Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal Essay Sample

Prison Term Policy Recommendation Proposal
September 9. 2013

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Armed robbery is a serious offense that can set many people in harm’s manner. Whether a individual is robbing a topographic point of concern or an single. they are perpetrating a offense against society and robbing people of their sense of safety and security. When person chooses to convey a arm while they are perpetrating a offense. their purposes are to intimidate and command their victims. or to wound them. Policymakers continuously work on measures that try to discourage people from perpetrating offenses and cut down the recidivism rate of wrongdoers. When a individual decides to perpetrate a offense such as armed robbery. there is a degree of free will involved. Most of the clip a individual is non forced into perpetrating a robbery. but chooses to be involved with the inducement of fiscal addition. There are many people in society that struggle to do terminals run into and work indefatigably to supply for their households. There are picks to be made when people find themselves in these state of affairss. “Right and incorrect are built-in in the nature of things. ” ( University of Phoenix. ( 2011 ) . p. 1 ) . Armed robbery would suit in the class of being considered incorrect. no affair what the fortunes involved are. ( University of Phoenix. ( 2011 ) ) . The portion of this type of offense that may non be associated with free will. is the principle behind it or ability to do rational picks. Sometimes a individual chooses to perpetrate a offense early on in their life and surveies have shown that the portion of a immature person’s encephalon that controls impulsivity. has non yet had a opportunity to to the full develop.

Yet criminologist psychological research shows that. “Problem kids are likely to go job grownups. ” ( Schmalleger. ( 2012 ) . p. 143 ) . There is much argument on whether juveniles should be given particular consideration during their procedure of confronting the juvenile justness system. There is no clear cut reply that has proven to be successful in respects to immature wrongdoers. The inquiries remain: Is it better to give them a shorter length sentence to give them the chance to rehabilitate as they become immature grownups? Or. due to research that shows they are more likely to perpetrate offenses as grownups. Is it a better option to maintain them in institutes for a longer period of clip to protect the general populace? This factor. along with many other lending factors. is taken into history by the justice while they are finding the sentencing of individual’s. A measure that will be presented to the province legislative assembly asks that the maximal prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery be doubled. As a criminologist adviser. my recommendation would be to vote for this measure that is being considered. I have considered that pros and cons of the measure and experience that the positive affects of the measure outweigh the negative.

Publicizing the penalty involved in a offense such as armed robbery. may discourage people from being involved in this type of violent act. Increasing the maximal sentence for violent. arm involved offenses can maintain citizens that choose to follow the jurisprudence safe from people who choose non to. There have been legion theories developed on why people choose to interrupt the jurisprudence. but the bottom line is that they do and they must confront the effects for their determinations. The psychological elements that play a function in why a individual decides to perpetrate a offense are of import in the country of disincentive. Adding compulsory old ages to the sentence for perpetrating a offense such as armed robbery. may be a positive property to the bar of future offenses of this sort. Psychologically. a individual sing a life of offense might be convinced non to if they understand the extended penalty they face if they do. ( Schmalleger. ( 2012 ) . p. 143 ) . Bing involved with Community-based plans is sometimes portion of the sentence imposed by a justice.

Many times these types of plans involve intensive therapy. job-skill preparation and substance maltreatment guidance. These are positive options that may be promoting and helpful to wrongdoers who most likely demand aid in one or all of these countries. If there was a manner to integrate these services into the establishments that inmates were functioning their sentence in. this would be ideal. Punishment for offenses committed is a necessary portion of the cheques and balances procedure but adding services that can help wrongdoers in going productive members of society one twenty-four hours. is helpful. As a criminologist adviser. I do believe that the measure duplicating the maximal prison term for anyone convicted of armed robbery should be supported. One of the duties of the legislative assembly is to go through measures that keep jurisprudence staying citizens every bit safe as possible. and this measure will lend to that end. Passing Torahs that inflict harsher penalties for felons. will hopefully discourage them from perpetrating offenses and lower the recidivism rate of repetition wrongdoers.

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