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Merchandise gross revenues growing slows down. peak gross revenues and bead in net income – the adulthood phase usually last longer than the debut and growing phase Most merchandise of Tung Fong Hung is at adulthood phase. hence. the company has to see new selling schemes to cover with mature merchandise B. ) chapter 7 p. 47

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Marketing scheme:
1. modifying the market
Increase the ingestion of current merchandise of TFH. expression for new users and market sections For illustration: Chinese medical specialty for young person market. pills or herbal medical specialty for young person market For illustration: distribute to abroad market such as Europe. Africa…… 2. modifying the merchandise

– alteration features such as quality. characteristics. or manner to pull new users. for illustration. stylish packaging. sugar coated pills and easy to get down. alteration retail shop image etc. ( ?? ) – may add new characteristics to spread out the product’s utility. safety or convenience. for illustration. debut of herbal medical specialty pulverization 3. modifying the selling mix

– addition gross revenues by altering one or more selling mix component – Price: lucifer to rivals. such as Yu Yan Sang
– Distribution: construct more retail shops or distribute to convenience shops to beef up the intensive distribution – Promotion: emphasis trade name difference and benefits by heavy advertisement runs and aggressive gross revenues publicity. such as Television advertizement and print advertizement on wellness magazines. gross revenues publicity on seasonal footing. collaborate with recognition cards to increase gross revenues volume

2012/13 Semester 2
1. ) chapter 8 p. 50
A ) ( I ) Right price—?profit
( two ) If monetary value is excessively high. gross revenues loss. If monetary value is excessively low. lose return
on investing. B ) Five factors: p. 53-55
i. selling aims and schemes – merchandise placement
two. merchandise costs – rates of return
three. the natures of market and demand
– monetary value freedom assorted with different types of market. i. e. pure competition. monopolistic competition. oligopolistic competition. pure monopoly
four. competitors’ schemes and monetary values – monetary value moves react to competitors’ monetary value
v. the economic system – strong impact during roar. recession. rising prices or involvement rates Remarks: amplification is required

2 ) a ) chapter 7. p. 43
Given the rapid alteration in client gustatory sensations. engineering and competitions. Samsung must develop a steady watercourse of new smart phone theoretical accounts. New theoretical accounts can prolong company growing and net incomes and replace old theoretical accounts. For clients. they bring new solutions and assortment to their lives.

More elaboration……… .

e. g. shorten merchandise life rhythm against competition net income meet client demand for following client focal point schemes

B ) New merchandise development procedure:
1. Idea Coevals
2. Idea Screening
3. Concept Development
4. Selling Scheme and Development
5. Business Development
6. Merchandise Development
7. Trial Selling
8. Commercialization

Propose and warrant?
For illustration: No design job. Meet customers’ demands. against
competition etc… . .

Why fail?
For illustration: May non run into customers’ demand. overestime market size. wrong positioning etc.

3 ) a ) chapter 9. p. 57 market planing scheme
B ) chapter 10. p. 64 Exclusive distribution – limited Numberss of traders to place BMW’s image
degree Celsius ) chapter 11. p. 77 Push Strategy – utilizing the gross revenues force and trade publicity to pust the merchandise through the channel Pull Strategy – passing a batch of advertisement and consumer publicity to construct up consumer demand

Remarks: Amplification is required for case-specific

2012/13 sem 1

A. a ) chapter 8. P 51
Value-based Pricing
Uses customers’ perceptual experiences of value. non the sellers’ cost. as the key to pricing Besides see other selling mix variables before puting monetary value
B ) I ) Value-added Pricing – by attaching value-added characteristics and services to distinguish their offers from competition
degree Celsius ) chapter 9. p. 59
Price accommodation scheme
Segmented pricing
Psychological pricing
Promotional pricing
International pricing
11/12 first semester

1 ) Chapter 11
Promotion Mix
A. Ad
B. Personal merchandising
C. Gross saless Promotion
D. Public Relations
E. Direct selling

Remarks: amplification is required

2 ) a ) chapter 10. p. 63
greater efficiency. better contacts. experience. specialisation. graduated table of operation/ economic system. cut down the figure of minutess.

B ) Three distribution schemes:
– intensice distribution
– selective distribution
– sole distribution

degree Celsius ) Intensive distribution. Explain why? Made available at tonss of mercantile establishments and conventent to shoppers

3 ) a ) chapter 7. p. 43-44
New Product Ideas:
internal beginnings: R & A ; D. employee’s suggestion. etc
external beginnings: clients. rivals. distributers and providers. outsourcing etc B )


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