Professional Identity Essay Sample

This paper will supply the reader with a contemplation of my professional individuality. This will concentrate on the function of a professional counsellor and the differences between a professional counsellor and other related professionals. It will besides incorporate how spiritual and religious beliefs can impact professional guidance. It will sum up my beliefs and values and what I plan to make so that I will non enforce my beliefs on clients. Besides. I will reflect on what I have learned during this class and how it will impact my hereafter as a counsellor.

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Professional Identity
Section I: Professional Counselor Role
The function of the professional counsellor is to supply mental wellness services and substance maltreatment attention to persons. households. and groups ( American Counseling Association. 2011 ) . The professional counsellor is trained to authorise clients to accomplish their “mental wellness. health. instruction. and calling goals” ( Neukrug. p. 5. 2014 ) . There are many different Fieldss in reding such as societal work. psychological science. pastoral guidance. and psychopathology. All Fieldss in reding have similar ends to authorise and back up clients in all countries of life. nevertheless. there are immense differences between them all. There are different types of professional counsellors. Professional counsellors include school counsellors. clinical mental wellness counsellors. matrimony and household counsellors. dependence counsellors. pupil personal businesss and college counsellors. and rehabilitation counsellors ( Neukrug. 2014 ) .

All professional counsellors have a master’s grade in guidance. which provides them with wide preparations and expertness in single. group. and household guidance. administrating and construing appraisals. and carry oning research. merely to call a few ( Neukrug. 2014 ) . Professional counsellors differ from other Fieldss of reding from the preparations provided in different plans. Other related mental wellness professionals have different grades. recognizing organic structures. and certificates. For illustration. a professional counsellor has master’s in guidance and is accredited by one or more of these associations. Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Education Programs ( CACREP ) . Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education ( COAMFTE ) . and Council on Rehabilitation Education ( CORE ) . In contrast. a psychologist would hold a doctor’s degree in psychological science. will be accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of the American Psychological Associations.

Besides. a societal worker would hold a master’s in societal work from a plan accredited by the Council on Social Work Education. In drumhead. professional counsellors differ from other related mental wellness professionals based on the grade in which preparations are different. the recognizing organic structure. and certificates. In my journey towards going a Accredited Professional Counselor. my function as a counsellor will alter drastically throughout the procedure. Currently. I possess a bachelor’s grade in psychological science and it poses restrictions on what I can and can non make in the field of reding. For illustration. a counsellor with a bachelor’s grade must be clinically supervised by person who is licensed in the field and they can non compose nor carry on clinical appraisals. In the hereafter. I will be able to carry on and compose clinical appraisals. supervise counsellors. and most significantly have the ability to pattern independently and have third party reimbursement privileges. Third party reimbursement is one of the most of import facets of going a accredited counsellor because the insurance companies have to reimburse for them for reding and psychotherapeutics ( Neukrug. 2014 ) .

Besides in my journey. cognition and experience will go on to develop which will potentially do me a better counsellor than I was in the yesteryear. My male parent is a psychologist and over the old ages I have seen him turn enormously. My male parent has opened his ain pattern and he teaches me things as I continue my instruction. He is my inspiration and has motivated me to take the field of reding. Ironically. I was non ever interested in the psychological science and reding field. My first two old ages of undergraduate school I was a Mathematics major until I took Advanced Calculus and decided that Math was non for me. Then I began taking more and more Psychology classs as electives and realized that I had found the information interesting. After talking with my male parent. I made the determination to prosecute a calling in this field while besides following in his footfall. My chief ground for desiring to counselor persons. households. and groups is because I enjoy assisting people and I would wish to see them get the better of their current issues. Besides. I enjoy reading about psychological science and guidance. Honestly. I am more passionate about analyzing the field of reding than I am practising it. I feel that my journey may take me to researching. But throughout my calling. I plan to expose professionalism to assist my clients.

Professionalism is one of the most of import facets of reding. Missing professionalism may potentially do injury to the client. In my sentiment. professionalism begins and ends with the codification of moralss. I feel that if you abide by the codification of moralss you have nil concern about sing professionalism. The codification of moralss summarizes the criterions of unity. professionalism. and confidentiality. A counsellor is supposed to stay by the legal and moral criterions of the community ( Grold. 1996 ) . All professionals should dress concern casual at all times during working hours. As a counsellor. I will do certain I dress suitably for the work that I am making. I will stay by the codification of moralss. and I will act suitably. Section II: Religious/Spiritual Beliefs and Counseling

As a counsellor. it is imperative that you do non enforce your values and beliefs on your clients. Harmonizing to the American Counseling Association codification of moralss ( A. 4. b. . 2005 ) . “counselors should avoid enforcing values that are inconsistent with reding goals” . I was born and raised as a Christian. I believe that a there is merely one God and that Jesus was the Son of God. My parents taught me that one should non hold sex before matrimony. a adult male and adult female suppose to acquire married. one should non perpetrate criminal conversation. and one should non steal nor kill. Even though these are my beliefs. I can non allow it consequence or come into my line of work.

As a counsellor. I will work with clients with different beliefs. values. nationalities. and civilizations on a day-to-day footing. It is of import that I explore my ain individualities. so that it does non impact the clients. Currently. I feel that the lone populations that would give me trouble would be paedophiles and clients with HIV. And as a counsellor. I know that I should non experience that manner. I should be able to assist and back up clients without judging. I feel that with adulthood and more experience that I would be able to get the better of these two concerns. Section III: Course Experience and Summary

In this class. I have learned a great trade about what a counsellor is. how to go a professional counsellor. how to be an effectual counsellor. and multicultural guidance. This class has explained how professional guidance is different than other mental wellness professionals. Professional guidance is different than other mental wellness professionals by the different preparations by grade. the recognizing organic structure. and certificates. This class has taught me the different professional associations in guidance and related Fieldss. Besides. this category has taught me the benefits of fall ining a professional association such as counseling resources. networking chances. and professional development plans merely to call a few.

I think larning about the features of an effectual counsellor was the most influential to me. Neukrug ( 2014 ) . described the nine features of an effectual counsellor as empathy. credence. genuineness. health. cultural competency. the “it” factor. compatibility with and belief in theory. competency. and cognitive complexness. Besides another interesting thing that I learned in this class was multicultural guidance. Neukrug ( 2014 ) . defines multicultural guidance as concentrating on “the development of counsellor competences in the counselor’s work with all clients” ( p. 142 ) .

Based on everything that I have learned from this class. I feel that I fit the demands. traits. and values for being an effectual counsellor.

In decision. this class has provided me with a brief orientation to reding. I will get down developing a strong professional individuality by understanding the function of a professional counsellor. being unfastened to larning the trade of reding. and staying by the codification of moralss. One thing that I want to take away from developing my professional individuality is to non divide my ain experiences from professional 1s. Peoples have this perceptual experience that counsellors have the perfect life but in world everyone goes through issues. And I want to utilize those experiences to turn and larn so that I can associate with my clients.

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