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Outcome 1 Question 1

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Mobility means being able to travel or be moved freely. Persons with disablements or malformations may hold restricted mobility as some parts of their organic structure may non being able to travel freely

Outcome 1 Question 2

Many wellness conditions can impact mobility. from physical malformations to neurological conditions ( ie Multiple Sclerosis ) . Person that is unable to physically travel their weaponries or legs due an disablement ( such as juvenile arthritis ) will hold restricted mobility. where they may non be able to transport out twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours undertakings and may necessitate aid. Multiple Sclerosis can impact a figure of maps that would finally impact mobility. alterations in vision could do it hard to voyage an infinite safely and efficaciously. where musculus failing would do it more hard to walk. If an person has suffered from a shot they may hold restricted mobility in the affected side of their organic structure. they may be unable to stand or to equilibrate and may hold trouble traveling their arm/hand to transport out twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours undertakings.

Outcome 1 Question 3

If an person is unable to transport out undertakings due to a deficiency of mobility they may as a consequence suffer from low self-esteem and experience frustrated with their ego for non being able to transport out a peculiar undertaking. They may be unable to make things when they wish and may hold to wait for support or aid from a household member or carer.

Outcome 1 Question 4

Bing able to keep mobility will hold a positive consequence on an individual’s well-being and good as perchance assist better their physical
status. Maintaining and bettering mobility helps the organic structure maintain healthy. Movement improves the cardiovascular system. which controls external respiration and the circulation of blood.

Outcome 2 Question 1

It is of import to hold mobility activities with the person and others so that everyone knows what is approximately to go on and can fix themselves for what is to come. It is of import to make this before every motion is carried out.

Outcome 2 Question 2

It is of import to take any jeopardies in the country before get downing a mobility activity to cut down the hazard of hurt to both the service user and yourself. you would make this by visually inspecting the country for any jeopardies ( eg electrical wires ) and travel them out of the manner in a safe and caring mode.

Outcome 2 Question 3

It is of import to look into the suitableness of an individual’s vesture and footwear before a mobility activity to take any jeopardy that may show itself. if an person did non hold appropriate footwear before being transferred on a bend disc for illustration they may lose their balance and do hurt to themselves or the carer. Clothing should be placed so that it does non acquire in the manner of any mobility assistance and that there is small alteration that it can be tripped on.

Outcome 2 Question 4

Before utilizing mobility equipment and/or contraptions it is of import to visually look into that the equipment is safe and clean. Mobility equipment is serviced and inspected on a regular basis by qualified persons but it is still of import to transport out ocular cheques yourself merely in instance there is harm to the equipment. It is of import that mobility equipment and/or contraptions is clean before every usage as this will cut down the hazard of unwellness and complications with the equipment.

Outcome 3 Question 1

By holding the service user actively take part in a mobility activity they will experience that they are assisting themselves more than what they could without your aid. you would make this with the usage of verbal prompts. and state them how good they are making.

Outcome 3 Question 2

On some occasions it may be necessary to help the service user to utilize a mobility contraption right and safely you could make this by steering them physically or verbally to guarantee their safety.

Outcome 3 Question 3

Whilst transporting out and activity it is of import to speak to the service user. promoting them and stating them how good they are making in carry out the activity. this may help them in desiring to transport on with the undertaking even if it is doing uncomfortableness.

Outcome 4 Question 1

Whilst transporting out any transportation it is of import to pay attending to the service user and to what you are making. if the service user starts to fight or go agitated you may desire to take a interruption to allow them rest.

Outcome 4 Question 2

At the terminal of any call we would make full in the attention log sheet naming all activities carried out. this would include and transportations carried out and besides any issues we came across. If there was an issue with the equipment we would inform the office by phone or in individual and by composing a written study.


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