Product Life Cycle Of Cadbury Dairy Milk

Cadbury cocoas was started in Birmingham in 1824 by John Cadbury. Chocolate in those yearss was a really elitist merchandise. Cadbury Dairy Milk came up with the mix of milk and cocoa tray which is reasonably much how the merchandise still is. There has been no drastic alteration in the formula of the merchandise but the packaging and the representation and prominence of the ‘glass and half of milk ‘ logo has changed over a period of clip.

Cadbury India began its operations in 1948 by importing cocoas and so re-packing them before distribution in the Indian market. Today, Cadbury has five company-owned fabrication installations at Thane, Induri ( Pune ) and Malanpur ( Gwalior ) , Bangalore and Baddi ( Himachal Pradesh ) and 4 gross revenues offices ( New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkota and Chennai ) . Its corporate office is in Mumbai.Worldwide, ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )

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A Timeline:

1904A A new formula is perfected by George Cadbury for milk cocoa.

1905A Cadbury launches Dairy Milk onto the market – a new milk cocoa that contains far more milk than anything antecedently tasted and with a alone creamy gustatory sensation.

1913A Dairy Milk becomes Cadbury ‘s best merchandising line.

Mid 1920sA Dairy Milk becomes UK trade name leader – a place it still enjoys today.

1928A Fruit & A ; Nut is introduced as a fluctuation of Dairy Milk. The “ glass and a half ” advertisement motto is introduced.

1933A WholeNut is added to the Dairy Milk household.

1948A Cadbury Dairy Milk is sold in India

1998A Dairy Milk is re-launched with the new and modern battalion design, but its formula and alone gustatory sensation are still really similar to the original formula.

2005A Cadbury Dairy Milk celebrates its hundredth birthday. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // TabIndex=1 )

Brand Identity: Kapferer ‘s theoretical account

Phase in the Product Life Cycle

Cadbury Dairy Milk is in the adulthood phase of the merchandise Life rhythm. It presently has a market portion of 70 % in the cocoa market and is manner in front of its rivals. There is a high grade of trade name consciousness. The color purple and the ‘glass and half full ‘ logo is amongst the most recognized Son and the association of the two with Cadbury Dairy Milk is synonymous.

Market Scenario/Challenges

Harmonizing to AC Nielson survey of 2007:

Facts & A ; Figures

The Indian Chocolate market is estimated to crush around 1500crores.

It is turning at the rate of 18-20 % per annum

With 72 % of the market portion in India, Cadbury is the market leader.


The 2 chief rivals in the Indian market that Cadbury faces any competition from are Nestle and Amul.

There are several new and local trade names like Candico, Sweet World etc. which are seeking to do its presence felt.

Consumer Tendencies

The Mithaai or Sweet has been the tradition in India so far. Cocoas are noow seeking to interrupt into that conference and hence faces stiff competition more from this merchandise class than its immediate rivals.

Cocoas are more of an impulse bargain.

Consumers are preferring cocoas to Mithaai because of proper packaging, longer shelf life, mid-range pricing and convenience.

Consumers have started demoing involvement in non merely milk cocoas but other assortments like Dark Chocolate etc.

One of the major challenges that Cadbury Dairy Milk faces is a diminution in gross revenues due to new discrepancies being introduced in the market by other trade names which could ensue in the merchandise traveling from adulthood to worsen phase. Another major challenge comes from a different merchandise class wholly which is the Indian Sweets or Mithaai.

Stairss taken by trade name at each stage- at a communicating and merchandise degree


Cadbury Dairy Milk advertisement has ever depicted a rich tapestry of human emotions and relationships. In the 1980s, it was positioned as ‘the perfect look of love ‘ , captured in memorable transcript: ‘sometimes Cadbury can state it better than words ‘ . During the early1990s, Cadbury Dairy Milk emphasised its international individuality, pass oning that it was the ‘real gustatory sensation of cocoa ‘ . In 1994 came the path-breaking ‘real gustatory sensation of life ‘ run. The ad having a adult female running on the cricket field observing the triumph is still strongly etched in our head even today. This run created a dramatic displacement in the manner cocoas were perceived. Cadbury Dairy Milk has progressively become trapped as a wages or payoff for kids and this run unshackled the trade name by re-positioning it to the ‘free-child ‘ in every grownup. Cadbury Dairy Milk redefined itself as the perfect look of self-generated, shared good feelings, supplying the ‘real gustatory sensation of life ‘ experience. The scheme paid off: Brand Cadbury grew by over 50 % in gross revenues volumes. ( Super trade names )


Then in 1998, the following phase of growing for the trade name dealt with popularizing ingestion in a societal context, particularly in more traditional scenes like nuptialss. With the run ‘Khaanein waallon KO khaanein ka bahana chahiye ‘ having Cyrus Broacha, Cadbury Dairy Milk aimed to well increase incursion degrees. The run was launched in tandem with the award winning ‘Kuchh khaas hai… ‘campaign and the media scheme was to allow the two co-exist towards a common vision: ‘A Cadbury in every pocket ‘ . The trade name penetrated into smaller towns and gross revenues volumes grew by 40 % ( Source: Internal Gross saless Data ) . ( Super trade names )

Crisis Management

The worm contention resulted in Cadbury ‘s trade name image taking a whipping. They had to remember a batch of cocoas. Alternatively of taking any short term steps, Cadbury used this chance to take action and reconstruct the trust of people. They launched a undertaking ‘Vishwas ‘ which educated retail merchants and jobbers on storage and other facets apart from educating consumers.

The other major measure was to alter the packaging. The company ‘s repackaging exercising, which used a combination of packaging engineerings, was unprecedented in the class. With the redesigned packaging in topographic point, the company decided to pass on the steps it had taken to safeguard quality criterions. To add credibleness to its pitch, Cadbury took resort to Amitabh Bachchan ‘s deep barytone. This was the first clip that a famous person was used to back Cadbury Dairy Milk. The commercial did admirations to consumer assurance.

A series of ads with Bachchan including “ Pappu Paas Ho Gaya ” to “ Miss Palampur ” brought back the doomed credibleness of the people. With Bachchan they besides launched their new placement of “ Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye ” delivery in the tradition of observing a joyous juncture in India with Sweets and now Cadbury Dairy Milk in peculiar.


The focal point for a period shifted to taking the construct of “ Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye ” farther. The “ Pehli Tareekh Hai ” run talked about the importance of holding Dairy Milk and observing on acquiring your wage on pay-day. The ads had a really retro-feel to it and did snap with the audience. But, it is the recent twine of “ Shubh Aarambh ” ads that have brought back the old appeal of Cadbury Dairy Milk with its really interesting penetration of blending the traditional with the new age.


Cadbury Dairy Milk has adapted itself to the Indian market rather imposingly. From doing a sweet eating state to exchange to cocoas to going the market leader, Cadbury Dairy Milk has done it all because of the emotional connect it established with the consumers. Its communicating besides ever focused on the emotional facets and feelings of life apart from spontaneousness. Its communicating has ever showcased its values and personality. In my sentiment, the ‘Kuch Meetha Ho Jaaye ” construct is a gold mine which can be used in a assortment of ways in a state like India. ”


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