Process Of Overseeing All Tasks And Activities Management Essay

Quality Management is the procedure of supervising all undertakings and activities that is a must to keep the high degree of excellence that is desired. This consists of making and implementing these three key elements ; Quality Planning, Quality Assurance & A ; Quality Control and Quality Improvement. ( Dr. Sha’ri bin Mohd Yusof, 2003 )

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These three different parts plays an of import function in quality direction which fundamentally consist of quality planning, quality control and confidence, and every bit good as quality betterment ( Rose.K, 2005 )

Air Asia is the first Low Cost Carrier to run in Asia. Get downing its operations in 2001, it has risen to go one of the taking Low Cost Carriers.

Air Asia creates values through the undermentioned vision and mission:


To be the largest low cost air hose in Asia and functioning the 3 billion people who are presently underserved with hapless connectivity and high menus.


To be the best company to work for whereby employees are treated as portion of a large household

Make a globally recognized ASEAN trade name

To achieve the lowest cost so that everyone can wing with Air Asia

Keep the highest quality merchandise, encompassing engineering to cut down cost and enhance service degrees

( Air Asia, 2012 )

Quality control and quality confidence sections have existed for a long clip, but the quality direction construct is comparatively new. In a manner, it is a preliminary attack to quality confidence, because it approaches and screens quality from many different angles.

In this critical analysis, all three constituents will be discussed with Quality Improvement as chief point of focal point.

Quality Planing

Harmonizing to ISO 9000:2000 the definition of Quality Planning is “ art of quality direction focused on puting quality aims and stipulating necessary operational procedures and related resources to carry through quality aims ” (, n.d ) . A Quality Plan is a layout stipulating which processs and associated resources shall be applied by when and by whom to a particular undertaking, merchandise, procedure, or contract. ( Electronics.T, 2003 )

Air Asia has created a section which is called Corporate Quality. They view themselves as the excess wings that support the other sections ‘ zoom to excellence. They assist others in their day-to-day operational issues and assist guarantee that their processs are in topographic point ( Fernandes & A ; Kandiah, 2012 ) . They besides monitor operational public presentations and service bringings by reexamining their procedures and carry oning analysis to place the roots of their jobs ( Kandiah, 2012 ) .

Some of the countries they are involved in:

Continuous Improvement undertakings

Station audit and station surveies

Monthly Online Customer Satisfaction Survey

Core Process Review

( Kandiah, 2012 )

Quality Assurance and Control

Quality control is a critical construct that is in every industry or profession ( Larry, 2007 ) . In Air Asia, Quality Assurance and Control is to a great extent taken into history. Air Asia has achieved ISO 9000 criterions in Quality Management. ISO is a acknowledgment given by the International Organization of Standardization. This proves how much importance Air Asia has given into quality ( Fernandes, 2010 ) . Besides that, quality confidence is of existent advantage in footings of placing whether the process that is used to bring forth the merchandise or services are suited for the right clip and every bit good as conditions ( Kietzman S. , 2011 ) .

To guarantee the highest degree of quality and satisfactory, Air Asia has really simple guidelines guarantee quality. Harmonizing Air Asia ‘s recent surveies, there is really small to be done in their quality confidence and control methods. This is because they have already achieved a really high repute amongst consumers and users.

Air Asia has 6 chief schemes to guarantee that the quality of service and operations does non fluctuate ( Budhiarta, 2009 ) . The quality confidence squad has laid out six schemes that Air Asia should trust on this twelvemonth to maximise end product while besides being the best once more this twelvemonth.



Safety First

Partnering with the universe ‘s most celebrated care suppliers and following with the universe air hose operations.

High Aircraft Use

Implementing the parts fastest turnaround clip at merely 25 proceedingss, guaranting lower costs and higher productiveness.

Low Fare, No Frills Supplying

Guests with the pick of custom-making services without compromising on quality and services.

Streamline Operations

Making certain that procedures are every bit simple as possible.

Thin Distribution System

Offering a broad and advanced scope of distribution channels to do engagement and going easier.

Point to Point Network

Using the point-to-point web supports operation simple and lower costs

Air Asia besides emphasizes quality in every other external facet as good. For illustration, from the nutrient and drinks served until the quality of preparation that is given to all the employees. This is besides another major factor why Air Asia has beaten all their rivals in their class with a large border.

Quality Improvements & A ; Analysis

The definition of quality betterments under the ISO criterions states that it is the actions taken throughout the organisation to increase the effectivity of activities and besides supply added benefits to the clients and the organisation while holding systematic attempts bettering it. (, 2012 )

Throughout the old ages, Air Asia has been bettering the quality really drastically. In August 2003, Air Asia became the first air hose in the universe to present a SMS engagement system where clients can book their seats, look into their flight agendas and obtain new update on publicities straight to their nomadic phones. They have besides late launched a real-time vacation bundle buying system called GO Holiday ( Kandiah, 2012 ) . However, the online system is non unflawed. The web site is visited by over a 100 1000 visitants a twenty-four hours and with this figure of traffic, the website becomes unavailable at times. This becomes really frequent during publicities periods and the website becomes unaccessible. In order to suit to the traffic, new waiters with larger hosting capableness are required. This will assist Air Asia maintain a high degree of quality. To guarantee a higher criterion of quality, Air Asia should spread out their IT section in order to convey the procedure of hosting the website in-house.

To guarantee the convenience of invitees are met, Air Asia besides patterns a speedy turnaround of 25 proceedingss, which is the fastest in Asia, which consequences in high air trade use, lower costs, and a better air hose and staff productiveness ( Kandiah, 2012 ) . This consequences in increased flight frequence and helps bring forth more gross.

Since Air Asia ‘s turnaround clip for every flight is merely 25 proceedingss, which allows them to make non-stop flights, there are ever a batch of riders waiting to acquire onboard. In order to avoid any unanticipated holds, due to proficient mistakes, it ‘s better for Air Asia to increase their turnaround clip. This will guarantee that the review squad will hold adequate clip to avoid any mistakes and minimise holds.

Delaies in flights can besides be caused by the conditions. Since there are riders that are waiting to board the flight, the outlooks of the client will drop because of the waiting clip. In order to assist counterbalance the waiting clip, Air Asia should kindly give their waiting clients something to assist keep client satisfaction.

In April 2002, Air Asia launched their countrywide call Centre in Kelana Square with equipped with 50 telephone lines. Since so it has been upgraded to 500 lines due to high volume and gross revenues due to the betterment of their quality ( Kandiah, 2012 ) . They now take more than 10,000 calls daily.

Bing a low-cost bearer with decreased ticket monetary value, clients can ever anticipate what they pay for. However, Air Asia can still better on client outlooks by supplying better in-flight services. For starting motors, Air Asia can increase the size of their seats to suit riders comfort. This step has been taken by Jetstar Airlines in Australia and it has been a proved success.

Another common job that clients face is luggage waiting clip and losing baggage. Presently, if a client ‘s loses their baggage, they would hold to come back to their arriving airdrome and roll up it themselves. Air Asia could better their service quality if they can acquire the clients location and personally give them back the baggage.

In order to better quality in client satisfaction, some benefits must be given to frequent flyers. Customers that travel a batch could be given points that can be used to deliver price reductions on ticket monetary value and free flights.

For the hereafter, Air Asia should hold a program to go on their good tally in quality and betterment. A 3 measure quality betterment route map has been set by the Corporate Quality squad.

Degree centigrades: UsersKugan PDesktop3Steps.jpg

Figure 1: The 3 Step quality betterment route map.

The basic theory set in the route map is to set up a new QMS ( Quality Management System ) and besides all of Air Asia ‘s best patterns. A two-tier CI ( Continual Improvement ) plan will be deployed. The first grade will necessitate the Lean Six Sigma methodological analysis as discovery. The 2nd grade will so consists of a QCC ( Quality Control Circle ) which will do their scheme sustain. The concluding measure is to win everything and brush all the awards that they are nominated. With this manner, the universe will acknowledge the quality of Air Asia is really high, even though being a Low Cost Carrier. By implementing this method successfully, Air Asia can one time once more be male monarchs of the low cost bearer industry.

In the close hereafter, Air Asia is besides be aftering to better their current study system to a high-end Ideas Web Portal. In this portal, clients can post, ballot, and position thoughts that they think will do the journey with is a pleasant one ( Kandiah, 2012 ) . Air Asia can so take all these suggestions and work on them. This will turn out to be a really successful portal in the close hereafter and will increase the perceptual experience of quality within the clients enormously.

Degree centigrades: UsersKugan PDesktopIdeas Portal.jpg

Figure 2: Concept of Ideas Web Portal


The major manner to better Air Asia ‘s quality presently is based on entirely client service values. Traveling beyond what is expected and pleasing their client will increase their quality, adding service value, sometimes without the direct return of client support in footings of purchase and trueness. ( James, 1996 )

Air Asia is at the phase where it needs to decently put in a topographic point a solid quality foundation upon which it will establish its growing. Air Asia will be making a batch more choice betterment enterprises that involve cross-functions and multiple squads, which require better coordination. At the same clip, Customer Experience, which is a critical portion of its scheme traveling frontward, will be equipped with its ain quality squad and people so it can manage it quality and service challenges even better.


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