Product Manager Job Summary:

Product Manager Job Summary: Reporting to the Director eBusiness, compile competitive intelligence and use statistically relevant research methodologies to gather information on customer needs. Conduct product review meetings with customers and define and create new functions to meet customer demands. Perform all duties assigned by the Director eBusiness. Must know, practice, and ensure that company policies and procedures and state and federal laws are followed at all times. Ensure that no company, employee, or customer information is inappropriately divulged to unauthorized parties. Responsibilities and Duties: 1.

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Ensure proper follow-through on all directives, bulletins and schedules from the Corporate Office and Director eBusiness. Maintain a good flow of communication with business entity management and within the Corporation. * Project updates * Release notes for MR 2. Research and understand competitive products in the marketplace and propose strategies and tactics to manage any competitive threats or take advantage of any opportunities. * This is not done with futuristic approach instead this is done based of project and engagement 3. Create and maintain multi-generational product plans to address the need for ongoing platform improvement.

Provide high-level documentation, business case and CapEx forms for approval by management and for communication of new product development opportunities to IT. * Not engaged currently in any road mapping activity * Until last year I have been 4. Work with various IT development groups to ensure projects meet expectations of customers and the Product Manager. Ensure all required details and data are provided to Business Analysts and Project Managers for successful deliverables. * This is working fine 5. Work with product users to understand requirements and desires and ensure products being improved or created are customer friendly.

Conduct quarterly customer product review meetings with every customer utilizing the product, in order to understand their experience and set future direction. * There are no quarterly review meetings * Instead some of the feedback is gathered from bi-weekly meeting with customer directly 6. Prioritize development projects to maximize market impact and customer responsiveness. * Priorities are directly coming from governance committee 7. Communicate regularly with customer technology liaisons, Executive Sales Directors, Vice President of Sales and others as required by the specific product line being managed. This process is convoluted based of engagement in the project. 8. Interact, closely integrate and share information with all eBusiness Product Liaison to research and propose ways to cross functionally integrate applications and opportunities throughout the business. * Acting as a project consultant to propose ways to cross functionally integrate apps and also bringing new ideas to tables 9. Assist in the identification of appropriate marketing initiatives for further development with the corporate marketing team. * Not doing any activity tied to marketing initiatives 10.

Practice and promote teamwork at all times. Set a good personal example of attitude and performance. 11. Monitor all area related conditions, property and equipment within corporate standards for cleanliness, proper maintenance and safety. Advise Facilities of all breakdowns and maintenance immediately. 12. Make sure all area conditions do not threaten employee safety. Respond to and follow proper procedures on employee accidents, injuries, and loss or damage to any property. Report all incidents immediately. Practice and instruct all employees in proper loss prevention and reaction procedures.

Report all incidents properly and immediately. * Engaged in lot UAT * MR work (review requirements, UAT) * Bi –weekly customer reporting * CQ management * Qualifications: Education: Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent in experience is required and an MBA preferred. Experience: Must have at least four (4) years experience in remarketing or an associated customer-facing business. Previous experience as a business analyst, project coordinator/manager or other product management role is required. Strong understanding of technology and eBusiness preferred.


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