Product Life Cycle Concept Essay

Michael Porter’s model of competitory analysis is applicable to our concern organisation known as D. T. DOBIE TANZANIA LTD which falls under the car industry in Tanzania and worldwide in the undermentioned ways: A. Barriers to entry/threat of new entrants.

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It’s true that the mean individual can’t come along and get down selling trade name new autos. The outgrowth of foreign rivals with the capital. required engineerings and direction accomplishments began to sabotage the market portion of trade name new auto Sellerss. The undermentioned factors are barriers to automobile seller’s new entrants:

* Knowledge and Technology

Ideas and cognition of serving its supplied merchandises is the 1 that provides competitory advantage to D. T Dobie over others. D. T Dobie uses machines of highest engineering on checking and serving its autos in which. gives them power to supply warrant of up to one twelvemonth service to its merchandise since they are assured of what they are making. The machines used by the skilled labour of D. T Dobie to service and look into the merchandise are of high quality and they are really expensive in such a manner that for new entrants house in that concern its an ownership barrier.

* Access to distribution

The demand for trade name new autos in Tanzania is really low since they are sold at monetary value that single can’t afford. D. T Dobie is a greater provider of trade name new autos to Tanzania authorities establishment. most United Nations ( UN ) organisations such as UNICEF. ILO. UNESCO. representative’s offices in Tanzania and embassies offices. Since these bureaus are the most purchasers of trade name new autos. it has made D. T Dobie to hold about the entree to distribution channel of selling trade name new autos in which this act as barrier to new entrants since the purchasers are few.

* Cost of entry

Initial capital required to put up a new house is really high. it makes the opportunities of new entrants to be really less. * Product distinction and cost advantage
The merchandise has to be different and attractive to be accepted by the clients. D. T Dobie is the greater marketer of trade name new NISSAN. MITSUBISHI. MERCEDES BENZ. HONDA and HYUNDAI in which made them different from its rival since it sells many trade names than others. By being supplier of authorities autos has made them to be exempted when importing autos for authorities establishment uses.

B. Bargaining power of providers:

The bargaining power of providers is besides described as the market of inputs. Suppliers of natural stuffs. constituents. labour. and services ( such as expertness ) to the house can be a beginning of power over the house. when there are few replacements. Suppliers may decline to work with the house and besides may bear down overly high monetary values for alone resources. For organisation of our pick i. e. D. T Dobie its providers for motor vehicles are TOYOTA. NISSAN. MITSUBISHI and MERCEDES BENZ. D. T Dobie is the marketer of trade name new auto in Tanzania where by its inputs i. e. imported new autos from great transnational companies are so of import for its endurance. this leads the providers holding great power over D. T Dobie since it’s non maker but the purchaser of finished merchandise. Addition in production cost to one of providers on specified merchandise may take to exchanging cost which will be comparative to D. T Dobie exchanging cost.

Degree of distinction of inputs: D. T Dobie supplier’s supply different trade names in which is hard for them to exchange from one provider to another. For illustration if they are required by its clients i. e. authorities to provide autos that’s engine capacity is V8 that pushes them to cover with TOYOTA since other providers are non bring forthing autos with that engine capacity. For parts providers. the life span of an car is really of import. The longer a auto stays operational. the greater the demand for replacing parts. On the other manus. new parts are enduring longer. which is great for consumers. but is non such good intelligence for parts shapers.

C. Bargaining power of clients:

Buyers refer to the clients who eventually consume the merchandise or the houses who distribute the industry’s merchandise to the concluding consumers. Dickering power of purchasers refer to the potency of purchasers to dicker down the monetary values charged by the houses in the industry or to increase the houses cost in the industry by demanding better quality and service of merchandise. Since our organisation of our pick D. T Dobie supplies and sell trade name new autos in Tanzania. its clients are few since who can afford to purchase trade name new autos are authorities establishment. most united states ( UN ) organisations such as UNICEF. ILO. UNESCO. representatives offices in Tanzania. embassies offices and persons who can afford to make so. Since its clients merely want quality and guaranteed merchandises this act as driving force to D. T Dobie to provide non merely quality merchandises but besides quality parts and serving those autos for the whole twelvemonth as warrant after being sold out.

Since D. T Dobie is greater provider of trade name new NISSAN. MITSUBISHI. MERCEDES BENZ etc. autos in Tanzania handiness of utility merchandises such as FORD. RANGE ROVER. LAND ROVER which are supplied by its rivals like CMC motors and sold at same or at lower monetary value than D. T Dobie’s have made some of its clients to switch to those trade names as it’s known clients are really sensitive to monetary value. Most of those mentioned above clients purchase in big measures. They have full information about the merchandise and the market. They emphasize upon quality merchandises. They pose believable menace of backward integrating. In this manner. they are regarded as a menace.

D. Threat of Substitute Merchandises:

Substitute merchandises are goods or services from outside a given industry that perform similar or the same maps as a merchandise that the industry produces. Rather than looking at the menace of person purchasing a different auto. there is besides a demand to besides look at the likeliness of people taking the coach. train or aeroplane to their finish. When finding the handiness of substitute’s clip. money invested. personal penchants and convenience in the car travel industry should be considered. D. T. Dobie should see the undermentioned factors when analysing this force:

* Price Band

The menace that consumer will exchange to a utility merchandise if there has been an addition in monetary value of the merchandise or there has been a lessening in monetary value of the utility merchandise. If the monetary value of the autos sold by D. T. Dobie will increase the chief expected clients i. e. the one shift from motorcycle to auto will non travel to auto and will stay in the motorcycle merely. Therefore the monetary value is kept checked in this mode.

* Substitutes public presentation

The public presentation of the replacement sector besides plays an of import function in the success of the concern. If the monetary value of other traders such as Africariers increases or the monetary value set of the little section falls. it will hold consequence on the measure required in the market. It’s merely on the monetary value but besides the characteristics and the other services associated or it may be the position symbol narrative.

* Buyers willingness

Merchandises with bettering price/performance trade-offs relative to show industry merchandises. It will find the willingness of the purchaser to purchase from D. T. Dobie. The willingness of the clients to travel frontward to seek the new merchandise in the market such as Mercedes Benz reduces the menace from replacement merchandises.

E. Competitive Competition:

This force analyses the degree of competition between bing participants in the industry. Because an industry’s houses are reciprocally dependent. actions taken by one company normally invite competitory responses. Therefore in many industries houses actively compete against one another. Highly Competitive industries by and large earn low returns because the cost of competition is high. The car industry is considered to be an oligopoly ( a market status in which Sellerss are so few that actions of any one of them will materially impact monetary value ) which helps to minimise the price-based competition. Below are factors which are seen in this force:

* Price Competition

Ad conflicts may increase entire industry demand. but may be dearly-won to smaller rivals. Merchandises with similar map bound the monetary values houses can bear down. Price competition frequently leaves the full industry worse off. .

* Product Quality

Increasing consumer guarantees or service is really common these yearss. To keep low cost. companies systematically has to do fabrication betterments to maintain the concern competitory. This requires extra capital outgo which tends to eat up company’s gaining. On the other manus if no 1 else can supply products/ services the manner you do you hold a monopoly. D. T. Dobie enjoys the monopoly of selling new autos are there are no rivals in this section.

* Unique Selling Point

Besides D. T. Dobie has advantage over its challengers because it represents a premium trade name which is recognized over the universe. they found a niche in the market where have a prima trade name like Mercedes-Benzes a and a trade name which people aspire to have. Besides they are lucky to hold Nissan one of the most celebrated Japanese trade names which is an equal pillar of their concern.

* Expansion

DT Dobie is looking to turn and travel frontward. both in its native Tanzania and in surroundings parts. By constructing strong relationships and working closely with strategic spouses. DT Dobie’s footmark supports on turning. Besides they are spread outing by naming more traders around the state.

* Investing

In footings of puting in our ain equipment. this takes precedence ; they put all eyes on engineering so they are non behind the remainder of the universe. Even if the latest proficient promotion s are available to the company. DT Dobie makes certain any investing is profiting to the organisation as a whole. Every five old ages D. T. Dobie has an equipment reappraisal which makes sure the company is on right path. ensures investings have been successful and assesses whether ascents need to be made in order to make the following degree. they are perfectly up to day of the month. Besides ensures that its vehicle proving equipment has modern criterions which outnumber it from its challengers.


In general. any CEO or a strategic concern director is seeking to maneuver his or her concern in a way where the concern will develop an border over rival houses. Michael Porter’s theoretical account of Five Forces can be used to better understand the industry context in which the house operates. Porter’s Five Forces theoretical account is a scheme tool that is used to analyse attraction of an industry construction. Porter’s Five Forces theoretical account views the concern from interior and outside. It focuses on measuring competitory place within the industry.


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