Psychology Article Summary Essay

A recent article showed that a group of research workers have discovered new findings in the symptoms and diagnosing of Alzheimer’s disease. Harmonizing to the article.Depression Is A Risk Factor Rather Than Early Sign of Alzheimer’s Disease. Study Suggests. which was published in the Science Daily website last April 10. the consequences of a recent survey by research workers at the Rush University Medical Center suggests that depression is non an early symptom of Alzheimer’s disease but a status that increases the hazard of the disease.

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Harmonizing to the survey. people who exhibit higher degrees of depression at an old age will most probably have an increased opportunity to develop Alzheimer’s disease every bit good as mild cognitive damage ( MCI ) than those who do non. The research group examined 917 older Catholic clergy and checked if their manifestations of depression before and after the outgrowth of symptoms that led to Alzheimer’s disease.

Based on the article. for 13 old ages. the participants of the survey underwent several medical ratings such as appraisal of depressive symptoms. cognitive testing. and categorization of MCI and Alzheimer’s disease. During the survey period. 190 participants who exhibited increased symptoms of depression developed Alzheimer’s disease.

However. harmonizing to the article. the research workers emphasized that the consequences of survey has to be rechecked and reevaluated before they can do a decision. They besides said that their findings can non alter the method of naming Alzheimer’s disease since the survey was really limited. In add-on. they besides said that there are many facets about the encephalon that have yet to be studied which is why it is hard for research workers to name brain-related diseases. Nevertheless. based on the article. the findings are a discovery in the field of psychological science and the medical field in general. The research workers suggest farther surveies should be conducted on how depression contributes to the development of Alzheimer’s disease in order to invent new agencies to forestall the disease.

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