of unsorted waste stuff are 3.1 kgs per guest per dark in a hotel which did non implement waste direction plan ( Radisson SAS Hotel ) , while in the hotel which has implement waste direction plan ( Scandic Hotels ) produce 0.515 kg of unsorted waste stuffs merely per guest per dark. ( Bohdanowicz, 2005 )

Roofbased solar energy system

Harmonizing to Green Lodging New ( 2008 ) , the belongings ( Comfort Inn and Suites in Red Deer, Alberta ) can cut down their energy costs by implement roofbased solar energy system. This system is able to change over waste energy from other system in the hotel and able to chill and heat the hotel. Even though the cost of put ining the solar energy was really high which is USD $ 1.4 million, but the system are able to hold adequate energy stored to chill and heat the hotel even the hotel are without Sun for 14 yearss ( Green Lodging News 2008 ) .

2.3 Green challenges

Harmonizing to Pryce ( 2001 ) , there is a spread between client attitude and action in the hotel industry ( Pryce, 2001 ) . There are some factors such as cost issue and assortment construction of the industry that cause the belongings difficult and really hard to travel green ( Henderson, 2007 ) . In the cordial reception industry, there besides have some medium sizes and little size hotel do non gain money and do non acquire any benefit when they implement the eco-friendly plan ( Pryce, 2001 ) . The client demand for the green merchandise besides really low ( Pryce, 2001 ) .

The undermentioned tabular array is the challenges and trouble faced by different states which include Europe, Asian, Latin America, India, Middle East, Oceania and Caribbean.

The green challenges faced by different state




High rehabilitation costs for traditional and landmark


No major challenge at this point

Latin America

Weak cognition of how to travel green


Unaffordable for green engineering

Middle East

No major Challenge at this point


Lack of consciousness of green fiscal inducements


Limited fiscal granted to little graduated table operations

Table 1: Green challenge in different state

Beginning: Ernst & A ; Young 2010 industry study, Hospitality traveling green.

Harmonizing to Ernst & A ; Young ( 2010 ) , some of the state are confronting trouble when traveling green and some of the state do n’t confront any trouble in this minute. The states such as Asiatic and Middle East no major challenge at this minute. While the Latin America, India, Oceania and Caribbean are confronting some jobs such as deficiency of cognition of green, unaffordable for green engineering, deficiency of consciousness of green fiscal inducements and limited fiscal granted to little scale operations.

2.4 Green client

International Institute for Sustainable Development ( IISD ) defined that green clients are people who obligate to green life styles and they are care about the green patterns and their effects. Besides that, Strong ( 1996 ) stated that green client is a individual who avoids utilizing a merchandise which will convey a negative impact to the environment, harm human organic structure wellness, energy inefficient, and cause unneeded waste.

In order to protecting the environment from the negative impact, cut downing the H2O and energy usage and better personal wellness, the clients are get downing to pattern green purchase ( Chan, 2001 ) . Harmonizing to Ottman ( 1993 ) green client will seek and back up an environmental merchandise which has less negative consequence to the environment. They are willing to larn the green pattern even though they lack of cognition about green.

The green consumers who care about the environment will seek to demo their concern through different behaviours. For illustration, they will buy merely eco-friendly merchandise and ever look into on the merchandise that they are purchasing to guarantee the merchandise make non convey any consequence to environment. A client who is concern and attention about the environment is more willing to take to purchase green merchandise. ( Peattie, 2001 ) .

Green Customer Sections

Even though there are many people cognizant and cognize the environment job, but non everyone will demo their willingness to purchase green merchandise or service. 23 per centum of U.S. consumers are purchase the merchandise which packaged with recycled stuffs, 45 per centum will recycle tins and bottle, 46 per centum will recycle documents and newspaper and 58 per centum will salvage electricity at place ( Ginsberg & A ; Bloom, 2004 ) . So we can cognize some client already show irregular green attitudes in their buying behaviour every bit good as their wont. ( Ginsberg & A ; Bloom, 2004 ) .

Ginsberg & A ; Bloom, ( 2004 ) examined that there are several group of green consumer:

True Blue Green: True blues are a group who has strong environmental beliefs and they will purchase and back up the merchandise which is eco-friendly. They are over four times to get away to purchase the merchandise which produce by houses that are non eco-friendly.

Bill Greens: Bills are different with true blue as they do non take the clip to be ethically active. But they are more willing to purchase and back up the eco-friendly merchandises compare to other normal consumer.

Sprouts: Sprouts are a group that knows and believe the environmental issue in theory but they wo n’t pattern it. Sprouts are non frequently purchasing an eco-friendly merchandise if they need to pass more money for eco-friendly merchandise comparison to other merchandise. But they have possible to travel green and can be influenced to purchase eco-friendly merchandise if attracted to suitably.

Grousers: Grousers are a group who are non be educated about the environmental issues and they wo n’t pattern green. They think that the monetary value of eco-friendly merchandise are excessively expensive and wo n’t purchase it.

Basic browns: Basic browns are a group who do non worry and care about the environmental job and do non involved with day-to- twenty-four hours concerns.

2.6 Green Purchase behaviour

Harmonizing to Mainieri et. ( 1997 ) , green purchasing or green purchases are the action of purchases a merchandise which are environmentally good from consumer ‘s perceptual experience. Other definition of green purchase is peculiar sort of environmental behaviour that consumers accomplish to show their concern to environment ( Chan, 2001 ) . In order to make an ecological hereafter, the worldaˆYs society, community, and private sector are get downing to implement green buying ( IGPN, 2009 ) .

Harmonizing to Lee ( 2009 ) , green purchase behaviour defined as consumed a merchandise which is reclaimable and do non convey any negative consequence to the environment. In recent times, consumers are recognizing that there has an impact of their buying behaviour to the environment ( Abdul Wahid et al. , 2011 ) . Therefore, they start to alter their purchase behaviour in order to protect the environment. Consumers who have strong green purchase behaviour will protect natural resources to cut down negative environmental effects and they will cut down utilizing energy and waste to bettering their wellness and safety ( Chan, 2001 ) .

Furthermore, the green purchase behaviours of consumers are of import because it will act upon their willingness to pay more for green merchandises ( Laroche et al. , 2001 ) . Besides that, the consumers who are practising green purchase will protect natural resources to cut down negative environmental effects and they will cut down utilizing energy and waste to bettering their wellness and safety ( Chan, 2001 ) .

The Factor Influence Customer Purchase Behaviour

Environmental Knowledge

Environmental cognition is ability of a consumer to place and measure the consequence of ecology on the society and the sum of understanding he or she has approximately environmentally friendly issues ( Chan, 2001 ) . The cognition of environment can promote a favourable attitude of a consumer toward green merchandises.

Knowledge is one of the factor that will impact the determination doing procedure among the client. Furthermore, cognition is an of import and important constituent that will act upon how consumer collect and form information, how consumer analysis a merchandise or service and how much information they will utilize when doing a determination ( Alba and Hutchinson, 1987 ) .

Amyx et Al ( 1994 ) defined that the consumers who has immense cognition about environmentally friendly issue are willing to pay and pass more money for eco-friendly merchandises. Chan ( 1995 ) found that if the consumers who have knowledge about eco-friendly merchandises and cognize how the eco-friendly merchandises benefit their wellness ; the chance that they change their purchase behaviour are higher than the consumers who have no cognition.

Harmonizing to Moseley ‘s ( 2000 ) , there are 3 phases of environmental cognition.

The first phase is nominal environmental literacy. In this phase the people are understand and aware of environmental footings but do non cognize the issues good plenty to do specific purchase behaviour.

The 2nd phase is functional environmental literacy. In this phase the people know the basic cognition about importance of environmental concerns every bit good as can utilize all this basic cognition and information discuss with other people.

The 3rd phase is operational environmental literacy. The people can construe, roll up, and analyze the informations sing to environmental issues and take them into reading in their purchase behaviour.

Environmental Beliefs

Environmental beliefs are mentioning to the consumer ‘s moral value who their inner trust that their action will make an impact on environmental. As to Roberts ( 1996 ) , a individual who strongly believe that he or she can cut down environment job and strongly experience that his or her environmental attempts will be effectual in diminishing environmental amendss, are more willing to back up in environmentally witting events and do green purchase determination in their day-to-day life.

Harmonizing to Grazing and Olsen ( 1991 ) , there is a positive relationship between general environment beliefs and green purchase behavior. A individual who has strong environmental beliefs will take more action and attempt on environment protection activities. Individual beliefs express the aims that motivate a individual and that individual will progressively alter his or her behavior to accomplish the aim ( Grazing and Olsen, 1991 ) . Therefore, a consumer with strong environmental beliefs will be probably to hold greater green purchase behavior.

Environmental concern

Harmonizing to Han et Al. ( 2009 ) , environmental concerns are related with a individual ‘s concerns about the several facets of ecological jobs such as air pollution, H2O pollution and planetary heating. The Numberss of people who are showing their environment concerns bit by bit increase in this few old ages ( Han et al. , 2009 ) . The environment concern usually generated from single experience, other people experience and media ( Paco & A ; Raposo, 2009 ) . This personal experience will act upon a individual environmentally witting behaviors in day-to-day life every bit good as figure of ingestion ( Paco & A ; Raposo, 2009 ) .

Straughan and Roberts ( 1999 ) stated that people who have high degrees of environment concern have strong environment behavior if they realise that their action or attempt are able to work out environmental job. The clients who have high environmental concern are more willing to execute environmental behaviors in day-to-day life every bit good as brand green buying determination even though they are non ever purchasing eco-friendly merchandise ( Paco & A ; Raposo, 2009 ) .


Harmonizing to Alba & A ; Hutchinson ( 1987 ) , acquaintance is the sum of client ‘s experience to a peculiar merchandise or service that they had before. This factor is really of import because it can promote a individual to purchase green merchandise if they had good experience or remark to a merchandise that they used before. Familiarity is peculiarly important linking to green merchandise, because of it is a new tendency so the old experience of client with green merchandise or service are really low.

Low acquaintance is a factor that can act upon the figure of purchase for green merchandise. Magnusson et Al. ( 2001 ) stated that acquaintance give a description about why merely little sum of people decide to purchasing green merchandise even they have positive attitude toward green merchandise. There are some research workers agree with this consequence and found that many people do non buy green merchandise due to they are non familiar with green merchandise ( Magnusson et al.2001 ) .

Parents Influence

Caruana and Vassallo ( 2003 ) found that many adolescent are influence by their parents when they make purchase determination. Jodl et Al. ( 2001 ) describe that parents are the of import socialisation agent for adolescents for the instillment of behavior and value. The adolescent and kids can be influence by their parents when they are doing a choice of day-to-day merchandise, nutrient, drinks and fabric ( Gunter and Furnham 1998 ) . A survey show that the adolescent are more willing to be active in the recycle activities when their parents besides active in or when their parents promote them to take part ( Fletcher et al. , 2000 ) . If the parents Teach and explicate the manner to protect environment to their kids, the kids can be exercise a positive impact on their green purchasing behavior.

The research workers found that the entire index of adolescent ‘s influence on parent disbursement in Chinese households is approximately 68 % ( McNeal and Yeh, 1997 ) . Besides that, Palmer and co-workers ( 1999 ) found that the parents who live in Australia, Canada and United Kingdom are playing an of import function in adolescent ‘s childhood life experience every bit good as impact on the growing of environmental consciousness.

Demographic Factors

Many surveies are found that demographic factor is one of the influencing factors that can impact client green purchase behaviour ( Kollmuss and Agyeman, 2002 ) . The demographic factors include gender, age, income degree and instruction degree.

The engagement of female in most of the purchase actions lead to many of the research workers argue that adult female are more willing to back up and buy on eco-friendly merchandise. This is because most of the purchases activities are adult female, hence adult female are more dominant than adult male in purchase activities. Mclntyre et Al. ( 1993 ) found that female are likely to be more environmental cognizant and willing to buy eco-friendly merchandise so male. Besides that, Lee ( 2009 ) found that female have higher green purchase behaviour comparing to male in Hong Kong. However, the consequence of Reizenstein et Al. ( 1974 ) showed that adult male are more likely to pay more for purchasing green merchandise in order to command environmental jobs. Furthermore, harmonizing to Balderjahn ( 1988 ) the relationship between ecologically cognizant attitudes and the green purchase behavior was more intensive among male than among adult females.

There is a positive relationship between degrees of instruction and green purchase behaviours. If a individual who has high instruction degree, he or she will besides hold more environmental concerns and positive green purchase behaviour ( Schwartz & A ; Miller, 1991 ; Zimmer, Stafford, & A ; Stafford, 1994 ) . Besides that, harmonizing to Berkowitz and Lutterman ( 1968 ) , the clients who have medium or high income are more willing to back up in green activities every bit good as purchase green merchandise because of their higher instruction degree and as a consequence they become more sensitive to environment job.

Furthermore, Berkowitz and Lutterman ( 1968 ) reported that the green consumer are younger than norm in the early research. However, this tendency has been change in the last 10 old ages and many of the recent research showed that the green consumer are being older than norm. ( Roberts, 1996 )

Conceptual Model

This conceptual model has been created based on the literature reappraisal and hypothesis. There is a spread between dependent variable and independent variable. All five concepts of independent variable ( environmental cognition, environmental concern, environmental belief, acquaintance, parent influence ) have a positive relationship with dependant variable ( consumer green purchase behaviour ) .



Environmental Knowledge

Environmental Concern

Environmental Belief


Parent Influence





Diagram 2 ( Researcher illustration theoretical account )

Research Methodology


In this portion, the research worker will discourse the research design, questionnaire building and information analysis method that will be used in this research. The research worker will explicate the design of questionnaire in item every bit good as the method that would be used to roll up informations and analysis informations. The research worker will plan a questionnaire based on the literature reappraisal in order to prove the relationship between dependant variable ( client purchase behaviour ) and independent variable ( environmental cognition, environmental belief, environmental concern, acquaintance and parent Influence ) . The questionnaire will direct out to the respondents in order to roll up day of the month to prove the hypotheses.

Research attack

The research worker is utilizing structured attack in this research. Every inquiry of the questionnaire was predetermined based on the literature reappraisal. There are 3 subdivision of the questionnaire, every subdivision provide several possible reply for respondents to take. Respondent will reply the inquiry by utilizing five-point Likert graduated table ( from strongly differ to strongly hold ) .

Research Design

The research worker decided that the suited methodological analysis is to carry on a quantitative research by directing the questionnaires to the possible client in order to roll up numerical informations. It is really save clip by utilizing quantitative method to roll up day of the month. Compare to qualitative method, it merely takes approximately 5 to 10 minute for each respondent to reply the questionnaire. Besides that, qualitative information is more efficient and able to prove each of the hypotheses in this research.

A two-page questionnaire will be used in this research. The questionnaires include of 3 subdivisions to prove both dependent variable ( client purchase behaviour ) and independent variable ( environmental cognition, environmental belief, environmental concern, acquaintance and parent Influence ) of this research. A short debut of direction will be written at the top of each subdivision in order to avoid confusion when the client replying different subdivision of the questionnaire. Every respondent will be asked to read and reply each inquiry carefully with the intent of collect most accurate informations.

The questionnaire will administer to every possible client who has buying power towards green cordial reception which include Malayan and non- Malaysian. A sum of 220 questionnaire will direct out to the possible client. The study was conducted in a hebdomad, from 23th September 2012 to 30th September 2012. After collect all the questionnaire, SPSS system will be used in order to analysis the informations of each questionnaire.

Questionnaire building

The combination of both closed-ended questionnaire and open-ended questionnaire was used in this research. The questionnaire contain largely of closed-ended inquiry and few open-ended inquiries in the first subdivision which is demographic subdivision. Closed-ended inquiry provides possible reply for respondents to take, it includes multiple pick inquiries and scale inquiries. While, the open-ended inquiry allow the respondents to compose and reply in more item. The four-page questionnaire is design in order to roll up sufficient and equal informations to mensurate each of the hypotheses for this research. The questionnaire was divided into 3 subdivisions with sum of 48 inquiries.

In the first subdivision, the respondents are requested to take their ain demographic features which are gender, age, nationality, ethic group, matrimonial position, highest instruction and monthly income. The first subdivision contains of 7 inquiry and the respondents are request to choose from all the possible reply.

There are 5 parts in the 2nd subdivision ; each portion of this subdivision measures the different factors that impacting the client behaviour. The first portion of this subdivision step how strong the client ‘s parent influence on their purchase behaviour, it contains of eight inquiries. Respondent will reply the inquiry by utilizing five-point Likert graduated table ( from strongly differ to strongly hold ) .

The 2nd portion measures the degree of environmental cognition of each client. The respondents are request to reply 5 inquiries which related to environmental cognition. The reply which given by the respondents allow research worker to analysis how much their cognition about environmental issue and protection.

The 3rd portion measures degree of acquaintance of green pattern among the client. This portion contains eight inquiries inquiring the respondents what environmental friendly activities that they performed before in order to prove their purchase behaviour towards green hotel.

The 4th portion of 2nd subdivision measures the environment beliefs among the respondents, it contain of 9 inquiries. The last portion of this subdivision step the environment concern among the respondent. The respondent will bespeak to reply 6 inquiries which related to the degree of their disquieted about the environment issue and job.

The last subdivision of inquiry measures the purpose to prosecute in green purchase behaviour among the respondents. These subdivisions contain 5 inquiry and the respondents will bespeak to reply their willingness of purchase towards green hotel. In this subdivision, the respondent are besides request to reply the inquiry by utilizing five-point Likert graduated table ( from strongly differ to strongly hold ) .

Sampling method

The samples of this research are people who have purchase power towards green cordial reception. The questionnaires will be distributed to possible clients with different age, gender, matrimonial position, instruction degree and income. The sample size of this research is 200 and the informations will be collected from 200 people who include Malayan and non-Malaysian.

The trying method that will be utilized in this hunt is convenience trying due to convenient handiness. It is one of the non-probability sample which able to choose the easiest population member in order to roll up information.

Data Analysis Method

The information will be analysis by utilizing SPSS ( Statistical Package for the Social Sciences ) system.


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